Volume Seven

Volume Seven

But that can't happen, because then it wouldn't be a very good story, so Pluto makes the ultimate sacrifice and stops time. The evil flows out of Mamoru and Black Lady and Usagi retrieves the two crystals from Demand. Pluto collapses and begs Sailor Moon to save Small Lady and then summons Diana to her with further instructions to guard the Gate. Then she dies and it is very sad.

Meanwhile Black Lady is having flashbacks about how much she loved Pluto and why she loved Pluto. She is overcome by the love of her friend who sacrificed herself in an attempt to save her and her evil earrings shatter. A single tear from her eye becomes the true ginzuishou and she henshins for the first time into Sailor Chibimoon. She's so excited that she's finally henshined that she crows about it to King Endymion and Pluto before she realizes that Pluto is dead. She is very distressed at this turn of events.

Usagi won't stand for it, and after turning back into Sailor Moon, she throws all her power at Nemesis, which is still looming. Chibimoon admires Sailor Moon's bravery, and then Tuxedo Kamen goes to stand with her and share his power. Demand jumps at them, but he is vaporized. Space and time twists and a giant evil nasty head appears. It is Wise Man's true form: Death Phantom. Sailor Moon throws her power at him again, and all the sudden space shifts again and the sky over Crystal Tokyo clears because Death Phantom has gone into another dimension.

But Sailor Moon is gone. The senshi look all around for her, but can't find her, then Mamoru's hands burn with fire and he disappears. From the palace, the reawakened Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion approach.

Chibimoon apologizes desperately for all the mistakes she's made, but the queen hushes her and tells her that it wasn't her fault and she's dealt with everything very well, like an adult. Then she tells Chibimoon that together they can save they planet.

Chibimoon didn't think the queen needed her, but the queen tells Chibimoon that she loves her very much and that she's her only daughter. She gives Chibimoon her staff which shortens and then tells her that she's the only one who can go to where Sailor Moon is and save her. Chibimoon prays that Pluto will give her strength and then asks the time key to take her to Sailor Moon. The senshi also want to go, but Neo Queen Serenity holds them back.

Chibimoon finds Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen in the blackness and she and Sailor Moon combine their powers and both use Moon Princess Halation. Nemesis explodes, but so do their rods and Sailor Moon's brooch. Well, crap.

Crystal Tokyo is now fixed. All the senshi get power-ups and Sailor Moon gets a new brooch. She and Neo Queen Serenity meet, although this is also supposed to be taboo. They thank each other and then the soldiers from the twentieth century head back with Chibiusa leading the way.

Usagi wakes up in bed the next day and almost wonders if everything was a dream, but then Chibiusa comes running in. Later Usagi sees Chibiusa with a backpack and Chibiusa tells Usagi that she's going back to the future and apologizes for being so selfish. Usagi is distraught that Chibiusa is going back to the future and begs her to stay, but then admits that Chibiusa has to go.

Usagi and Mamoru say goodbye to Chibiusa in the park where they first met and Chibiusa gives Usagi a parting gift: a new rod from her mother. She goes back to the future and Usagi cries because she loves Chibiusa so much.

Of course, she's not going to be without her for long, because as soon as Usagi and Mamoru start to have another precious moment in the park, Chibiusa falls out of the sky and lands on Usagi's head. I think she must do that on purpose.

Chibiusa has a letter from her mama which begs (a little illiterately) for Usagi and the other senshi of the past to help train the new Sailor Chibimoon. The Pink is back and here to stay.

Here ends the story of the Black Moon and Crystal Tokyo. Sailor Chibimoon's tale continues in the Mugen Gakuen and Death Buster story.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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