Ai no Sanctuary - 10th Anniversary Festival

2002 Spring - Marina Moon
Ai no Sanctuary 10th Anniversary Festival
Love's Sanctuary 10th Anniversary Festival

Chibimoon Actress
Miyazaki Noeru

Chibiusa, Super Sailor Chibimoon

Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (with Eternal Sailor Moon, during Fire)

Chibiusa wears
A pastel pink and yellow striped shirt and pink pants to the ankle. She also wears light pink canvas tennis shoes. Earlier she is also wearing a pink pillow backpack with a dark pink heart on it.

Chibiusa sings
Regaeba Kiss With Mamoru and Usagi
Take Out, a Sirius Mystery With Full Cast
Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukkatsu wa Higeki no Zenchou With Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto
Fire With the Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen

Pro-wrestling. You can't beat that.


The senshi love pro-wrestling! Who would've thought. Ai no Sanctuary starts up with the senshi really excited about their new favorite professional wrestler, the Sensational Jaguar Mask. They all like him so much that they're all sporting team Jaguar Mask jackets (that's right, all of them, outer senshi and Chibimoon included). The rest of the senshi run off to get ready to go to the title match, and Usagi stays behind to sing a romantic song about kissing with Mamoru. Chibiusa appears during the middle of this song to help sing it, and she and Usagi dogpile on Mamoru for affection.

Uranus arrives to berate them for being late for the title match, and so they all go to see Jaguar Mask fight the nefarious Black Sirius Scorpion. In the interlude the villains arrive and sing a song about how they're bad and want the ginzuishou for some reason or another. Keep in mind that I'm watching this thing raw, so I can't really give you specifics on their motivations XD.

At the wrestling match, the girls all cheer for their favorite, Jaguar Mask, but to the not so canny eye it's obvious his opponent, Black Sirius Scorpion, is really the leader of the villains: Dark Nibiru, although he is in full wrestling wear. After pulling some dirty wrestling tricks, Black Sirius Scorpion (cheered on by his chorus of henchmen) beats Jaguar Mask, and while he's down manages to control him and turn him evil. He rampages about in the stands a bit, then grabs a bystander and runs off with her over his shoulder making evil noises. The senshi are obviously upset, and Rei senses an evil spirit, so together with the promoter of the wrestling federation, the senshi search for what might have caused their wrestling idol to go absolutely nuts. The promoter tells each of the inner senshi that he imagines they would be good pro-wrestlers, then Dark Nibiru and his gang show up and sing a song with everyone about their evil intentions. Tuxedo Kamen doesn't like this song very much, as he arrives on the scene to sing his own song about how he's there to fight them as he fights them. Then the Sailor Senshi (minus Chibimoon) show up and Sailor Moon (regular red and blue fuku) decides to punish them, and the senshi sing a song about just that. Unfortunately Dark Nibiru's gang then produce Chibiusa, whom they've kidnapped, and proceed to drag her and Tuxedo Kamen away through time.

Well, the senshi aren't going to stand for that, so they sing a song about how they're going to kick butt and then teleport after them.

Meanwhile Chibiusa and Mamoru are defending themselves against Dark Nibiru's gang and the mind-controlled Jaguar Mask. Chibimoon thinks the odds are not in their favor and helpfully begins to sing about this. Fortunately, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune arrive through the gates of time to help them out. The other sailor senshi arrive on the scene in short order, and this time Super Sailor Moon is with them. Chibiusa also appears as Super Sailor Chibimoon.

Sailor Moon's attacks don't seem to work on Dark Nibiru and he retaliates by kidnapping Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. Pluto and Uranus run through the gates of time after them. Sailor Moon is understandably very upset, and isn't even cheered when the wrestling promoter shows up through the gates of time with a serious migraine.

After some worries, the remaining senshi go with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen to find the stolen senshi, and the promoter comes along too. Sailor Moon comes upon the fallen Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter and together with Pluto they all sing a song about Sailor Moon carrying on even though they will no longer be there. Uranus appears through the gates of time and uses Space Sword Blaster as the fallen inner senshi slide slowly out of sight. Then Pluto opens the gates of time and Tuxedo Kamen, Saturn, Neptune, and Chibimoon appear, along with the wrestling promoter again.

The wrestling promoter finally has a lot to say, and after some exposition it is revealed that he is actually Prince Diamant! He sings a song about that while the senshi menace him and he fights with Dark Nibiru's gang. Sailor Moon uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation on him and it seems to bring him back to his senses. After Dark Nibiru's gang splits again he opens the gates of time himself and brings back Sailor Venus, who begins to sing a song, which the other inner senshi join as Diamant brings the rest of them back. He disappears back through the gates of time, and the senshi, now reunited, get ready to kick some Dark Nibiru butt, just as Neo Queen Serenity appears through the gates of time and tells the senshi, um, something.

The senshi all sing a fight song together as they fight Dark Nibiru's gang (along with Jaguar Mask, who has been healed), and Chibimoon actually leads them because Sailor Moon has disappeared to turn into . . . Eternal Sailor Moon! At the climax of the song, she and Chibimoon use Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss on Dark Nibiru to defeat him.

The battle won, the soldiers all gather together to sing a touching song about how another enemy has been defeated, and they wonder if they'll ever get any rest. As they finish, the curtain comes down, because this is the end of Ai no Sanctuary!

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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