Chibiusa's Picture Diary Two

Chibiusa's Picture Diary Two -- The Shepherd and the Weaver

It's Chibiusa's birthday, June 30th, and she's now nine hundred and two years old. She and Usagi celebrate their birthdays together. Usagi gets a bracelet that she's wanted for a while and Chibiusa gets a Sailor Moon wristwatch from Mamoru. He claims to have bought it from a mysterious cloaked figure on the street. Way to go there, Mamo-chan. Very reputable. Chibiusa also gets an illustrated book about the constellation and their myths from Momo-chan and discovers that her new watch is also a locket and she can put a picture of the person she loves inside of it.

The next day Momo reveals that she too has a watch and that everyone seems to have them now. They're popular. Chibiusa is a little put out because her watch isn't special any more. Sometimes it sucks to be a trendsetter. Anyway, Chibiusa overhears some girls talking about putting Kyusuke's picture in their locket. Chibiusa can't understand why someone would like a boy who's mean to girls. Momo confides that she's putting a picture of a real estate mogul's son in her locket, because girls always love financial security. Chibiusa is impressed.

While running down the street with a tree branch with wish cards stuck on it, they run into Haruka and Michiru and explain that they're preparing for Tanabata, the Japanese summer star festival. It's nearly July 7th now, and the kids at school are all getting prepared. Michiru and Haruka notice that most of the wish cards concern boys. Momo explains that they all want boyfriends soon and another girl agrees.

It is at this point that the story starts to get weird, in typical Chibiusa's Picture Diary fashion. A cloaked and hooded figure appears to the girls and tells them the story of Altair and Vega. Altair is the cow herd that married Vega the weaver at the Lord's insistence, but after they were married they did nothing but play together so the Lord made it so that they could only meet on one night of the year - Tanabata - and then only if it wasn't raining. The girls are distressed over this story. They can't understand how someone could be apart from their love for so long, and one girl even declares that she'd go looking for a new boyfriend. Haruka and Michiru rightly perceive this visitation as . . . odd.

The lady vanishes and Haruka, Michiru, and the girls are left standing alone on the street. Michiru admires their watches. Chibiusa tells her that they are Sailor Moon watches and Momo adds that they're in fashion.

Meanwhile Kyusuke and Sorano are hanging out and Kyusuke is complaining about girls wanting financial security. He says men should have physical strength and that should be enough. Sorano quietly disagrees, but before he can get very far the two of them notice the same cloaked figure selling Sailor Moon watches to girls on the street. They remember that Chibiusa and the other girls were wearing them, and Kyusuke declares that it's very strange for a lady to be selling such things on the street.

Later, Chibiusa is curled up with Diana and her new star book. She reads the legend of Altair and Vega and wonders aloud if they'll get to meet this year, since July 7th is still in the rainy season. Then she reads that they're sixteen lightyears apart and can't imagine being that far away from the person that you love. She and Diana have a short conversation and Chibiusa eventually decides that perhaps its best not to fall in love with someone so far away. Ami chides Chibiusa and reminds her that the story of Tanabata is only that: a story.

At midnight the morning of July 7th Chibiusa's locket flips open and starts sending her subliminal vibes to go to the park. She is mesmerized, but Diana bites her and shakes her out of it. This is just too weird, so Chibiusa decides to go to the park and investigate.

At the park the cloaked figure is standing by a bonfire as the girls gather and declare that they no longer like boys because women are better off on their own. The cloaked figure then takes off the cloak and declares that she is Sailor Moon, and since she's the friend of girls everywhere that they had better listen to her. Chibimoon takes one look at her and says that she can't be Sailor Moon because her legs are too fat.

The figure is hurt by this and then poofs back into her original form, that of the incarnation of the weaver Vega. She says that she's missed her husband so much that she's turned to doing nothing but eating snacks all day long and watching television. Two girls appear behind her and tell her that the herdsman is playing around on her and that women always lose in long distance relationships. Vega confides in Chibimoon that she hasn't seen Altair in a long time, not since he saw her without makeup and she's worried that he's turned cold towards her.

While she's worrying, the two other girls decide to take the energy of all the girls assembled. Diana recognizes them as Theta and Epsilon, two other weaver stars. Chibimoon can't allow that and uses Pink Sugar Heart Attack to punish them. They are destroyed and the watches shatter. The girls come to their senses just as Altair descends from the heavens to see Vega. He tells her that he loves her very much and the last thing he wants is for her to be cold to him. She complains that he never calls even though she has an answering machine, but she seems satisfied in seeing him. He tells her that while young girls with pretty legs are good, his wife is the best of all. Aww, how sweet.

Later Chibiusa notes this all down in her picture diary quite gravely. You have to wonder what her teacher thinks about all of this. Chibiusa is happy because she's near the person she loves all the time. She goes to sleep by a picture of Mamoru.

The next day Chibiusa explains all that happened to Usagi and Mamoru and he apologizes for buying her a cursed present. She asks if she can have a different present and he agrees and then she demands a gold and pearl pendant. Mamoru groans and Chibiusa says it's wonderful that Mamoru as a lot of money.

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Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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