Most of these files are either in OGG format or MP3 format. For the MP3 files I ask that you please not stream them as that puts a burden on the server and I will probably not be able to keep them all up. Please instead right click and download by choosing "Save As." Both Mp3s and Ogg files can easily be played with the current version of Winamp, which the skins in the downloads also fit!

Sailormoon S Music - Vocal
Yume o Ijimenaide and such.

Sailormoon S Music - Instrumental
Instrumental music from Sailormoon S, including henshin music.

Sailormoon SuperS Music - Vocal
Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute and Rashiku Ikimashou.

Sailormoon SuperS Music - Instrumental
A slew of Chibiusa and Pegasus BGM, all from Sailormoon SuperS.

Sailormoon Sailor Stars Music - Vocal
Bye Bye tte Itta and suchlike.

Sailormoon Musical - Anza Moon
Chibiusa music from the Anza musicals. Featuring Mata Mata and Double Moonlight Romance.

Sailormoon Musical - Fumina Moon
Fumina Moon Chibiusa music, featuring Chibiusa no Kokoroiki and Chibiusa no Hanran.

Sailormoon Musical - Miyuki Moon
Miyuki Moon Chibiusa music, also featuring Amazon Quartet music and Gunji Ayano as Chibimoon.

Sailormoon Musical - Marina Moon
Marina Moon Chibiusa music. Pinky Typhoon is here.

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