Cosplay - Wigs

General Wig Thoughts

Wigs can really make or break a Chibiusa costume. Since Chibiusa's hair looks the same in basically all her incarnations (save adult Princess Lady Serenity and Black Lady) if you plan on cosplaying Chibiusa with any frequency and you really want to look the best you can look, then I suggest you suck it up and drop the cash you need on a very nice wig.

I have seen no better wigs offered than the ones Katie Blair produces out of Petting Zoo Wigs. Yes, they are expensive, but they're built to last, and she even offers a warranty program. Besides that she's a very nice person and will go out of her way to help you once you've committed to your wig. This is very important in the world of commissioned cosplay where very often you can pay a great deal of money for very subpar merchandise and really have no recourse other than complaining about the experience to other people.

Well all know that making a quality product takes quality materials, skill, and a great deal of time, so paying around two hundred and fifty dollars for a wig (which is slightly over the mean for the Chibiusa wigs she offers) is not really unreasonable when you consider how good they look and that they're intended (with proper care) to last for years.

Of course, not everyone may have that much money to drop on a wig, so if you're not quite at the two-fifty mark but you do think you're crafty enough, she also offers some great tutorials and forums where other wig makers congregate to talk about their problems and to offer solutions and just generally bond over wig-making. Even making your own wig will cost you some money because you're going to want to spend some money on your materials or you'll just end up with a one time only throw-away wig, one it is impossible to style and tame back into its intended shape if it happens to get frisky.

Don't make the mistake of having a wonderful costume and a silly looking wig (or in the worst cases, an awful wig that ruins your great costume). You also won't really look like Chibiusa if you just go with your regular hair color, even if you do style it into odango (unless you're naturally pink). Unless you're an excellent seamstress already, Cosplaying is not a hobby that comes cheaply, and even if you are great at sewing, that doesn't mean you'll be great at wig making or prop making, so to have a complete costume, you're probably going to have to end up commissioning something.

If you're going to commission a wig, take my advice and commission it from Katie. Keep in mind she's such an excellent wig maker that her services are in high demand. Her time is auctioned off in blocks and has to be booked at least five months in advance. So if she is either out of your price range or out of your time frame, then you can try your hand at making your own Chibiusa wig, or buy from another wig artist, although the end product will not be as nice (unless you're the next Katie Blair in the making!)

So you've now decided on who to buy your wig (or wig materials) from! The question now is which wig do you want!

I can hear you now all, “WTF Gabi, you were just telling me that Chibiusa's hair always looks the same.” Well, nominally, it really does, but there are still a number of different styles that those two pink yam odango come in, and I'm here to help you sort through them. First we'll go through my color matching. Colors are all referenced from Petting Zoo or Amphigory. Links to both at the bottom.

Color Choices

Standard Anime Chibimoon – Color Cotton Candy Pink Dye on Bubblegum Pink Wig

Popping Pink Anime Chibimoon – Color Hot Pink (Amphigory Ultra Perky Pink is a good match)

Standard Manga Chibimoon – Color Cotton Candy Pink Dye on Amphigory Perky Pink

Pinky Orange Manga Chibimoon – Color Two parts Cotton Candy Pink to one part Mango Orange on Snow White

Standard CG Manga – Amphigory Perky Pink

Light Chibimoon Myu wig – Bubblegum Pink (Perky Pink from Amphigory)

Dark Chibimoon Myu wig – Hot Pink (Ultra Perky Pink from Amphigory)

And between those, you should have most of your Chibimoon bases covered, color wise. Now we have to try and decide on the style of wig that you want.

Style Choices

Tall Odango, Skinny Tails – Suitable for Black Lady, Princess Lady Serenity, Teen Chibiusa – Manga, or any adult Chibimoon. Tails are too the ankle in most forms, so length will vary according to your height.

Tall Odango, Thick Tails – Sometimes seen in the manga. Suitable for Black Lady, Princess Lady Serenity, or any adult Chibimoon. Tails are again to the ankle and will vary according to your height.

Short Odango, Medium Thick Tapering Tails to Waist – AKA Anime Teen Chibiusa.

Tall Ogango, Short Thick Tails to Shoulder – Standard Chibiusa hairstyle, suitable for anime or manga style Chibiusa.

Early Myu Wig – Has sloping bangs angled in an upside down v-shape and small odango. Cosplay this violently salmon color from the First Stage Myu at your own risk.

Late Myu Wig – Has straight across bangs, small odango and longer, thinner tails.

Manga Chibiusa. Adorable thick curl ringlets, one on each side. Hair to chin. Considering the hat, I'd say she's without odango. It's just the pony tails.

Manga New Year's Chibiusa. Hair is all up in two large, round buns. No tails, but two thin bits of hair curl from the buns and fall nearly to shoulders.

Manga braided Chibiusa. Hair is to shoulders. On each side there are two braids, one which loops around and is fastened back at the source and another that dangles to the shoulder. No odango.

Summation and Links

With the sources above you should be on your way to deciding what kind of wig you want and what color you want it to be. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors and styles! With so many different choices, there's sure to be something that'll pique your fancy! Now we'll get down to the nitty gritty and I'll give you some links that I think are useful!

Petting Zoo Wigs
+ + If you're looking for Chibiusa wigs in her price quotes, try searching for "Chibi." That brings up most of them.
+ Pony Tails Tutorial. If you're making your own Chibiusa wig, you will have to learn how to do this. It's an advanced Tutorial, so you'll have to prepare and practice first before trying it on your real wig! Also try the wigs forum for more help.

Amphigory Wigs
Try here if you'd like to get an unstyled wig to style yourself!

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