Volume Fifteen

Volume Fifteen

After some battle hijinks involving personal nightmares, Sailor Moon follows Zirconia through the mirror to where the Amazon Quartet and Chibimoon and Saturn are being held. After a well placed Moon Gorgeous Meditation, they're freed and Chibimoon helps Sailor Moon with a joint Moon Gorgeous Meditation but it doesn't seem to effect Neherenia. Mercury and Jupiter together break the glass of the mirror from the outside and Neherenia seems to take a serious beating from this. The palace where they're standing is now collapsing, Chibimoon, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Saturn make a break for it after Saturn collects the stones with the Amazon Quartet.

Once out of the mirror, the Dead Moon Circus disappears into Elysian and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen resolve to follow it and finish what they started. They tell Chibimoon to stay but Chibimoon isn't about to stay when she knows Elios is in danger. She does not yet know that he has passed on.

They allow her to come and they all join together to teleport to Elysian. The Maenads welcome them into the shrine of Elysian, and Chibimoon wants to know why Elios hasn't come himself. They take her to where he lies, still as death in a huge birdcage. Then Mamoru breaks the news to Chibimoon as delicately as he can: that Elios died fighting for them. Chibimoon refuses to believe this and calls for Elios to answer her. He is still.

She screams for him, and the Carillon falls out of one of her senshi pockets. She repeats herself again that Elios simply can't be dead because Mamoru, the Earth, and Elysian still exist and they're all connected.

Neherenia arrives again and snatches Usagi's ginzuishou, but together by sharing Mamoru's power they break free of it and Usagi calls the ginzuishou back to her. She powers up and causes the ascension of all the senshi present into their princess forms, including Sailor Chibimoon. Luna, Artemis, and Diana are also summoned and take their human forms. They all call on the power of their mother castles and Chibiusa calls on the power of the Crystal Palace of Crystal Tokyo. All this power surges into Sailor Moon who attains Eternal form. As if this were not enough power, the all join their powers again and all the senshi power up into their Star forms, including Sailor Chibimoon who has now become Sailor Star Chibimoon.

Neherenia is defeated by Sailor Moon and the sky clears and everything goes back to normal, but Chibimoon suddenly remembers Elios and turns to find his human body lying still on the ground a little ways away. She goes to him and gives him a kiss, hoping with all her might that he will wake up, and much like Snow White, he does. As she kisses him, her ginzuishou opens up like a flower and she starts to cry with happiness. He realizes that she is Princess Lady Serenity and asks her why she's crying. She tells him that it's from happiness because he's woken up. He's startled to see her crystal open like a flower and little human Diana tells him that it's her Pink Moon Crystal, her own unique crystal of power. The Maenads inform Elios that it was the power of Chibimoon's crystal that brought him back and he realizes that the maiden he was looking for has been in front of him all along. She runs out of the shrine into Elysian and Elios follows her and is astounded to see that it has been revived.

He goes to Mamoru and takes his Golden Crystal and fits it into a staff and Usagi and Mamoru both ascend to their Crystal Tokyo forms. This triggers the senshi to ascend to their princess forms as well (except for Chibimoon and Saturn, who remain as Star Soldiers). Saturn goes to Neo Queen Serenity and asks for the power of her crystal. She uses it to release the Amazon Quartet who touch down as Star soldiers and identify themselves as Chibimoon's court and protectors. They say that it is too early for their true awakening and fly off into the sky, presumably to their asteroids.

Elios then mounts pegasus (who is apparently his faithful steed) and takes everyone back to the surface world. Wow, Elios is awfully handsome for a mole man. Chibiusa is pretty broken up about Elios leaving, but he promises they'll meet again in the future, and she knows it will be when she becomes a real lady. She cries a little, but resolves to make her dreams come true.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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