Chibiusa's Picture Diary One

Chibiusa's Picture Diary One -- Chibiusa the Vampire Slayer

This first edition of Chibiusa's Picture Diary appeared in the back of volume five.

It's Chibiusa's first day of school which was briefly mentioned in the main storyline. Chibiusa is introduced to her classmates. Several of them mutter over her weird hair. She gets assigned to sit by Momo-chan, who will become her best friend immediately. Kyusuke teases Chibiusa about the fact that she's small, but Momo tells him off. Stupid Kyusuke. Chibiusa admires Kyusuke's homemade pin which features Sailor V. Kyusuke tells her that if she does everything he says he'll think about giving it to her. She calls him a brat and a loser and it works. Momo and company are wowed by Chibiusa's wit. Apparently the rest of the fourth grade is kind of slow.

All the girls are really impressed to find out that Chibiusa's nickname is what it is. They say it's very cute, but Kyusuke says it's weird that both Chibiusa and her sister are named "Usagi."

Almost immediately after this a mysterious new person is introduced. This is the beautiful, weak, and mysteriously pale Lyrica Yubel. She is revealed to be the daughter of the mysterious Ambassador from the equally mysterious Country U. She lives in the mysterious embassy building which is rumored to be haunted. Ooo. Spooky.

That day, before school is over, Lyrica gets very weak and asks a boy to escort her home. The boy doesn't make it home, and the next day Chibiusa wonders about it. Lyrica denies knowing anything about it, but then while Momo and Chibiusa are examining the school garden (that features continually wilting flowers) Lyrica comes up to them and tells Chibiusa that she has rosy cheeks that look delicious.

Okay, something weird is definitely going on here, especially when another boy goes home with Lyrica and doesn't make it home either. It seems like Lyrica might just be a serial killer until Chibiusa notices she's not at lunch. She and Kyusuke are on lunch duty, so they go to look for Lyrica. They find her in the garden, munching on flowers.

Definitely weird.

Chibiusa takes these troubles to her friendly neighborhood senshi and they declare that without doubt Chibiusa is facing a vampire. Usagi is very distressed by this idea, but the girls are adamant and apparently have no trouble that Chibiusa is going to school with vampires. I guess you learn to take things in stride when you fight weirdo dominatrix youma all day long.

To make sure that Lyrica is a vampire, Makoto declares that she will make some grilled meat with lots of garlic. If Lyrica doesn't like the garlic, then Chibiusa will be sure that she's a vampire. All the girls go along for the ride because hey, free dinner.

The next day at school, Chibiusa is distressed to see that Lyrica has called in sick, although her sensei is effected enough by the garlic as it is. Mako-chan apparently made the dinner really heavy on the garlic. Sensei tells Chibiusa that she would be obliged if Chibiusa and Momo would take Lyrica's homework to her. Momo is scared, but Chibiusa thinks this is a great time to check Lyrica out. Kyusuke offers to come with them and drags along another of his friends to guide them.

The U Country Embassy is surrounded by wilty flowers of the same type that Lyrica loves to munch on. The four of them sneak up to the creepy gate and nearly faint when Lyrica's mother appears on the other side of it. She invites them in for tea so the girls can deliver the homework. At tea Lyrica's mother explains that the flowers Lyrica was eating were candied flowers and feeds quite a few to Momo-chan.

Meanwhile, Ikuko-mama is worried about Chibiusa who still is not home even though it's dinner time. She dispatches Usagi to look for her.

As Chibiusa, Kyusuke, and Sorano are walking home, Chibiusa remarks that the house was spooky outside but pretty normal inside, even if Lyrica's mother didn't like garlic. It is at this point that Chibiusa realizes that they've left Momo behind. They go back to fetch her and are shocked to see Lyrica's mom drinking Momo's blood!

Lesson Number One: Don't take candy from strangers.

Vampire Lyrica appears now with two of her zombie vampire minions (i.e. the boys from school that she took home with her). Lyrica is delighted to see Chibiusa there and says that she's been waiting for a chance to taste her. Chibiusa freaks out and Kyusuke orders Sorano to call the police. He says it won't do any good because they're on embassy grounds. Oh, if only Sailor V were here . . .

But she is and dressed as Sailor V as well, not Sailor Venus, along with Sailor Moon who is a little put out because no one ever seems to beg for her help. They dish out a double kick and then Chibiusa breathes on the vampire children with "Garlic Attack." The children collapse. Sailor Moon levels a Moon Princess Halation at them and they all disintegrate, except for Lyrica, who turns into one of those flowers that she loved to munch on. That night Chibiusa dreams of some day becoming a Sailor Soldier as cool as Venus or Moon.

The next day Momo-chan seems to have recovered from being a vampire snack although she thinks it was all just a dream. Kyusuke knows better and he now has a Sailor Moon pin which he gives to Chibiusa because she's brave.

At the end of this picture diary, we have a body count of two dead fourth graders and two dead vampires. Wow, and you thought Chibiusa's Picture Diary was just full of sunshine and bubbles. You never expected a body count, I'm sure.

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Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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