Hitoshi Doi's Sailormoon Encyclopedia
An excellent starting place for me when I was organizing the Chibimoon UFO catcher gallery. Also an easy place to double check Japanese episode titles with. This has always been a wonderful source.

Moon Madness
My next step in codifying information on the UFO catchers. The fantastic scans from Figure Oh! are a must for anyone trying to get a clear idea of just how many plushies of a certain type were released for Sailormoon, and is also great if you have one that you just can't identify.

Ken Arromdee's Sailormoon FAQ
Dates for the releases of the video games as well as the titles and production companies were checked against Ken's faq as well as against the title screens for all the games. Alterations to the information were made as needed, as some of the dates and titles are wrong, or at least incomplete.

A wonderful reference for double checking the spelling of the names of Chibimoon actresses and for double checking my own song lists. Some of the images used in the Sera Myu costume descriptions are also from Eternal.legend, used only as reference pictures for informational purposes. She has a lot of great information here!

Djen's Sera Myu Distro
Myu at old school fansub prices. Djen is really nice and quick as lightning. My my fansubs and raws were graciously provided by her.

Star * Legend
Sometimes I double checked my Myu information here as well. It also has a lot of good comprehensive information.

Sera Myu Antics
A great source for information on the Myu and fun as well. Several of the images used in various Myu references were snagged from here.

Serapii Kisu
The 'Deconstructed' section of this wonderful Usagi shrine made me remember that my own cosplay section needed a serious overhaul.

By Starlight
Besides reminding me what fun having a good and up-to-date Sailormoon shrine can be, By Starlight is actually the site that inspired me to make a stylesheet driven layout.

The Oracle
I almost always screencap my own images. When I can't (say from season one, as all my episodes are all old VKLL VHS tapes) I can usually find what I need at The Oracle. I have only used one image so far, but it never hurts to credit.

Some of the screencaps in our gallery were also graciously provided by Digitalius.
Providing the world with great Sailormoon musical content since the dawn of time. All of our OGG files originated there, as did the album information presented for each file. has a free use policy, outside of direct linking.

Solar Miracle, Make Up!
Although I think I originally found these on a mIRC server, our RM encodes of Myu fragments did originally come from Solar Miracle, I'm almost certain.

The Templates Resource
Sometimes I make my own, but the templates here are just so adorable I couldn't resist.

Lyric Moon
Originally THE source for Sailormoon Lyrics. It has since gone down, which is a terrible loss to the community. Although credited to their original sources on the lyrics page, the lyrics I do have posted were originally posted at Lyric Moon.

The Sailormoon Transparent Gif Shop
This place has been gone for ages, but they did originally provide many of the transparent images in our gallery.

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Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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