Cosplay - Super Sailor Chibimoon Fuku

Super Sailor Chibimoon Fuku - Early Myu Version

Super Sailor Chibimoon as she appears in SuperS: Yume Senshi, Ai, Eien ni . . . through Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

What can we say about early Myu Super Sailor Chibimoon other than SEQUINS AND LAMÉ. Put this costume under hot lights and I claim no responsibility for permanent retinal damage that may occur.

Super Sailor Chibimoon actually ends up in two different costumes in the Myu. The first she wears in all the Anza and Fumina Moon musicals, the second style she wears in the Miyuki and Marina musicals. Our models today are Tamaki Dia Shiari, Kawasaki Mao, and Gunji Ayano for the old style Myu and Gunji Ayano and Oosaki Moe for the later style Myu.

Okay, first things first. The cut of the bodice and waistline of the skirt is very similar to the Myu Sailor Chibimoon costume (and this goes for pretty much all Myu costumes). The waistline rides no lower than the belly button. Again, this is because the fuku is a one piece dress design (see the zipper in back?). The bodice is still divided into panels by the decorative seams up the front, the back, and the sides. Depending on the musical, these are either silver or gold in front and back and white on the sides. Again, there are two seams up the front and two matching ones up the back. The two at the sides go from waist to armpit.

The collar on this fuku is unashamedly magenta lamé. The cut appears to be basically identical to the cut of the Myu Chibimoon fuku. That is, rather large and oversized, but still the same V front and squared back of the traditional sailor collar. The two lines of trim on this are gold thread in a decorative stitch.

The shoulder guards on this version of the Super Sailor Chibimoon fuku match the ones on both the anime and manga fuku, but instead of being transparent, they're instead cut from silver lame and stitched all around with silver thread. There are still three on either side, shaped like flower petals, layered largest to smallest on the very top. Otherwise this bodice is sleeveless.

Instead of being red lamé, the front bow is now red sequined fabric. It is trimmed by decorative gold stitching on all edges, as you can see. The bow itself would have to be wired for it to hold this shape properly, especially through all the dancing.

The brooch on this fuku matches the one that also appears on regular myu Chibimoon. Its closest analogue that I can find is the brooch Sailor Moon wears in Sailor Moon S on her Super fuku. Again, Chibimoon's appears to be concave as opposed to convex.

The Bandai brooches that are the closest match. The first is Super Sailor Moon's brooch from Sailormoon S. The second is Sailor Moon's brooch from Pretty Guardian.

Strangely, in the photoshoot for Yume Senshi, Ai, Eien ni . . . the backbows on the fuku of the two Chibimoons appear to be made of some sort of strange cellophane like plastic material, very clear and lightly tinted light blue. On the stage in the musical, the bows always reflect light as if they're silver, and never really look transparent. In all the other musicals the bows are always large and made of silver lamé. The trailers drop just to the knee. You can see they are cut so that they are gently rounded and come to a point in the center. These are also trimmed with silver decorative stitching along the edges.

The skirts are again double layered and they must be wired around the edges to keep their loose "box pleats." The bottom later is magenta lamé trimmed in gold decorative stitching around the bottom hem and another line about three inches above the hemline. The top skirt is silver lamé trimmed in exactly the same way. As you can see, there is no full gold banding on the skirt of the old style myu Super Sailor Chibimoon.

As for accents on the skirt you can see that on the fuku of Super Sailor Chibimoon there is also a golden belt that I've been constantly identifying as an omega chain on the other Super fuku. As you can see, it is certainly not one here, but rather a large, solid golden belt possibly made out of stuffed gold lamé fabric.

Instead of the additional white waist trim, myu Super Sailor Chibimoon instead sports two scallops of white fabric that eke out from under the golden belt and accent the skirt. On this fuku they are trimmed in silver decorative stitching along the edges.

From the back. Look, there's the zipper. You can also see the length and shape of the back bow clearly.

The tiara is the exact same tiara as on the regular myu Chibimoon fuku, so read that summary for my notes on that. Note it has a big pink marble as the accent, not a golden crescent moon, as in the other forms of this fuku. The earrings are gold post studs with danging crescent moons on them. Each crescent moon has three sequins on either side of it. The choker is silver lamé (when it appears to be any other color in the other images that's just because it's reflecting the color of other parts of the fuku, like the very magenta collar) edged in what appears to be either gold lamé or simply wide decorative gold stitching. The accent piece is a smaller version of the brooch on her chest.

Matte white gloves to the elbow, capped with three rings of sequined magenta material. The two seamlines between the three rings of fabric are stitched decoratively and also feature gold sequins along the seams.

The boots are pink vinyl and to the knee. They still look like sewn on boot covers. The top of each boot sports silver lamé trim in the traditional upside down V shape. On the front of each boot is a large golden crescent moon. The boots do not have visible heels.

Super Sailor Chibimoon Fuku - Late Myu Version

Super Sailor Chibimoon as she appears in Last Dracul through Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

The same, but different. The most obvious difference is the skirt, but there are other minor differences as well. Note for instance that instead of blinding silver lamé something like white lamé or light gray lamé has been chosen for the skirt, shoulder guards, and back bow. Almost all of the decorative seams feature sequins now as well. In addition, the lamé for all of the magenta parts seems to have also been toned down a bit. It is still shiny, but not quite so reflective. This was probably a change in the kind of lamé they were using for the costumes.

As you can see, in the late myu the skirts are a bit different. First of all, they no longer look like they're wired to hold their shape, and the pleats now appear to be knife pleats. As for color, both skirts are now primarily a white or light gray lamé. The bottom skirt has an additional panel of magenta sewn on at the bottom and trimmed on both the top and bottom by decorative silver stitching. The top skirt has a similar additional panel only this is in gold and it is trimmed with gold decorative stitchin on both the top and the bottom.

Tiara, earrings, and choker details. They are virtually identical to the early myu costume.

Gloves. Again, the same.

Boots. Nearly identical. Notice by the second image that they are in fact boot covers.

For accessories, hair bits, wands, etc, please check the accessories section.

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