Abracadabra Pon!
Used to make Luna P into a useful object.

"Guardian of Time, let the Door of Time split the heavens and open to me. I call you by your true name. The all knowing God of Time, the Father of the Guardian . . . CHRONOS! Lead me, protect me! Send me the path of light!"
Chibiusa uses this incantation whenever she needs to travel through time. It opens the door to the Gate of Time.

Moon Princess Halation
Chibimoon's first attack used against the Death Phantom with Sailor Moon's support and the borrowed Mirai no Cutie Moon Rod from Neo Queen Serenity.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Chibiusa's first transformation, utilizes the power of the ginzuishou. This is the transformation of a pretty suited sailor soldier in training.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!
Chibimoon's second attack which draws power from the Pink Moon Stick. This is the attack of a pretty suited sailor soldier in training.

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
Chibiusa's first ascension into Super Sailor Chibimoon by way of the Holy Grail. Ascension into Super Sailor Chibimoon gives her the ability to cooperate with Sailor Moon in the double attack Double Moon Rainbow Heart Ache.

Double Moon Rainbow Heartache!
The attack Super Sailor Chibimoon and Super Sailor Moon use during the Death Buster storyline which uses the power from the Pink Moon Stick and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack!
The combination attack Chibimoon and Tuxedo Kamen use while fighting during the Snow Princess storyline.

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
Chibiusa's second ascension into Super Sailor Chibimoon by way of the Chibi Moon Brooch.

Twinkle Yell!
This is the summoning spell that Chibimoon casts with the Crystal Carillon. It summons Elios in the form of Pegasus, who can then help out.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation!
The attack Super Sailor Chibimoon uses by way of the Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope during her fights with the Dead Moon Circus.

Crystal Palace of the Thirtieth Century, lend me your power!
Called upon during Sailor Moon's ascension to Eternal Sailor Moon, which also allows Chibimoon's power-up into Sailor Star Chibimoon.

Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!
Chibiusa's henshin into Sailor Star Chibimoon.

Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss
Sailor Star Chibimoon's attack which she uses while fighting at the Zero Star. To be compared to Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss or Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, both used by Eternal Sailor Moon.

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