Fanfiction - Princess Lady Serenity

Writing Assignment

By Princess Lady Serenity

ASSIGNMENT #1: Write a paragraph on one of the following topics:



Family Relationships

Use examples from your own life, or base your composition entirely on an experience you've had. Due at the end of tomorrow's class.


NAME: Tsukino Chibi Usa


"Why him? He's not even that cute." Good question. A few days after Momoko asked me, I sat down with a pen and paper and asked myself: Why Elios? I thought for a while, then decided. I don't love Elios because he's cute, even though I think he's SO gorgeous (and Momo-chan's BAKA for not thinking so!). It's not because he's smart, or funny, or sweet, or anything like that. I love him because he . . . well, he . . . I don't know how to say it. He . . . he knows me. I'll say something like "Oh, if that ever happened, I'd . . ." and he'll say, "No, you wouldn't. You would . . ." and he's always, always right. And I could be upset about something and in total denial about it, not letting anyone know how I'm feeling, but Elios always knows when something's wrong. I can tell him anything, especially things I can't tell anyone else or secrets that I wouldn't feel right sharing with other people. He's always there for me whenever I need him. Even if I'm upset over something really dumb, he comforts me (then teases me about it, but I don't mind). Elios is . . . he's like my other half. I don't like to compare, but it's like with Usagi-chan and Mamo-chan. They're two halves of the same person, and that's how I feel about Elios. I know it sounds really mushy and sappy, but I can't really explain it any other way.

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