Time Stranger Chibiusa

Time Stranger Chibiusa
This is my timeline breakdown of when Chibiusa goes skipping through time. I will note peculiarities when they are present. Time skips are grouped in chronological order, as they appear in the series.

Episode 60 - Arrives in the past, via the time key.

Episode 64 - Attempts to return to the future. Fails.
Disturbs gravity in an entire building. Eventually sets gravity back to normal.

Episode 68 - Attempts to return to the future. Fails.

Episode 73 - Attempts to return to the future twice. Fails.

Episode 82 - Successfully opens the gate for the senshi.
Pluto commends her on her mastery of the time-space key.

Episode 85 - Returns to the past as Black Lady.
Pluto notes a disturbance in Small Lady's pattern during her time traveling.

Episode 88 - Returns to the future.
Her last time traveling jump in Sailormoon R.

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