Summary: Sailormoon R

Sailormoon R Summary

Chibiusa first comes into our life as a terrifying pink child who falls out of the sky in the Juuban Park area. She not only interrupts a romantic interlude between Usagi and Mamoru, she also lands physically on top of Usagi, and finding out Usagi's name pulls a gun on her and demands the ginzuishou. When this doesn't immediately work, she runs off to regroup. In this season Chibiusa is commonly running off on her own at all hours of the day and night, which is not really the wisest considering how small she is, and also that a crazy family of villains: the Black Moon Family, are also after her. They call her “the Rabbit,” and their goals are to not only kill her, but also destroy the ginzuishou as soon as they find it.

In the beginning, the Black Moon Family seems to be lead by Rubeus, who has four subordinates, the Akayashi Sisters: Cooan, Beruche, Calaveras, and Petz, and also occasionally takes the advice of a shadowy robed figure: Wise Man.

Chibiusa hypnotizes Usagi's family into believing that she is their small cousin visiting from far away, using her amazing super toy Luna P. Usagi is suitably enraged, but she can't think of any way to show them what's really going on, and usually only gets reprimanded by her parents for picking on Chibiusa. Her brainwashing must occasionally be renewed, but Chibiusa always seems to catch it on time, although she never successfully hypnotizes Usagi, usually due to the intervention of Luna.

Chibiusa knows that either Usagi or one of her friends has the ginzuishou and is determined to find it and steal it so that she can save her mama. Her investigation turns up nothing until she realizes that the warrior of legend, Sailor Moon holds the ginzuishou. Then she remembers her good friend Puu told her that the sailor senshi would surely help her, and she resolves to enlist their aid to help her mama.

During this period Mamoru has been entirely avoiding Usagi, having broken their relationship off because of troubling dreams which tell him that her live will end and that the world will be destroyed if they remain together. I guess you can't blame him for believing it, since the world did end and she was destroyed during the Silver Millennium. Usagi is heartbroken over this, and so is Mamoru, the big idiot. Still, he does have time for Chibiusa, which occasionally flares Usagi's jealousy.

Of everyone in the twentieth century, Chibiusa trusts Mamoru the most, and relies on Tuxedo Kamen and the senshi to rescue her when the Black Moon family find her. As time goes on, each of the Akayashi sisters are healed and purified, and they come to live happily on earth as humans. Chibiusa makes good friends with them, and calls them her onee-san.

Her relationship with Usagi has also blossomed, and Chibiusa has begun to realize that being with Usagi and Mamoru together is like being with her parents, although she still doesn't suspect why. Not having Usagi around no longer feels right to Chibiusa. She cares about Usagi too much, and Usagi cares about her.

Then Chibiusa realizes that Usagi is Sailor Moon, and that her friends are the Sailor Senshi, and Chibiusa feels betrayed because she doesn't think stupid Usagi is powerful or responsible enough to save her mama, so she steals the ginzuishou when Usagi leaves it lying around.

While she is fleeing both the Sailor Senshi and the Black Moon family, Rubeus finds her and to keep her from being abducted, the four sailor senshi sacrifice themselves and are abducted instead. Usagi blames Chibiusa at first, takes her brooch back, transforms and heads out to save the girls alone. Chibiusa feels terrible, and thinks it is all her fault, so she goes after Usagi, and together they manage to save the senshi and defeat Rubeus. He sets his time traveling spaceship on self-destruct, but the girls teleport safely away, leaving Rubeus to blow up.

At this point it is revealed that the true leader of the Black Moon Family is prince Demand, and he retains the followers Saffir and Esmeraude. They have laid waste to the beautiful future city Crystal Tokyo, from whence Chibiusa came to the past, looking for help. Esmeraude goes back to the twentieth century under orders from Demand to destroy the twentieth century as well, by opening a dark gate, through which they can channel the powers of their great Jakokuzuishou (provided by Wise Man).

She has passing success at this, and finally does manage to open the dark gate on top of Juuban Elementary, where Chibiusa goes to school. Chibiusa is so upset at them using and abusing her friends (most especially her best friend Momo) that she throws a ginzuishou temper tantrum and destroys the dark gate. This surge of power is what informs Wise Man of the fact that Chibiusa is perfectly attuned to the Jakokuzuishou. He informs Demand of this and Demand changes his plans from killing the Rabbit to capturing her alive, since she can aid their cause.

Meanwhile, Chibiusa has built enough trust in the senshi to reveal fully that she is from the future, from Crystal Tokyo, which has been nearly destroyed by the Black Moon Clan. Her mama is there, so having resolved to stop running away and fight, Chibiusa opens a successful time gate and takes everyone to the future, on the way revealing that her beloved Puu is actually Sailor Pluto, guardian of the gate of time and space.

In the future the senshi, Chibiusa, and Tuxedo Kamen all travel through the ravaged city until Chibiusa runs off. Then the senshi meet Endymion, King of the Earth, who tells them he has Chibiusa in a safe place and then takes them to his headquarters. He is only a hologram, having been gravely wounded during the first attack by the Black Moon. He tells everyone that Chibiusa's mother is Neo Queen Serenity, queen of Crystal Tokyo, who has been sleeping in a great crystal of quartz since the attack, having been put inside it by her four senshi to protect her. He then tells them all that he is the future identity of Tuxedo Kamen, Serenity is the future identity of Usagi, and the four senshi are the same four senshi that protect the earth in the twentieth century. He also drops the bombshell that Usagi and Mamoru are Chibiusa's future parents, as she is the princess of Crystal Tokyo, called Small Lady, and the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen swear to protect Chibiusa, and then she comes back to them, from under the care of Endymion, but when Sailor Moon's ginzuishou fails to awaken Neo Queen Serenity, Chibiusa gets upset and runs off.

Outside the safety of the Crystal Palace, Chibiusa runs into Wise Man who manages to subvert all the positive memories in her heart and use Chibiusa's fear that she is entirely at fault for the situation of Crystal Tokyo's destruction to warp her mind. She leaves with him and he takes her back to the forward base of the Black Moon family. In the meantime, more things have happened with Demand's abduction of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen's rescue of her, and the defeat of Esmeraude (who was sacrificed by Wise Man) but they really don't concern us terribly.

Chibiusa is reborn as the queen of darkness, Black Lady, and she, Wise Man, and Demand all travel to the past to destroy it, and thus destroy the crystal city of the future. The senshi follow them back to the past, resolved to protect the city that they know and love, and it is here that they first meet Black Lady, reborn, as she says, through the power of Wise Man and the jakokuzuishou, her eyes open to the deception of love and trust.

She believes she has been always alone, forever alone, despite wanting the love of her parents and their friends, the senshi. She feels that everyone has been cruel to her her entire life, mainly due to the manipulations of Wise Man. She is partially healed by the power of the ginzuishou several times, but Wise Man always manages to turn her back to his side.

In the end, the great evil crystal they planted in the center of Tokyo grows to enormous size and the senshi are forced to infiltrate it, not only to save their city, but also to save their Chibiusa, whom they all care about very much.

After Demand dies fighting Wise Man, Wise Man reveals himself as the representative Death Phantom, and resolves that he will destroy everything on the earth and return it to nothingness. Black Lady stands beside him to help him open the gate, but Usagi again talks to her, this time as Neo Queen Serenity and causes her to remember all the good times she's had in the twentieth century, and to realize that everyone loves her very much. She returns to being Chibiusa, but it is too late, as Wise Man has already opened the dark gate, and the end of the world is nigh.

Usagi won't let the beautiful earth she loves die, so although exhausted and at the edge of death from using the ginzuishou once already, she again ascends to Neo Queen Serenity to fight the Death Phantom.

Chibiusa is so moved by everyone sacrificing themselves to fight for her that she begs to be able to fight too and the ginzuishou that she absorbed before the attack on Crystal Tokyo manifests as one of her tears and she also ascends to being a princess of the moon. Although Tuxedo Kamen warns her that if she uses the crystal she will die, she tells him that everyone has done so much for her, she must try and protect them, because she loves them too. He understands and Small Lady and Neo Queen Serenity both use their ginzuishou to the full extend of their power.

They destroy the Death Phantom and the great evil crystal disappears from Juuban. Chibiusa and Usagi believe that they have both died, but think it's all right, since they saved everyone. Neo Queen Serenity tells them that their love for one another combined with the power of the ginzuishou has brought about a miracle, and that everyone has been saved, including one another. They wake up to the love and happiness of all the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen, relieved that they have done what they wanted to do: protect everyone.

This conflict finally solved, it is time for Chibiusa to return to the future. She says farewell to all her senshi friends of the past, and then finally has a very heartfelt goodbye with Usagi, while they both cry. Then she uses her time key to open a portal just large enough for herself and returns to the future, which is blossoming again, full of flowers. She meets her mama and papa on a hillside, along with the senshi, and our last shot of this story is Crystal Tokyo, beautiful and vibrant once more.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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