Luna P
Chibiusa's closest friend when she comes from the future for the first time. It's a computerized ball that talks to her and can be turned into simple useful objects.

Crystal Key of Time and Space
This is the key that Chibiusa swipes from Pluto to run away to the past for the first time in search of Sailor Moon. She keeps until she is forced to return it near the end of the manga, then she presumably gets it back again.

Mirai no Ginzuishou
This is the ginzuishou of the future which Chibiusa swipes in the first place to give the Black Moon family their opening to attack Crystal Tokyo and to set the events which eventually chase her into the past in motion. Chibiusa keeps this with her after swiping it for the first time and it eventually blooms and becomes her own crystal, the Pink Moon Crystal.

Mirai no Cutie Moon Rod
This is the scepter that Chibimoon borrows from the Neo Queen so she can go with Sailor Moon to help fight the Death Phantom. It shrinks down to fit her and shatters after its use.

Pink Moon Stick
This stick comes from Luna P during the Death Buster story arc when Chibimoon desperately wishes for a way to fight and help her friends. It is the first real weapon she has that belongs only to her.

Mirai no Holy Grail
The Holy Grail of the future that Chibimoon summons with the help of the other senshi to turn into Super Sailor Chibimoon.

Deep Aqua Mirror
Neptune's talisman which she gives to Chibimoon at the end of the Death Buster story arc as a promise that they'll return. Chibimoon keeps it until the outer senshi return during the fight with Neherenia.

Crystal Carillon
This is the bell that Elios gives Chibiusa so that she can summon him whenever he needs help. Through it he can summon her too.

Chibi Moon Brooch
This is the brooch that Chibiusa uses to turn into Super Sailor Chibimoon during the Dead Moon Circus story arc.

Chibi Moon Kaleidescope
This is the weapon Chibiusa uses to preform Moon Gorgeous Meditation. It is sentient and can talk to her when it chooses and it closely resembles the glass kaleidoscope that Mamoru buys her from the first Dead Moon Circus festival that they attend.

Chibi Moon Crystal Brooch
The star brooch that appears on Chibimoon's chest during the fight with Neherenia that allows her to power up into Sailor Star Chibimoon.

Pink Moon Crystal
This is the true form of the mirai no ginzuishou that blooms while Chibimoon is praying over Elios. Diana tells her that it is her own special crystal.

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