These are all in wav format, meaning they can be used for desktop sounds in a Windows Environment, if you'd like to do that.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Circa Sailormoon S, Chibiusa's transformation phrase to turn into Sailor Chibimoon.

Sailor Chibimoon Introduction Speech
For love and justice, she's the pretty suited sailor soldier in training, Sailor Chibimoon. In place of the future moon, she'll punish you.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!
Circa Sailormoon S, Sailor Chibimoon's attack phrase.

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
Circa Sailormoon SuperS, Chibiusa's and Usagi's double transformation into Super Sailor Chibimoon and Super Sailor Moon.

Twinkle Yell
Circa Sailormoon SuperS. The power Chibimoon uses to summon Pegasus.

Circa Sailormoon SuperS. Elios talks about how he feels close to Chibiusa.

Little By Little
Circa Sailormoon SuperS. Chibiusa says she and Elios are getting to know and trust one another, little by little.

Ripped Apart
Circa Sailormoon SuperS. Neherenia is jealous. She rips Elios and Chibiusa apart.

You Said My Name
Circa Sailormoon SuperS. Immediately thereafter. Chibiusa is really touched that Elios has finally called her by her name, and not just "little maiden."

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