Sailormoon R: Highlights Reel 2

81 - Ankoku gate kansei? Nerawareta shougakkou
The Dark Gate Opens? Grade School Targeted!

This episode not only features Chibiusa slamming the enemy with ginzuishou power, but it also is the first appearance of Kyusuke (unnamed, but easily recognizable) and Momoko (featured prominently). It also is the first episode to really explore Chibiusa's mundane life in the twentieth century.

Esmeraude's great evil plan this week is to use to parallel points of dark energy to open the Ankoku Gate on top of Chibiusa's elementary school all at once. To do this she has enlisted the help of subordinates Chiral and Achiral.

Chibiusa has been sick from school with a light cold! Momo comes to visit her and it is clear to the girls that they are very good friends. Chibiusa is feeling better, so she decides to go back to school the next day, since she misses her friends. Despite her resolve she's late for school the next morning, and when she finally gets there with Luna she finds everyone in the yard fighting with one another like it's the ultimate fighting championship. One of the people fighting is Momo. Chibiusa runs to defend her, but Momo tells her they aren't friends any more and attacks her. It seems that dark energy has gotten the best of everyone at the school. Chibiusa runs to her classroom, but she won't leave the school for safety because she can't stand to see Momo like that.

Help is fetched from Sailor Moon, and eventually the other senshi arrive. Momo tries to brain Chibiusa with a broom, but Chibiusa gives her a hug instead and the power of her ginzuishou energy release heals Momo, who then gets in the way of an attack meant for Chibiusa. Chibiusa is reminded of her mother being wounded in the future and flips out, releasing such an enormous amount of ginzuishou energy that it closes the dark gate and cleanses everyone there. The senshi make short work of Chiral and Achiral, but Wise Man has noticed how Chibiusa resonates with the Jakokuzuishou. Esmeraude prepares to have a throw down with the senshi, but Demand calls her back to his thrown, so she is forced to obey.

Later the girls visit Momo in the hospital, where she is recovering from her ultimate fighting championship wounds. Outside, Chibiusa resolves to trust everyone and take them to the future, to help her mama.

84 - Wiseman no mashu! Chibi-Usa shometsu!
Wise Man's Dark Hand! Destroy Chibiusa!

This episode starts with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen returning from Prince Demand's thwarted kidnapping attempt. Once the senshi are all together again Endymion takes them to see Neo Queen Serenity, who has been sleeping in quartz crystal, having been places there to protect her, courtesy of her senshi. Sailor Moon uses the ginzuishou in an attempt to wake the queen, but it doesn't work, and Chibiusa runs off, very upset, sure that nothing will be able to help her mama. Sailor Moon wants to go after her, but Tuxedo Kamen stops her, telling her that Chibiusa needs to be alone for a while, and she'll be safe so long as she stays inside the palace.

Unfortunately, she goes outside the palace and sits in an old, broken swing. Here Wise Man finds her as she is thinking about the events leading up to the Black Moon Family's attack. She had always wanted to be a fine lady like her mama so she used Luna P to break the security system on the ginzuishou, just to hold it for a few minutes and pretend it was hers. As soon as she touched it, it disappeared. Right afterwards, the Black Moon attacked and Chibiusa is sure Neo Queen Serenity was unable to do anything to protect herself or the palace because the ginzuishou had disappeared.

Wise Man tells her that everyone will think that it is all her fault. She shouts that it's not and he tells her that he believes her and that if she takes his hand she'll get the power to make everyone else believe that none of it was her fault too. Cleverly, she takes his hand.

The rest of this episode is devoted to Wise Man turning Esmeraude into a dragon and the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen defeating it. While this is happening, Endymion realizes that Chibiusa has vanished. Foreboding for the next episode, as this one ends with Wise Man plotting and the evil laugh of a woman.

85 - Ankoku no joou! Black Lady no tanjou!
Queen of Darkness! The Birth of Black Lady!

In the Crystal Palace, the senshi are searching for the missing Chibiusa. At the forward base of the Black Moon Clan Wise Man has resolved to twist Chibiusa's memories of her past. He shows her a scene of her mother and father being cruel to her and refusing to help her up after she has fallen in the rain, and then he shows her an image of her fifth birthday, when her father and mother went far away and everyone forgot her birthday. He tells her that no one has loved her, although she has always been reaching out for love. He infuses her with the power of the Jakokuzuishou and she ages rapidly until she is an adult: the queen of darkness, Black Lady. She, Demand, and Wise Man all travel to the past, resolving to destroy the twentieth century so that Crystal Tokyo will never come to be.

Meanwhile, Pluto appears as a hologram to the senshi, telling them that Small Lady has returned to the past, but that something was strange about her. Resolving to find her and protect her, the senshi return to the past. Almost as soon as they arrive they see a burst of dark energy and run to check it out. Before they get far Black Lady appears to them. They don't recognize her, but Luna P reacts to her. She calls Luna P her only friend and Luna P turns to the darkside too. The senshi refuse to believe that Chibiusa has become evil, so Black Lady turns Luna P into an evil umbrella and blasts them all with dark energy.

Sailor Moon begins to heal Black Lady with the ginzuishou and Black Lady remembers that instead of abandoning her, her parents had returned from their business as quickly as they could and had a surprise party for her. She feels loved and begins to revert, but Wise Man appears and brainwashes her with more dark energy. She becomes very confused and cannot tell what is truth or lies. Wise Man tells her she was so craving love that she fabricated those memories. He bombards her with dark energy again and she is brainwashed. She tells everyone she is Black Lady, reborn through the power of Wise Man, and a messenger of Death Phantom, then she and wise Man disappear.

Sailor Moon wishes to restore Chibiusa to herself again.

88 - Hikari to yami no saishuukessen! Mirai he chikau ai!
The Last Battle Between Light and Dark! Vow to Tomorrow's Love!

Ah, the final battle in Sailormoon R. This episode sees Chibiusa returning to normal and also ascending to use the power of the ginzuishou herself to help save everyone. It is one of my personal favorite Chibiusa episodes ever, and I always cry stupidly whenever I watch it.

Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, and the senshi are facing down Black Lady in the interior of the dark crystal base. Black Lady tells them all she will open the black gate. Sailor Moon tells her that if she does that, she'll die. Black Lady says she doesn't care if she loses her own life, because no one has ever cared for her. Sailor Moon uses the power of the ginzuishou and becomes Neo Queen Serenity. She and Tuxedo Kamen get pulled into warped space. Black Lady tells them to leave or they'll die, but Neo Queen Serenity tells her that it doesn't matter, as long as Small Lady is safe, because that's what's most important to her. The light of the ginzuishou touches her and Chibiusa remember the warmth she felt in the twentieth century with the senshi, and also remembers the love of her mother and father. She returns to being Chibiusa again and Sailor Moon falls back down into herself, exhausted.

Meanwhile, Wise Man tells everyone that it no longer matters, that the dark gate is open and the world will be destroyed. Despite being exhausted from using the ginzuishou once already, Sailor Moon gets to her feet and goes to meet Wise Man as Neo Queen Serenity. She is pushed back at first by his evil power and Chibiusa sees her protecting everyone with her strong heart and wishes to protect everyone who's loved and helped her too. She cries and her tear manifests as the ginzuishou, and Chibiusa goes forward to help Neo Queen Serenity. Tuxedo Kamen warns her that if she uses her crystal she'll die, but she tells him she has to help everyone. Tuxedo Kamen understands and his hope is renewed. Chibiusa goes forward and becomes Small Lady in a princess gown and helps Neo Queen Serenity fight, while she senshi all send her their power. Death Phantom is overcome by the unexpected power of two ginzuishou and is defeated. Sailor Moon and Chibiusa think that they have died but that it's all right, since they've saved everyone. Neo Queen Serenity tells them that they have wrought a miracle, and they both wake up to see their friends as the dark crystal finally disappears from Tokyo.

A little while later in Juuban park, everyone says goodbye to Chibiusa and she promises to see them again. Usagi's farewell is the most tearful. Chibiusa returns to the future where Crystal Tokyo is beautiful and vibrant again. She meets her parents and the senshi on a hill above the city and curtsies to them, a real Small Lady returned from a dangerous mission.

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