Relationships: Elios

Elios, Dream Priest of Elysian

Elios is Chibiusa's very own prince on a white horse, although since he is the Priest of Elysian he often acts more like the princess who must be rescued. He first sees her as a revelation in his prayer room. Adult Princess Lady Serenity comes to him in a vision and tells him to seek the maiden who is both princess and soldier, guarded by the moonlight. He is smitten by this beautiful maiden and longs to meet her. He thinks she must be the one he's searching for, and when he meets Usagi is probably a little upset to find she is attached. Little does he know that Princess Pink is the one he's really looking for.

Chibiusa's affection for Elios are one of the sure signs she's growing up in the world of Sailormoon. She slowly loses her obsession with Mamoru and it is replaced by a growing worry for Elios's well-being. Usagi's love for Mamoru is what marks and scores her journey to become a real sailor soldier in the first storyline of Sailormoon and so it is Chibiusa's love for Elios that marks her journey into being a full-fledged sailor senshi. It is only when her heart truly blooms for another that her crystal mimics it and becomes her own. It is her love which raises Elios from the dead and allows her to truly become an adult sailor soldier. Through this gentle kiss, he suddenly realizes that she is the Small Maiden he's been searching for.

You know that it's another Miracle Romance in the making, folks. It couldn't happen any other way.

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