Cosplay - Super Sailor Chibimoon Fuku

Super Sailor Chibimoon Fuku - Anime Version

Super Sailor Chibimoon.

The bodice of this fuku is almost identical to the one from the Chibimoon fuku, with the exception that this one does not have the same sort of shoulder guards that previous fuku have had. Instead the bodysuit is sleeveless, with a triple layered transparent shoulder cap on each side, as you can see. This fabric looks to be something like organza and is faintly shaded lavender or pink, depending on the image. For the rest of my notes on the bodice construction, check the article on anime Sailor Chibimoon.

The collar is bubblegum pink again (although not quite as optic as it is often colored in S). The collar still as two stripes as trim, but the trim on the Super fuku is gold. Same box-backed sailor colar fastening into the v-neck of the body suit.

The front bow is still crimson, although the bows in this season are almost always represented as being smaller and trimmer as in previous seasons, and also more angular. Again my pick is wide ribbon of a fabric with a nice sheen. Lightly wire that bow if you want it to hold its shape, otherwise it may prove to be very flopsy.

Detail of the brooch as it appears on this fuku as well as the Bandai toy for comparison.

The brooch is heart shaped, a pink crystal with pink enamel trim and golden star details at the top. The simplified version of this brooch as seen above lacks the star and crown details but still features the pink crystal heart and pink enamel trim.

The skirt again features box pleats, although now the skirt is primarily white, with two further bands of color: one pink and one golden. Technically the bands of color do not appear to be separate panels of fabric, making the white, pink, and gold one piece of fabric that has been woven particularly for this sailor fuku purpose. In common circumstance the additional panels are simply cut from the appropriate colors of cloth and then sewn onto the white base skirt. The skirt is still mini length, and be careful that adding the extra panels of pink and gold don't make your skirt too long!

For the first time, the skirt also features an additional belt on top of the white fabric that rings the top of the skirt. The belt is gold and appears to be metallic. Although details are not shown, I think it looks and behaves something like an omega chain. It dips to a V in both the front and the back. In the front, an accent piece sits right in the center of the V where it curves over the white skirt trim. This accent piece appears to be a pink crystal heart that matches the one on the brooch, although it also appears to lack the crown and star details of the brooch.

In the back, both the white trim at the top of the skirt as well as the gold chain belt are covered by the enormous lavender back bow, considerably larger than previous back bows. This bow is only represented as transparent in the SuperS movie, as the first illustration shows. Otherwise it is to be considered opaque and a white-lavender color. The tips of the bow reach more than halfway to the shoulders. Again I'm stressing the need to have this wired or it's just going to droop very sadly. To have the trailers fall properly too you'd need to wire them, otherwise you're not going to get their distinctive twirl. The tips of the ribbon trails reach a few inches past the knee.

Her earrings are either post crescent moons or dangling cresent moons that really dangle only a little. Both types are illustrated, with the post earrings being more common, and the dangling ones mainly showing up on LD covers. The dangling earrings acually connect through the ear by their points, thus hanging perpendicular to the ear as opposed to lying flatly parallel as post earrings do.

The choker is a gold in the same color as the gold of the skirt with a single pink beveled heart on it (that it's not flat you can tell by the shadow). For my ideas on choker construction, see the previous Chibimoon fuku summaries.

The tiara is virtually identical to the Sailor Chibimoon tiara with the exception that instead of a pink stone its accent piece is a metallic golden crescent moon which is no smaller than a nickle.

The gloves are white matte and elbow length, just as in Sailor Chibimoon's fuku. They are capped by the same two bands of pink material.

Perhaps you recognize these boots. They are the same boots Chibimoon always wears and I have discussed them at length in previous sections. The only difference is that on the Super fuku Chibimoon sports an elongated crescent moon at the point of each upside down white V. These crescent moons reflect light as if they were metal.

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