Music - Sailormoon S - Vocal

Sailormoon S Music - Vocal

Yume O Ijimenaide
Chibiusa's S Image Song. From the CD Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon Plus.

S Image Poem
I would be much obliged to anyone attempting to translate the text of this poem for me. From the CD Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon Plus.

Scene III: Chibiusa
Ditto with this scene, which is Chibiusa's drama section from Uranus, Neptune, Chibimoon Plus.

Episode 104 - Tomodachi wo motomete! Chibimoon no katsuyaku!
A complete audio track of episode 104 - They're thinking the same thing! Chibimoon's adventure! - the Tamasaburo episode. This is from the Sailormoon S Big Box and is available courtesy Chibibonnie and

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