Volume Thirteen

Volume Thirteen

This chapter starts with Chibiusa staring into the Deep Aqua Mirror and thinking about her kiss from Elios. She's being all moody and lovesick and refuses treats when Usagi offers to share, at least until Usagi gets specific on what kind of treats they are. Theh Chibiusa has some, but when Usagi offers to take her to see Mamoru, Chibiusa tells Usagi that she's decided to stop meddling in their affairs. Usagi can't believe it.

What Chibiusa really wants is someone to talk about Elios, whom she can't stop thinking about. After going through her choices, she settles on Makoto and trundles off to see her. On the way she hopes that some day she will lead a team of sailor senshi all of her own.

She meets Mako near the Dead Moon Circus and asks to come home with her to talk about something. Mako immediately pins it as a boy and Chibiusa blushes. They have dinner and the food is so tasty that Chibiusa completely forgets to bring up Elios.

The next day she goes to see Mamo-chan and he asks for the ring that she got from the Dead Moon Circus grocer while shopping for the food for Mako's excellent dinner. She hands it over with no qualms and then heads off to meet up with Usagi. They are very worried about him, since he is now almost entirely bedridden.

Mako-chan meanwhile has her confrontation with Hawk's Eye and toasts him. Then Chibiusa's Carillon starts to wiggle all around and she realizes that Elios is summoning her this time. Chibiusa and Usagi henshin and rush to Mamo-chan's bedside only to find Elios hovering over him. They're both covered in black blood and evil black dust bunnies are attacking them. Chibimoon and Sailor Moon use Moon Gorgeous Meditation and kill the dust bunnies, but the damage has already been done.

Chibiusa clings to Elios's pegasus head while Mamoru explains that he's been coughing up black blood for a while, only hiding it (the doof). Elios decides it's time to fess up, so he turns back into the white haired horn-boy from before and declares that he is Elios, the priest of Elysian. He goes on to explain that Elysian is the sacred ground of Earth, deep within the planet. His duty is to protect the planet and Prince Endymion through prayer from Elysian. He harmonizes with Elysian in the same way Endymion harmonizes with the earth, and they both are in pitch with each other. Unfortunately, they also both have a problem as they have been contaminated by an outside evil influence, the indication of which is the black rose growing inside each of their chests. Ah-ha so that's what that shadow in his lungs was. Well, at least he doesn't have cancer.

Elios tells them that his pegasus body is just an illusion and that his actual body has been sealed away and he's being held by a spell. Usagi and Chibiusa are startled, and he goes on to say that only one person could work such magic to contain him and that is the Queen of the Dead Moon, Neherenia.

Before the invasion of the Earth even began, the residents of the Dead Moon spent a long time working an evil spell which let them capture Elysian. They're eating the world from the inside out and Elios feels powerless to stop them. He secures Sailor Moon's help to defeat the Dead Moon, but then drops the bombshell that even if she does defeat them with the ginzuishou, he and Elysian as well as Mamoru are already doomed. Their only hope is the Golden Crystal, which only the chosen maiden can find. Then he fades out, his power used up. Usagi resolves to fight to protect Mamoru and Chibiusa clings to the Carillon and thinks desperately that she wants to help Elios.

The rest of volume thirteen is concentrated in the Exam Battle stories, which do not feature pinku-hime.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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