Luna P Change!
Chibiusa appears, dribbling Luna P like a basketball. She runs away from the camera and then turns so there's an almost profile shot. She continues to dribble until suddenly Luna P shoots into the air and disappears in a puff of smoke. When the smoke clears, Luna P is whatever simple item Chibiusa wanted it to transform into.

Luna P Magic!
Chibiusa uses this when she wants to preform a simple magic trick with Luna P. In this case it is turning a candycane into a flower.

Luna P Extinguisher!
From the infamous "Save the Dinos" episode. Chibiusa uses Luna P to put out fire and flames. This particular power leads me to believe that Chibiusa can get Luna P to do just about anything she wants by shouting "Luna P < Verb or Possibly Noun >!" Too bad she never tries Luna P Machine Gun or something.

Energy Discharge
Chibiusa has no control over this ability, but from the time she absorbs the ginzuishou to the time it appears from one of her teardrops when she is upset a crescent moon will appear on her forehead and she will emit a highly powerful and highly localized beam of energy, making her very easy to locate and detect by friend and enemy alike. Only when she is extremely upset will the power discharge be strong enough to actually cause damage to an enemy. Mostly it is just an easy way for the Black Moon family to locate Chibiusa.

"O Guardian of Time, rend the heavens and open the door of space-time to me. I call out thy true name, O almighty god of time, father of the guardian, Chronos. Guide me. Protect me. Send me the path of light."
This is the incantation Chibiusa uses in conjunction with her space-time key to open the gate of space-time. When the incantation is used sucessfully it momentarily reverses gravity in the area where the gate is opened, and all the people in the near vicinity of Chibiusa are taken to the gate of space-time, guarded by Sailor Pluto. After they pass Sailor Pluto's gate they must travel down the ancient corridor of time, either past or forward, to reach another door, which will open and allow them entrance into the time period they are travelling to. When Chibiusa first receives the key she cannot use it correctly, but after she masters the use of it she travels back and forth from the past to the future constantly, and always alone, making her the most time-traveled charcter in the series.

Ginzuishou Resonance
Although this is not an active power, Chibiusa's ginzuishou will react with the ginzuishou of the past if there is great need, and the two will call to one another as beacons, allowing the bearers to find one another, even through the crevices of space-time.

Silver Crystal Power! Evil Power, Begone!
Chibiusa only uses this once, in her ascended form of Small Lady. When she cries because she thinks Usagi will have to give her life to save them from the Death Phantom, her teardrop turns into the ginzuishou of the Future, in a striking parallel to the appearance of the original ginzuishou. She begs the crystal for the power to protect and turns into Small Lady, who wears a dress very similar to the original Princess Serenity. Together, she and Neo Queen Serenity raise their crystals above their heads and yell, "Silver Crystal Power." Then the camera focuses on Neo Queen Serenity, who yells, "Evil Power!" The camera then shifts to Small Lady who yells, "Be Gone!" Their power, along with the inner senshi's, manages to over power the Death Phantom and save everyone. After using their powers, they believe they have died, as using the full power of the ginzuishou is supposed to kill the bearer, but Neo Queen Serenity tells them that their love for one another has caused the ginzuishou to perform a miracle, and they both wake up, much to the happiness of Tuxedo Kamen and the rest of the senshi.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!
Chibiusa uses her Prism Heart Brooch to become Sailor Chibimoon. She throws it above her and it sparkles and suddenly there's a pink flash. A pair of small red hearts 'cut' a streak in the pink light and Chibiusa's eyes are visible. The streak widens, allowing Chibiusa's whole face to be seen. She blinks, and the pink light disappears and you can see most of her body. She makes a little jump into the air (she's sparkling iridescent, at this point). She then spins once, and her fuku's body suit appears on her in a flash of pink sparkles. After her bodysuit appears, she curls up and then backflips to right in front the camera shot. When she pops back up again, she's in full fuku, expect for jewelry and hair pieces. She bounces back (facing the camera) and her jewelry appears in a flash of white light. She does a little spin, and then poses in front of a pink heart, with her right hand above her head, and her left hand by her side. Most of the time, an abbreviated pink sparkle is used to represent Sailor Chibimoon's henshin.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack!
Chibimoon holds the Pink Moon Stick above her head and it sparkles. She yells "Pink Sugar Heart!" then pulls the rod behind her head and spins twice. When she stops, she's in front of a big golden heart. She points the wand at the camera and yells, "Attack!" and a flurry of pink sugar hearts come out the end, or at least they generally do. This sailor senshi-in-training's attacks donít always work. When they do work the effect of the attack seems mostly centered on annoying the enemy than actually hurting him or her, rather like having a cold garden hose turned on you. You don't want it to keep happening, but it isn't causing serious wounds, is it? However, despite all this, Chibimoon is occasionally very useful as a distraction.

Moon Crisis, Make Up!
Chibiusa and Usagi use their brooches to become Super Sailor Senshi. The camera focuses on Usagi. She's glowing iridescent blue. Chibiusa slides down into the shot. She's glowing iridescent pink. They both have their arms perpendicular to their bodies. They both turn so that the camera has a profile view of their bodies, Usagi's in front and Chibiusa's a bit behind. Pink and red ribbons wrap around both of them and trail off in the 'wind.' Suddenly there's a shot of Usagi and she's diagonal across the screen. The ribbons wrap around her and form her fuku bodysuit. She spins once and a golden ring moves from the bottom of her bodysuit to the top, forming the bow and collar. Then Chibiusa is superimposed over Usagi. She's diagonal in the other direction. The same thing that happened to Usagi happens to Chibiusa. Then the screen changes to the two of them facing each other. They turn so that they're back to back and then their supers skirts ruffle across, obscuring the camera. When it clears, they're still back to back in nearly full fuku. There's a flash of light and Chibimoon and Moon embrace, forming their jewelry and hair pieces. They open their eyes and then they both jump away from the camera and spin into their double pose in front of a silver rainbow crescent moon. This is a double henshin, and the two of them are never seen to henshin separately. It uses the power of the Chibi Moon Brooch.

Onegai Pegasus, Yume na minna mamote! Twinkle Yell!
With this and the use of her Crystal Carillon, Chibimoon calls Pegasus to come to the aid of the senshi. This is almost always used in tandem with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Pegasus powering up Super Sailor Moon so that she can finish the enemy. A sparkle of stardust appears and Chibimoon clasps her hands through it. She looks up at the sky a calls, "Please Pegasus!" Then she turns and kneels calling out, "Protect our beautiful dreams!" There's a shot of the sky with an aurora borealis and then Chibimoon holds up her hand and she's holding the Crystal Carillon. It sparkles, and Chibimoon spins, holding it above her head. Finally she poses and calls "Twinkle Yell!" Pegasus will then appear in the sky in short order.

Pink Sugar Energy Attack
Although it requires no activation phrase, Chibimoon can still use something akin to Pink Sugar Heart Attack even using the Crystal Carillon. When she gets suitably angry, little pink hearts come flying out of the heart shaped crystal on the bell of the Carillon with much the same effects as Pink Sugar Heart Attack: namely, garden hose annoyance. Needless to say, this ability still isn't all that great for punishing enemies beyond being a distraction and a discomfort.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation!
Used only once, during the Sailormoon SuperS movie. All the senshi give Sailor Moon and Chibimoon their power. Chibiusa is unconscious, but the energy revives her and allows her to transform again. Chibimoon and Moon join hands and their two Moon Kaleidoscopes appear. They jump and start sailing through the air, spinning, still holding onto each other. When they call out the phrase, they are surrounded by a shard of protective glass, and eventually stab right through their enemy, defeating her. This is the strongest regular attack that Sailor Chibimoon ever has in her arsenal.

Moon Crisis Power!
This is the phrase Chibimoon and Sailor Moon shout when Chibimoon speaks to all the children of the world during the climax of SuperS. It's the activation phrase of the Golden Crystal and gathers all the beautiful dream energy of the earth to be used to protect it from Neherenia.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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