Music - Sailormoon S - Instrumental

Sailormoon S Music - Instrumental

Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen - Chibimoon's Theme
Chibimoon's thematic background music from the SFC fighting game for Sailormoon S produced by Angel. Courtesy of

Music Fantasy - Chibimoon
From Sailormoon S: Music Fantasy, this is the last track of the album, titled "Chibimoon." Although also used for other characters, this whimsical upbeat track is also used as BGM for Chibiusa in Sailormoon S. Courtesy of

Music Fantasy - Chibimoon Henshin Music
Chibimoon's unique henshin music from Sailormoon S, this is from the CD Sailormoon S: Music Fantasy. Her full "Moon Prism Power Make Up" henshin is shown only in the Sailormoon S movie and in early episodes of Sailormoon Supers. Courtesy

Kaette kita Chibiusa - Return of Chibiusa
More Sailormoon S Chibiusa background music, this time from the Memorial Music Box: Disc 4, Track 19.

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