Cosplay - Sailor Chibimoon Fuku

Sailor Chibimoon Fuku - Sera Myu Version

Sailor Chibimoon fuku as it appears in the Sailormoon S musicals.

As with all Myu fuku, there are some very distinctive things about this costume, as opposed to other Sailor Chibimoon costumes, mainly because this costume was constructed for stage shows, not only so the character is easily visible and identifiable from the back of the crowded auditorium, but also so it can be danced in. Chibimoon's regular Sailor Chibimoon fuku appears in only three musicals. These are 1994 Summer: Usagi, Ai no Senshi, e no Michi, 1995 Winter: Henshin, Super Senshi, e no Michi, and 1995 Spring: Henshin, Super Senshi, e no Michi Kaiteiban. Of these three musicals, only one was recorded, the 1994 Summer musical, Usagi, Ai no Senshi, e no Michi. All the images of myu Sailor Chibimoon come from these three musicals. All appearances of Chibimoon afterwards in the Myu were of Super Sailor Chibimoon.

The first thing to recognize about this costume is that it is very much a different cut than the other Sailor Chibimoon costumes. For instance, look at the waistline. The white trim that bounds the white of the skirt is no lower than across the belly button, considerably higher than the hipbone start of both the manga and the anime skirts. This makes the white part of the bodice much smaller and much more like a middy top than a leotard. The myu fuku appear to be construced as if they are one piece dresses, sturdily sewn so a small child can be stuffed into them quickly when a costume change is called for.

The bodice has two parallel gold seams up the front panel, and two matching ones up the back, which are just visible in the images below. There are two side seams as well, one on each side, from the waist to the armpit. The neckline is the same V that is easily recognizable, with the heavy pink sailor collar sewn into it (although in this case, it is probably only sewn into it along the line of the V collar, not really inside of it, since this is a stage costume it isn't really intended to actually mimic how the real clothing would behave or be made, just look like the clothing from a distance.

The seams themselves seem to be stretch overlock seams in several of the other Myu costumes of the period. In the images of the Chibimoon fuku it's much harder to tell the exact stitch, since she's so much smaller. In any case, they are easily distinguishable seams in shiny gold thread, possible also accented with small gold beads. This seam is used as a decorative accent in short V loops over the white edging of the skirt, as can be seen above. This continues for the full circumfrence of the white band.

The bow is definitely red lame, from the way it reflects the light. It is edged in gold decorative stitching too, probably the same style of stitch on the bodice seams. The "ribbon" of the bow is definitely lightly wired to hold its shape, and the gold trim edges the loops, and the edges of the bow tails, including a finishing seam along the bottom of both the bow tails. This bow is almost identical in size and shape to the bow on the back of the fuku.

As you can see, the brooch in the middle of the bow doesn't seem to be like any of Chibimoon's brooches. It seems to most closely resemble Sailor Moon's Cosmic brooch from Sailormoon S. Images of the appropriate Bandai toys are listed below for your own comparison. Interestingly enough, considering how the light hits it, this brooch appears to be concave as opposed to convex (if your vocabulary is failing you, it means the brooch curves in like a bowl, instead of curving out like a ball). I believe the dark spot in the center is supposed to contain a pink jewel -- the ginzuishou, we'll have to assume.

The sailor collar is heavy and falls to mid back, square cut and traditional, trimmed with two lines of decorative gold stitching that serve for the stripes on the collar.

The Bandai Sailormoon S Cosmic Brooch and the Bandai Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Brooch for comparison to above brooch.

Anza Moon fuku for an example of the details.
The shoulder guards on the bodice are three large stuffed rings of pink fabric studded over with a single line of gold beads per loop as accents. If you take a look at Anza Moon's fuku you'll have a clearer picture of what I mean, and also be able to see the decorative stitching on her bodice which is sometimes obscured by Chibimoon's enormous bows and comparatively small size. Chibimoon's shoulder guard rings only have one line of beads apiece because she (and thus her costume) is much smaller.

The skirt stars at the waist seam (riding over the belly button) it is double layered and box pleated. The bottom skirt is a heavy red matte fabric and the top skirt is a heavy matte pink fabric. Both skirts are seamed with gold decorative stitching and beading and both skirt edges are lightly wired so they'll have that flounce and hold their "box pleats" properly. That's right. Here it's very obvious that the skirts and collar are matte fabric, and not lame. The skirts are still mini length, even double layered. They are also slightly staggered so the red skirt is always visible underneath the pink skirt. It also has larger box pleats than the pink skirt, probably also to facilitate the layered look.

Chibimoon is also wearing nude tights, if you haven't noticed yet. You can see it in the sheen on her legs when the light hits it. So there you are, for a complete costume go pick up tights too.

If you're wondering what she's wearing under the skirt, they're pink show panties, or cheerleading briefs. If you've ever been a cheerleader or a dancer or a majorette or even a gymnast, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. These are sturdy underpants that it shouldn't embarass you to show, as they're made for people flipping around in really short skirts. They're made of a sturdy fabric, not a flimsy one, so don't be worried about your unmentionables showing. These panties can be ordered from many sports suppliers or you can probably pick some up at your local sporting goods super store.

Here you can see the back seams as well as the size of the back bow as compared to the skirts. You can also get a feel for seeing the entire costume on one little girl to get a real idea of how the proportions of the costume are different.

The tiara is obviously metal in this fuku, a gently curving V shape with a big whopping pink marble in the center of it. The stone is very round and quite clear as well. Really, it's just about the size and shape of a marble. The choker is made of pink fabric in a ribbon style, edged top and bottom with decorative gold stitching. It has a gold metal crescent moon on it, like the Manga Chibimoon fuku from the Black Moon Family arc. Again I will say that I think this accent is about the size of a quarter.

It is difficult to tell exactly what her earrings are, but they obviously dangle and they are obviously gold. Considering that Anza Moon was wearing dangling crescent moon earrings at this point and also considering the detail on her choker I'm going to go ahead and say that these are danling crescent moon earrings. Gold stud and crescent moon dangle on a little gold chain, points pointing up.

The gloves for this fuku are six button length, that is they come to mid forearm as opposed to the elbow. They are white matte gloves, possibly of something like stretch lycra. There are three glove caps on each glove. The two seams between the three caps are done in the decorative gold stitching, but seem to lack the bead accents.

The boots are the same pink as the skirt and collar, although they are very shiny, as if made out of vinyl. They're also worn quite loose in all the pictures, meaning the boot has support inside it to stand up on its own. Again the upside down V of white trim, and again the boots come not quite to the knee. These would be an excellent sewn on boot cover project, as the shoes themselves look like they were done with boot covers in the first place. (You can really see Anza Moon wearing boot covers in some of the early Myu photoshoots, too!)

Accessories (hair bits and bobs) and monster fighting hardware as always in the accessories section.

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