Cosplay - Sailor Chibimoon Fuku

Sailor Chibimoon Fuku - Manga Version

Sailor Chibimoon fuku as it appears in the Black Moon Family Arc.

Since the differences in these two fuku are minor and quick and easy to point out, they're both grouped together. In the manga Chibimoon's primary color (on her collar and skirt) is a somewhat more subdued but still potent bubblegum pink. Never try to cosplay her in a baby pink or a cotton candy pink, because it's just not going to look right. In fact, her pink is sometimes colored so very pink that it borders on almost magenta, but in most illustrations it's just a healthy bubblegum pink.

The construction of her white bodice is basically identical in the manga to the anime at this stage, so for full information and my rundown of the suit check the anime Chibimoon fuku writeup. The only inconsistency is that sometimes the bodysuit is drawn with three shoulder guards (as in the picture above right) and sometimes it is only drawn with the usual two. If it suits you, go with three. In the images where she has three shoulder guard rings, she also usually has three glove rings as well (as you can also see, above right).

Her collar is cut in the same way as in the anime, typical sailor collar fastening down on the inside of the v-necked bodice. It's pink with her standard two white stripes as trim. The skirt is a matching pink and in the manga appears to have knife pleats as opposed to box pleats. It is still mini length.

The gloves are still matte white to the elbow and capped by two round rings. When shown colored these rings are almost always depicted being of a very shiny material, like vinyl or rubber or even hard plastic. They hold their shape in a fairly rigid way, as you can tell by the highlights. They are also colored the pink of the primary.

In this version of the fuku, the brooch in the center of the front bow is a solid pink circle, round like an orb cut in half. Since it's meant to be a crystal and reflect light, I'd suggest something made of hard plastic. Don't go with something fabric covered unless you're desperate, because it really isn't very authentic.

Again, the bow is made of wide red ribbon, probably lightly wired so it will hold its sharp shape.

And from the back.

When this fuku first appears in the manga, the butt bow is toned to the same shade as the skirt. I wondered if this possibly meant that Naoko intended the butt bow to be pink to match the skirt in this version of the fuku, but further investigation of the few color images confirmed that the back bow is supposed to be the same crimson red as the front bow. As you can see it rides at the top line of the skirt, square in the center back.

Tiara and choker details.

The earrings are single pink studs that you should be able to pick up at any accessory store.

In this fuku, the choker is a pink ribbon style band of fabric with a metallic crescent moon on it, situated so that points face upwards, as you can see. This is one of the points that this costume differs on from the one shown in the Death Busters arc.

In the manga, the chokers of the inner girls are sometimes represented as actual ribbons, as opposed to the anime where they look more like fabric covered chokers. I think you could make one successfully by choosing a heavy ribbon of the right width, cutting it to slightly over double the size of your neck, doubling it and securing it on the inside with fabric glue, then straight stitching it up one side and down the other. Add some simple concealed snaps. Find a crescent moon at a craft store, or you could always cut your own out of a thin sheet of brass with a jeweler's saw. Then you can always crazy glue a snap to the back of your crescent moon and sew one onto the proper place in the center of your choker to attach it. Or I suppose you could just crazy glue the thing on, but I'm not sure how well crazy glue holds to slick fabric. A more permanent solution is to solder a couble of little wire hoops on the back of your crescent moon. Then it can be fastened to your ribbon choker easily.

Gold lame fabric would also reflect light in a similar way, although in this case I don't think it'd be as accurate, maybe you're only a seamstress with no metal working skills (sadly, I am the opposite). In that case just cut your crescent moon from the fabric and then stitch it onto your choker. Remember that the crescent moon on this choker is fairly large (about size of an American quarter in circumfrence. Buying one that's too small will make your choker look funny. If all else fails, you can always sculpt and paint one (this seems to be the common answer to hilarious costume detail oddities). To make sure your crescent moon is smooth and flat, try rolling your clay out on wax paper with a rolling pin until you hit desired thickness, then cut out your shape with some tool you like to use to sculpt with and roll it lightly again to make sure it remains smooth before you think of firing it up, or letting it dry. A thin metal spatula will help you remove it from the wax paper.

The tiara is thin metal in a V-shape with an oval pink stone set into the point. The tiara is edged by two raised ridges. This tiara seems a bit thinner and lighter than its anime counterpart, but construction notes on it seem similar enough that I will point you to my discussion of it in the anime Chibimoon fuku section.

Sailor Chibimoon fuku as it appears in the Death Busters Arc.

The two differences in this costume to point out are simply the brooch, which is a pink crystal heart, and the choker, which is the same pink, but now sports a pink heart on it that looks to be slightly lighter than the choker itself. The heart choker you can sculpt yourself or find a small rounded 3D heart and paint it the proper color yourself (since it's a heart, maybe it's already the right color!). If your craft store sells pink crystal hearts you think you can shop into a brooch yourself (and maybe they do, around Valentine's Day) then use something like that. If they don't the Bandai toy produced for Sailormoon SuperS is actually a pretty close match to how the brooch appears in the manga.

The Bandai brooch for comparison.

The boots are just to the knee and trimmed in a white upside down V. They always reflect light with highlights like they're made of vinyl or rubber or something similar. If you need a boot base to customize from, consider starting with rubber galoshes from your favorite sporting goods store. They come in a wide range of sizes, will go most of the way to your knee from the getgo, are the cheapest boots you're likely to find in your size (mine retailed for $9.99 USD at regular retail price) and will also hold spray paint, if you put it to them.

Accessories (hair bits and bobs, wands, and the rest) are detailed separately on the accessories page.

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