Japanese Name:
Tsukino Usagi 'Chibiusa'-- It means small rabbit of the moon. Tsuki = Moon; No = of; Usagi = rabbit; Chibi = small. When she introduces herself formally to the senshi in the future she says that she is 'Usagi Small Lady Serenity.' For my full spiel on the etymology of this name, check the anime information, since I feel a little silly ranting about the same thing twice in as many pages. The short of it is "Tsukino Usagi" when spoken sounds like "Tsuki no Usagi" which means "Rabbit of the Moon."

English Name:
Serena 'Bunny' Tsukino 'Rini' -- Serena is derived from 'Serenity' which means peace and tranquility. It is also a sea on the moon where the prayer room is supposed to be located: Mare Seretias. This information is only mentioned in the manga. Rini is a diminutive of Serena.

French Name:
Mini Bunny Tsukino -- The meaning of Mini Bunny is pretty clear and a good translation of the name Chibiusa. Tsukino remains the same. Usagi's name is also Bunny in the French manga.

Small Lady, the Rabbit -- Sailor Pluto (and others like Diana and most people from Crystal Tokyo) calls her 'Small Lady' because she knows her from Crystal Tokyo when she is a princess. This is Pluto's way of showing the love and respect she bears the White Moon family. Small Lady isn't so much a nickname as part of Chibiusa's formal name. The Black Moon family calls Chibiusa 'the Rabbit.' Besides being a pun on her name, it's meant to be derogatory as rabbits are sometimes seen as weak and unthinking creatures -- easy prey.

Moon -- Simple. Sailor Moon is the senshi of the moon and Sailor Chibimoon is Sailor Moon's daughter. If you want to get picky, then Chibimoon is the soldier of the future moon, that is, the one that orbits the earth of the Thirtieth Century.

Moon or possibly Hope, or possibly Crystal, or possibly Light, or perhaps Mystery -- Tuxedo Kamen is Chibimoon's father. Since his sphere of influence is (I personally think) best identified as something like 'hope,' it can be argued that Sailor Chibimoon's element is hope as well. As for the others, Sailor Moon's actual sphere is disputed both in the anime and the manga, and all of these are possible guesses at it. Sailor Moon also consistently introduces herself as the pretty suited sailor soldier of mystery and wields the mysterious silver crystal. Personally, I like Hope the best myself as an embodiment of who she is. It fits Chibiusa as well.

Place in the Lunar Court:
Princess of Crystal Tokyo -- Chibiusa is the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. She lives in the Crystal Palace in Crystal Tokyo.

901 in the Black Moon Family arc; 902 in the Death Busters arc; 902 in the Dead Moon Circus arc, Unclear in the Galaxia arc, although presumably 902 -- Chibiusa offers all this information herself as the story progresses. In the Black Moon story she is in fourth grade. In Death Busters and Dead Moon she is in fifth. She is in sixth grade in the Galaxia arc, presumably about to turn 903.

June 30 -- This makes Chibiusa a Cancer.

Cancer -- Cancers are emotional, intuitive, shrewd, loving, and sympathetic. On the bad side, they are also changeable, moody, and clingy.

Day of the Week:
Monday -- Monday is the day assigned to the moon. Children born on Monday are also said to be fair of face. Solomon Grundy was also born on a Monday. Now what does that say, exactly?

Rose -- Red roses represent love and deep unconscious beauty. White roses signify purity and innocence. The rose is the birthflower for the month of June.

Diamond or Pearl or Moonstone. -- The diamond symbolizes purity, power, and strength. Diamond comes from the word adamas which means 'unconquerable.' The pearl is June's birthstone. It is generally recognized as a symbol of innocence and of love and Chibiusa has a special fondness for it. The moonstone is also a birthstone of June. Hindu legends say that moonstones are solidified moonbeams. The symbolism here is pretty obvious.

Blood Type:
O -- O blood-type signifies that the person is a natural leader in that they try to create harmony from dissonance. They do tend to have a stubborn side as well, although they are easily influenced by other people. O types are also broadminded and goal oriented.

Senshi Colors:
Pink and Red as Sailor Chibimoon; Pink, Yellow, and Red as Super Sailor Chibimoon -- June's color is pink and it signifies spring, new birth, and gentle love. Red signifies fire, courage, and charity. Winter is also seen painted in reds. Red is also the color of passion. Yellow is a color of summer. It signifies honor, loyalty, joy, and knowledge.

Student at Juuban Elementary. -- She attends Jubaan elementary with her friends Momo, Kyusuke, Sorano, Naruru, and Ruruna. Later Hotaru attends as well, although in a different class.

Favorite Subject:
Drawing and Painting. -- Come on, she likes her picture diary a little too much for it to be a coincidence, doesn't she?

Least Favorite Subject:
Japanese Language -- Like mother, like daughter. Kanji are hard. However unlike the older rabbit, Chibiusa seems to do fairly well at school in general.

Favorite Food:
Pudding -- Pudding is a sugar filled food with little substance that most children love. It's not surprising that Chibiusa's favorite food is a sweet. Chibiusa has a special problem with pudding in the third picture diary where she has to go to the dentist.

Least Favorite Food:
Carrots -- This is one of Naoko's private jokes. Since Chibiusa is a rabbit, she ought to like carrots. They do improve eyesight.

Drawing, reading, collecting rabbit paraphernalia -- Much like Usagi, Chibiusa will collect rabbit anything. She is often seen with a rabbit backpack and rabbit clothing. Unlike Usagi, Chibiusa likes to read things other than manga.

Favorite Animal:
Bunny -- Well, she is a rabbit. Bunnies are generally seen as gentle although they can be courageous fighters. Bunnies are also associated with Easter, and that means they are associated with rebirth and regrowth.

Dreams About:
Being a Lady; Being with Elios -- Chibiusa wants to be a lady, like her mother Neo Queen Serenity very, very much. It is the driving force behind the Black Moon Familt arc and also a potent force in the Dead Moon Circus story, when Chibiusa wants to the maiden that Elios is searching for. Being with Elios is my guess at her secret dream which she never admits to but mentions several times.

Thunderstorms, being alone, seeing her friends hurt -- Like her mother, Chibiusa is afraid of thunderstorms. They probably remind her of the attack on Crystal Tokyo. As mentioned before, Chibiusa hates being alone, although she is forced to be sometimes. And wow, Chibiusa, way to be Deep like Diablo. The improtance in the 'seeing her friends hurt' dislike comes from the fact that Chibiusa /really/ doesn't want to see them hurt and will gladly sacrifice herself if she thinks she can save them

Elios, the Pegasus -- Elios is the pegasus from the Dead Moon story who seeks the maiden with the beautiful dream. Chibiusa and Elios learn to trust and love each other, even sharing several kisses. They are too cute for words.

Tuxedo Kamen/Mamoru --Yes, yes, she has a bit of an Electra complex, but it's not serious.

In the present she lives with Usagi's family and pretends to be a cousin. In the future, she is the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Chibiusa has hypnotized Usagi's family in the past to thinking she's a cousin, come to visit. Later she becomes Usagi's pseudo adopted sister. Being the daughter of the Neo Queen and the King of Crystal Tokyo makes her the princess. She eventually has very good relationships with both these families, although in the past she and Usagi have a bit of a rough start. Popular fanon also claims that Neherenia is Chibiusa's evil great aunt, making her the sister of the original Queen Serenity, although this is never confirmed in the canon of the manga.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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