Chibiusa's Picture Diary Three

Chibiusa's Picture Diary Three -- The Terrifying Dentist Story!

This honestly has to be about the most terrifying thing I can imagine. Thank goodness we have the Sailor Senshi to keep us safe from crazy old dentists.

Our story opens with Chibiusa and Usagi happily feasting on all manner of sweets, cookies, cakes and pies that Ikuko-mama has prepared. This goes on for several days, both of the girls being quite gluttonous.

Later at school Chibiusa isn't feeling too well. She has a headache and is feeling woozy. Kyusuke appears and harasses Momo. Momo ignores him and offers Chibiusa some juice and suggests that she might have a cold and should go home. Chibiusa takes a sip of the juice and then spits it out because it hurts her mouth. Very classy, Chibiusa.

Like always, the senshi know what's up. They tell Chibiusa that she doesn't have a headache, she has a cavity. Chibiusa is shocked to find out how primitive the twentieth century is. Ami specifically explains which bacteria attacks the enamel of Chibiusa's teeth and lives of the sugar. Minako tells her that it will eventually rot her jawbone away and turn it into mush. She and Usagi are horrified, especially Usagi who desperately does not want to go to the dentist. Ikuko-mama fusses at the two of them for not brushing their teeth often enough and then tells them that they'll go to the dentist in the morning. No more sugar snacks!

Kenji-papa takes the two of them to the dentist, but Juuban Dentist seems very sketchy and run down. There are screaming children running from the building and when they go outside they see the dentist pulling a little boy's teeth with the ol' doorknob and kite string trick. Kenji is not impressed with the hygienist either, who he thinks should be young and pretty. He takes the girls away and they stop to have lunch. He says it's a pay off and that they'll come back to the dentist the next day, and not to tell mama.

Cue the weird stuff to start happening. An evil spirit that possesses the dentist's equipment appears and in a fit of exposition explains that she lives on the cavities of little children and that she has been doing so for years, only recently there haven't been as many. She uses her powers on the building.

The next day there's a flier in the paper. It seems that Juuban Dentistry has gotten a complete overhaul and is now shiny and new. Minako phones up Usagi and tells her that she heard that the new doctor was really cute.

Kenji takes Chibiusa, Usagi, and Minako to the dentist as he promised and they're shocked to see how clean and neat the building is. The hygienist seats them and gives them cake and chocolates to eat. Kenji decides that this is exactly the sort of dentist he's always wanted. The cake and chocolates begin to make everyone sleepy and they all fall asleep on the couch except for Chibiusa and Diana. Chibiusa is called back to the office and Diana begs her not to go, as something seems really fishy. Chibiusa is dazed and doesn't listen.

She seats herself in the dentist's chair (which is shaped like an elephant) but then straps and braces come out from all places and tie her down securely. What kind of kinky dentist is this, anyway? The hygienist waves a syringe at Chibiusa and the dentist brandishes a saw. They tell her that they're going to make all the teeth in her mouth rotten and then remove them one by one to be fair. Chibiusa is horrified and she struggles but can't get free. Fortunately, Diana runs in and throws some cake at the dentist and manages to set Chibiusa free. The dentist reveals itself to be a nasty tooth decay monster.

Chibiusa henshins, but the monster uses a piece of equipment to make a loud noise that resonates in Chibimoon's cavity. She screams in pain and her odango ornaments activate and amplify the scream until it becomes a super sonic attack.

Unfortunately soon after she is easily distracted by the yummy sweets that the monster is throwing because she hasn't been allowed to have them for nearly a week now. It looks like it might be curtains for Chibimoon, but fortunately Diana saves her keester again by waking up Minako and Usagi who transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor V again. They rush onto the scene and chide Sailor Chibimoon for eating while on duty. Then they fling some of the sugar tasties back at the dentist's equipment. The dentist's equipment starts to melt and then Chibimoon finishes it off with a handy Pink Sugar Heart Attack. The building goes back to normal, which means old and decrepit.

Even though the monster has been defeated, Chibiusa and Usagi still groan because their toothaches have not been defeated.

Later it is revealed that they had to have their infected teeth pulled by that same crazy dentist (which is a bit drastic, don't you think?). Ikuko-mama is happy that their teeth are all fixed now and delights in giving them some more snacks -- raw vegetables and dried sardines to help keep their teeth healthy!

They are not impressed.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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