Luna P
This is the all-purpose friend and communication device that Sailor Pluto gives to Chibiusa at some point in their early relationship. The exact timing of when she gets Luna P is unclear, but it is certainly before the Black Moon family attacks, as Chibiusa uses Luna P to crack the security system protecting the ginzuishou. Luna P can be changed into a multitude of simple items (like a candy cane, umbrella, milk, etc.). She also floats about three feet in the air and follows Chibiusa wherever she goes, and is sometimes useful in simply knocking the enemy over by flying into their heads. Luna P also seems cued to Chibiusa's mental state because when she is turned into Black Lady, she forces Luna P to the dark side as well, although not immediately. Luna P is also the way that Sailor Pluto communicates to the senshi of the twentieth century for the first time. For a full listing of the things Luna P changes into, check the section "Luna P What Now?".

Crystal Time-Space Key
Chibiusa receives this from Sailor Pluto. It allows her to open dimensional and temporal doors. Although she doesn't seem to be very skilled in its use early on, by the time Chibiusa takes the senshi of the twentieth century to Crystal Tokyo, Pluto commends her on her mastery of it. This is one of the few items that Chibiusa always has. She uses it in Sailormoon R, Sailormoon S, Sailormoon SuperS, and Sailormoon Sailor Stars. Using it allows her to travel up and down the ancient time corridor, which she does more than any other person in the series. She appears to be the only one other than Sailor Pluto with the ability to open the Time-Space door, and the only other person who carries a key to it.

This is the ginzuishou of the future that Chibiusa carries for a very long time without realizing she is doing so. Her desire to be like her mother spurs her to break the security on the case containing the ginzuishou, and when she touches it it disappears. Chibiusa thinks it has been stolen, but in reality it has simply been absorbed into her body. In the final battle with the Death Phantom, Chibiusa cries a tear that manifests itself as the ginzuishou, and she then uses it to help Neo Queen Serenity banish him. Afterwards the ginzuishou is first inside Chibimoon's Prism Heart brooch and then later inside her Chibi Moon brooch.

Prism Heart Brooch
This is Chibimoon's first transformation item. She receives this, along with the Pink Moon Stick, from her mother before she travels back to the past in Sailormoon S. This allows her to henshin into the pretty suited sailor soldier in training, Sailor Chibimoon with the activation phrase "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"

Pink Moon Stick
Chibimoon's first weapon, used in the not-always-very-effective Pink Sugar Heart Attack. This is her weapon as a pretty suited sailor soldier in training and appears first in Sailormoon S. Its only offensive qualities seem to be the ability to sparkle and produce a stream of bright pink flashing hearts which cause only discomfort to the enemy as opposed to injuring her.

Chibi Moon Brooch
This transformation brooch is made from the Prism Heart Brooch and is given to Chibimoon by the dream Pegasus. With it she can transform into Super Sailor Chibimoon by using the double henshin "Moon Crisis, Make Up!" with Usagi. After the brooch permanently changes, she can no longer become Sailor Chibimoon and is always Super Sailor Chibimoon.

Stallion Reve
This is a beautiful crystal ball that Pegasus gives Chibiusa so that he can communicate with her even while she's awake. It allows two way visual and audio communication. Both Chibiusa and Pegasus can see and hear one another clearly through the ball. When Chibiusa begins to have doubts about her relationship with Pegasus the Stallion Reve disappears, but as soon as she regains her faith and trust it reappears. It finally disappears for the final time when Chibiusa meets Elios the Dream Priest in person, and could be said to physically represent their desires to meet one another in person.

Crystal Carillon
This is the magical bell given to Chibiusa by Pegasus. With it she can call upon him to ask for his help, although he will come if she calls for him whether or not she rings the bell, if she wishes hard enough. Besides calling Pegasus, the bell has the ability to shoot flashing pink hearts out of it in the fashion of Pink Sugar Heart Attack, although the attack seems little more effective than when it is used with the Pink Moon Stick.

Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope
This is the weapon used by Super Sailor Chibimoon to perform Moon Gorgeous Meditation with Super Sailor Moon in the SuperS movie. Although this is never shown on screen it can only be assumed that Chibiusa recieved this weapon from Pegasus, possibly as a parting gift. If this is not the case then the origins of the Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope are a mystery.

Bag of Tricks
Chibiusa also has, among other things, a golden dream mirror, the purest heart crystal, and plenty of pink sugar dream energy, apparently, as well as a starseed and some other junk, but I'm not listing all of the rest of that here because I don't think those are things Chibiusa owns or things Chibimoon uses, they are instead a part of who she is. Capisco? I thought so.

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