A meatier version of the statistics that used to be a mainstay of Sailormoon character shrines in times past.

Her Story
Comphrehensive summaries of Chibiusa's entire story, start to finish, as it appears in the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga, broken up by original volume for easier perusal.
Black Moon Family Storyline: [Volume 4] [Volume 5] [Volume 6] [Volume 7]
Death Buster Storyline: [Volume 7 - Part 2] [Volume 8] [Volume 9] [Volume 10]
The Snow Princess Storyline: [Volume 11]
Dead Moon Circus Storyline: [Volume 12] [Volume 13] [Volume 14] [Volume 15]
Sailor Galaxia Storyline: [Volume 16] [Volume 17] [Volume 18]
Special: Chibiusa's Picture Diary: [Diary 1] [Diary 2] [Diary 3] [Diary 4]

A complete and illustrated listing of all Chibiusa's hardware.

A full and illustrated listing of all of Chibiusa's unique abilities, from Luna P Change to Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss.

An illustrated listing of Chibiusa's forms, with an eye for how to identify them at a glance.

Relationships: Chibiusa on the Couch
An in depth look at the friends and family of the Rabbit.
Family:[Usagi] [Mamoru] [Endymion] [Serenity] [Kousagi]
Friends:[Pluto] [Momoko] [Hotaru] [Diana]
Paramours?:[Elios] [Wiseman] [Kyusuke]

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Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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