Sailormoon R: Highlights Reel 1

60 - Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara kita nazono shoujo
Angel? Devil? The Mysterious Girl Who Came From the Sky!

Chibiusa's very first entrance into the Sailormoon anime comes in Juuban park. Usagi and Mamoru are having a romantic moment after coming back from a boat ride and she and Luna P come falling out of thin air. She brains Usagi with her little bunny bottom and then she proceeds to pull a gun on her and demand the ginzuishou, once she learns that Usagi's name is Usagi. She also declares her name is Usagi and handles herself like a very cool customer. At this point she is speaking and acting entirely like an adult, which is certainly unusual for a child that size (disregarding the fact that she came falling down out of thin air).

After her gambit to get the ginzuishou fails, she heads to Usagi's house where she first ransacks her room and then hypnotizes her family into thinking she's a little girl cousin from far away who often visits. Usagi flips out, but is just reprimanded for being cruel to Chibiusa (apparently something else Chibiusa has woven into their family story). Chibiusa then ambushes Usagi first in the bath and then in her bed, but still does not get the ginzuishou.
Now it is revealed that Rubeus and the Akayashi sisters are after Chibiusa whom they call "the Rabbit." They are hoping to kill her and find the ginzuishou. Cooan is dispatched to take care of her.

At the Hikawa Shrine Chibiusa decides to put sleeping potion in the tea meant for the girls. She impersonates Rei's grandfather and makes sure everyone is out cold and then sneaks in to find the ginzuishou, only to find Usagi still awake and ready to spank her. The spanking brings out a bean of focused energy from Chibiusa, as she screams and flails, upset. This draws Cooan, who arrives to attempt to kill Chibiusa. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen defend her, although Cooan escapes mostly unharmed back to the hideout of the Black Moon family.

The episode finishes with Chibiusa fast asleep in Usagi's bed and Usagi looking fondly at her. Usagi says that if Chibiusa had just told her she was in trouble, she would have helped from the very start.

66 - Usagi no oyagokoro!? Curry na sankaku kankei
Usagi's Parenthood!? The Curry Triangle Relationship!

This is a wonderful episode for family bonding between Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibiusa, really one of the best in the entire series. Chibiusa's class is having a parent-child curry party, and Ikuko and Kenji can't go, so they ask Usagi to go in their place so Chibiusa won't have to miss it. Although she at first says she would rather just do it all on her own, Chibiusa realizes that she can't make curry all by herself. She's just not big enough. Usagi sees her trying so hard and crying because she misses her mama and papa and she offers to ask Mamo-chan if he will go to the curry party with them, hoping this would make Chibiusa more likely to accept her help. Chibiusa agrees and they both go to see Mamoru.

Mamoru at first says he can't go because he has to work, but seeing how disappointed is he decides to make time. Usagi is sad that he's not doing it to be with her, but is happy just to be with him. Usagi, of course, has no idea how to make curry, but as Mamo-chan has already admitted he doesn't know how she tells he and Chibiusa that she'll make the most delicious curry ever (if you recall, the last time she tried to make curry it was so hot it nearly killed her family, this was in episode 45 of the first season).

She runs to the girls for help and they have a crash course in curry making, then she meets up with Chibiusa and Mamoru again to buy ingredients for their curry dinner. While they walk together, Chibiusa feels like she's part of a real family. Usagi does too, secretly, and decides to herself that no matter what Chibiusa does, she's still cute. They go to Juuban Supermarket, but it has been taken over by Petz and Calaveras! Chibiusa and Mamoru leave when they realize the food is bad, but Luna tells Usagi that there's dark energy around. Usagi is upset that her favorite supermarket has been corrupted and she stays to fight the produce monster Avagadro. Meanwhile Chibiusa and Mamoru have met Rei, and Chibiusa has asked Rei to come cook with her. Rei doesn't want to take Usagi's place, and Chibiusa eventually realizes that she only feels like a family when it's Usagi and Mamoru together with her. They all go back to get Usagi at the supermarket.

Avagadro is defeated, Petz and Calaveras retreat. Back at Usagi's house she prepares her special family curry. She has a lot of mishaps in the kitchen, and when she finally dishes it up it does not look very appetizing, but she bravely tries a mouthful and is happily surprised to find it is delicious. Mamoru and Chibiusa then try it and are equally happy that it's so good. Chibiusa cheers for Usagi and tells her that she really did it, all by herself.

74 - Rubeus wo taose! Uchuukuukan no kessen
Kill Rubeus! The Final Battle in the Space Void!

As you might imagine, this is the final showdown with Rubeus. This is picked as a Chibiusa highlight episode because it is one of the first times Chibiusa really trusts Usagi as Sailor Moon, knowing her identity and all.

In the previous episode Chibiusa stole the ginzuishou when Usagi accidentally left it out and later in the episode the Sailor Senshi were abducted by Rubeus as they defended Chibiusa. Usagi blamed Chibiusa for all their trouble (it is true that Chibiusa stole the ginzuishou, and it is also true that the enemy seems to be only after her). She gets the brooch back from Chibiusa and they all go to Mamoru's apartment. Mamoru has a heart-to-heart with Chibiusa and Chibiusa feels like a piece of crap for the trouble she's caused people trying to protect her. Usagi goes to meet Rubeus as Sailor Moon alone, to try and save her friends. Chibiusa exhibits amazing hangliding skills and follows her, because she also wants to help the senshi. Rubeus beams them both up into his space ship, thus getting what he wanted: the ginzuishou and the Rabbit.

Meanwhile in Rubeus's spaceship, the senshi are held crucified up on dark crystals. Sailor Moon is put under terrible force of gravity, because Rubeus's powers are magnified by the jakokuzuishou fragment in his ship. Chibiusa first throws herself against an invisible forcefield in an attempt to free the senshi and then she buckles down and forcibly yanks out the crystal fragment all by herself, allowing Sailor Moon to get a shot in on Rubeus. It is mother-daughter cooperation of the finest caliber, and also the first time Chibiusa uses her focused energy beam positively, as it helps her yank out the crystal.

The senshi are rescued and as Rubeus's ship blows up around him they teleport back to earth, Chibiusa in tow. Safe from the explosion on the ground, Chibiusa reminds Usagi about her promise to make Chibiusa hotcakes, if they all survived. Everyone laughs. Chibiusa's relationship with the senshi and Sailor Moon has now been basically cemented.

75 - Nazo no shin senshi Sailor Pluto toujou!
The Appearance of the Mysterious New Soldier, Sailor Pluto!

This is an interesting Chibiusa episode because it happens almost entirely in Chibiusa's mind and is an interesting representation of her psychological state at this point in the series.

Chibiusa is sick with a strange disease. Usagi is worried that Chibiusa will die, because the doctors don't know what's wrong with her. Luna P hears this and Sailor Pluto appears to all the girls as a hologram presented by Luna P. She tells the senshi that an evil spirit is attacking Chibiusa inside her mind and that to save her Sailor Moon and the other senshi must go inside Chibiusa's mind to fight the monster, otherwise Chibiusa will die. Of course the girls agree to go, even though Pluto warns it will be dangerous.

Inside Chibiusa's mind, Chibiusa has been fleeing a grim reaper like entity. The senshi arrive to help her but she doesn't recognize them and dislikes it when they call her Chibiusa, declaring her name is Small Lady. Sailor Mercury realizes that the Chibiusa they are meeting is possibly a Chibiusa who has not yet traveled to the past and so doesn't know them. Chibiusa thinks they are part of the Black Moon Family and runs off.

The senshi fight Jarkoku while Sailor Moon goes off to protect Chibiusa. Chibiusa says if Sailor Moon wants to help her, she'll go wake up her mama. They go to the Crystal Palace inside Chibiusa's mind but it's protected by a forcefield, and Chibiusa tells Sailor Moon that she shouldn't offer to help if she doesn't mean it, because saving her mama will be hard and scary. Sailor Moon tells her they'll definitely do it anyway.

Meanwhile the girls are having a hard time, so Sailor Moon and Chibiusa run back. The girls can't damage Jarkoku because Chibiusa doesn't trust them yet, so Jarkoku causes a great rift in the earth that Chibiusa falls down. Sailor Moon manages to grab her hand, but it looks as if they may both go over. Chibiusa tells Sailor Moon that Sailor Moon can let go of her hand, but Sailor Moon refuses, saying that that's impossible. They've come all this way to protect her, after all!

This causes Chibiusa to trust Sailor Moon and all at once she has the power to defeat Jarkoku and save Chibiusa from falling to her death. After he has been defeated, Chibiusa thanks the senshi and they all go to the Crystal Palace, where Chibiusa can finally see her mother. Then all the senshi are returned to their bodies in time to see Chibiusa wake up and smile at them. Usagi hugs her and Chibiusa is really surprised to see Pluto's image still hovering and watching them. Chibiusa asks if she can return to the future yet (since Rubeus has been defeated) but Pluto says not yet, since the Black Moon Family has a new plan. After entrusting Chibiusa to Sailor Moon, Pluto's image fades away. Usagi decides she'll protect Chibiusa at all costs.

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