Chibiusa's Picture Diary Four

Chibiusa's Picture Diary Four -- The Fashion Diva Adventure!

Chibiusa comes running down the street to meet Hotaru. She informs the audience that she is nine hundred and two years old, a sixth grader, and on the gardening committee. Usagi and Mamoru see her meet up with Hotaru and Usagi tells her that they're headed out to buy some things for Mamoru as he's soon going to leave for Harvard. Chibiusa tells Usagi that she and Hotaru are meeting some friends from school, but they seem to be a bit late.

Just then a jeep pulls up and two scantily clad girls hop out. They apologize for being late and claim to have gone "haaging" on the way to meet her. Chibiusa explains that "haaging" means going for Haagen Daas ice cream to Hotaru. She doesn't seem very impressed. The girls then introduce themselves as Osaka Naruru and Kobe Ruruna, Chibiusa's bestest friends for-ever. They say that after they went out for ice cream they stopped and bought a bunch of label clothes. Chibiusa tells Hotaru that their hobby is fashion shows.

Again, Hotaru is not impressed.

Chibiusa asks them what they have planned and the girls say that they're going to a classy pawn shop, "The Hammer Prince Shrine," which is apparently filled with all manner of fantastically expensive and rare things.

At the pawn shop they see a small round man getting wailed upon by two much larger men. They kick him to the ground and then Chibiusa runs over to see if he's all right. He says that he's fine and waves her off. Meanwhile the girls are drolling over every expensive and rare thing that they find. Naruru says that she's a 'Channeler' a fancier of the 'Channel' line. Ruruna says that she's a 'Gucciccier,' a fancier of the 'Guccicci' line. Hotaru doesn't seem that impressed. She and Chibiusa see a crowd at the other side of the store and go to see what's there. They find a very pretty but strangely dressed mannequin of Sailor V. It's wearing weird clothes, but Chibiusa is impressed with how much it looks like Minako.

Hotaru spots some dolls and admires a Chibimoon figure. Chibiusa is somewhat embarrassed, and Ruruna and Naruru both don fuku that are apparently for sale in the store. Ruruna favors Sailor Star Mercury and Naruru favors Eternal Sailor Moon. Hotaru calls them Otaku, once Chibiusa explains that they really like anime clothes as well as fashion clothes.

The girls go to pay for their new senshi suits with their papas' unlimited credit cards. The man who checks them out is the short, round man who apparently owns and runs the store. They admire his vest which has embroidered patches of the moon cats that he's made himself. He promises to make some for them and they agree to pick them up the next day after school. As they go, the owner explains that the building next door is the store's warehouse where all sorts of rare treasures are stowed. He says he's going to bring more into the shop soon. The girls can't wait to see what there'll be, and as they leave, the owner is delighted to think that someday his dream of making his store the perfect shop for beautiful young ladies will come true.

The next day, Chibiusa and Hotaru are waiting for the girls yet again. They arrive half an hour late and beg themselves off because they were 'douting' which Chibiusa explains to Hotaru means getting coffee at Douter's. There's a little exposition as they head back to the shop about how the previous owner of the Hammer Prince shrine managed it badly, so perhaps the owner is in some trouble. The guys who menaced him were probably land grabbers who wanted the profitable property. Just as they get to the shop they see the men again and have to dive out of the way as a huge truck plows right through the pawn shop's warehouse and the pawn shop itself. The poor round man doesn't know what to do.

The guardian of the shop is so distressed that it seeps out of the cracks and possesses Hotaru. Usagi arrives on the scene at this point and she and Chibiusa transform. Before they can really do anything, Ruruna and Naruru nance on, ready to defend their favorite hangout wearing skimy approximations of mahou shoujo wear. They kick the land grabbers fiercely and a crowd comes and applauds them and takes their pictures. Meanwhile Chibimoon and Sailor Moon have to deal with the possessed Hotaru who is causing a great vortex of air that sweeps Ruruna and Naruru away. The store owner intervenes and throws a net to save the two girls and says that he is Tubby Kamen, here to save the ladies.

This gives Moon and Chibimoon the time they need to use "Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss" and return Hotaru to normal. Ruruna and Naruru are delighted that they actually got to see the real Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon in action and then tear up the land grabber's contract they see lying on the ground.

Later, the four girls are all heading the pawn shop again, which has apparently been rebuilt bigger and better. The girls apologize for being late and claim that they were 'okeing' which Chibiusa explains means singing kareoke. Hotaru doesn't seem to mind them anymore and they confide in her secretly that they think Chibiusa looks like Chibimoon, although they mustn't ever tell her! At the shrine, the girls get special surprises just for them, in thanks from the owner. Then they both decide that the sailor senshi must buy their clothing from the Hammer Price Shrine as well, since they all have the same logo.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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