Being Tsukino Chibiusa

Cosplay and Costuming

Costumes: Sailor Fuku
[Anime Chibimoon] [ Manga Chibimoon] [Myu Chibimoon] [Anime Super Chibimoon]
[Manga Super Chibimoon] [Myu Super Chibimoon] [Star Chibimoon]

Costumes: Seifuku
All the Seifuku versions, summer and winter, I could round up from the anime and manga.

Costumes: Dresses
[Anime Small Lady] [Manga Small Lady] [Myu Small Lady] [Anime Black Lady]
[Manga Black Lady] [Myu Black Lady]

Costumes: Casual
My picks of the casual clothes -- myu, anime, and manga -- I think it would be fun to cosplay.

A long discourse on Chibiusa's hair, with illustrative images! How to choose the color and style for your costume! Wig specific links are here.

Everything from hair pearls to wands and bells. Shoes are listed with the costumes.

Costumer Links
Now you know what you want, but you can't sew at all. Here are some thoughts on where you can go to burn some cash!

Stuff any Chibiusa would love!


Special Cookies
From the Sailormoon SuperS movie.

Apple Pie
From episode 107 Geijutsu ha aino bakuhatsu! Chibi Usa no hatsukoi!

Delicious Family Curry
From episode 66 Usagi no oyagokoro!? Curry na sankaku kankei!

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