Super Senshi e no Michi: Last Dracul Jokyoku

2000 Winter - Miyuki Moon
BSSM Shin/Henshin -- Super Senshi e no Michi: Last Dracul Jokyoku
New/Transform -- The Road to Becoming a Super Solider: Last Dracul Overture

Chibimoon Actress
Gunji Ayano

Chibiusa, Super Sailor Chibimoon

Moon Prism Power, Make Up (transformation into Super Sailor Chibimoon)
Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Moon Crystal Power, Talisman Space Sword, Talisman Aqua Mirror, Talisman Garnet Orb, Moon Princess Halation! (with Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Neptune)
Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (with Eternal Sailor Moon, during Fire)

Chibiusa wears
A dark pink dress over a white shirt. The dress's top is in a pinafore style, with a pink and red heart over the chest and connecting to the skirt and over the shoulders. Over this she wears a fuzzy pink vest-style sweater and a small pink shoulder bag. She also wears shiny pink sneakers and white ankle socks.

Chibiusa sings
Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu – Solo
Solar Miracle, Make Up – with other senshi
Fire – with the other senshi
L'Amour D'Amour Moonlight – with the other senshi
La Soldier – with the other senshi
Solar Miracle, Make Up – with the other senshi

The best preformance of Chibimoon ever. Gunji Ayano is wonderful. Also the beginning of what is probably the Myu's most engaging and interesting story.


This is a brilliant musical, especially so if you are a Chibiusa fan, because Gunji Ayano gives a fantastic preformance as Chibimoon. This is her last performance, sadly. She graduates at the end of Last Dracul, finishing her stint as the longest running Chibimoon in the myu, from Shin Densetsu Kourin to Last Dracul.

The storyline for Last Dracul actually extends over four musicals (although the middle two can be considered as one chapter in the story, as the third musical is a kaiteiban of the second) although they can all be viewed separately. Last Dracul is the first of the musicals in the series.

Our story starts with Usagi resolving not to oversleep as she has an important date planned with Mamo-chan the next day. She talks to herself in the mirror a bit then sets her alarm clock and goes to bed.

Unfortunately, she has a bad dream that she's sure is a premonition. In it Sailor Pluto and Tuxedo Kamen warn Usagi that she must be more mature and stand on her own, while Chibimoon tells her that there's a new enemy coming. Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter appear and tell Usagi that they've completed their duties and will never see her again, as they are going back to their planets. Ami appears with a suitcase and passport and also says goodbye to Usagi. Haruka and Michiru appear as black-robed vampires. Meanwhile several dream demons appear and the leader of these demons, the spirit vampire Lamia, warns Usagi that terrible calamities will occur if Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon.

Her terrible dream causes Usagi to oversleep and amid dozens of ringing alarm clocks Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, Hotaru, Haruka, and Michiru arrive to sing a song about waking her up. Apparently Usagi's family has gone out of town and it's the job of the girls to look after and protect Usagi while they're gone. Usagi is troubled by her evil dream, but the girls tell her that she just stayed up too late studying the night before.

Before the girls can head out for their day of fun in the park, who should appear in a puff of pink smoke bearing a letter from her mama? Well, it's not Santa Claus. Chibiusa comes romping on and sings a song about arriving, then tells Usagi that her mama saw a terrible dream too, and that she's sent Chibiusa back in time to protect Usagi. Chibiusa hands over her letter and Mamoru notes it has no kanji in it. After some prodding he gets Chibiusa to admit that she did in fact write the letter herself, because she heard about her mama's evil dream and she wanted to protect Usagi. Usagi doesn't think she needs protection from a soldier in training, and they have an argument, but it's eventually resolved and everyone decides to go have fun in the park.

Meanwhile, don't you wonder what the villains are up to? We're introduced to Lamia, the spirit vampire, and her horde of dream demons. They are working with Professor Tomoe in the service of a greater entity: Death Vulcan, who is more or less just a scary voice over at this point. Professor Tomoe, who is continually referred to as a crazy bear, mentions being over six hundred years old and tells everyone that his goal is to create artificial life: the homunculus. By creating this artificial life they hope to extinguish all human life and create an endless night for vampires and demons, who can then subsist on the homunculus as their food source, since humans will be wiped out. Then Professor Tomoe's four failure homunculus appear. It seems he got their souls from discount sources, so they are imperfect (and admittedly not very clever, but good hearted and deeply hilarious). Death Vulcan gives Tomoe some information on a brilliant starseed that his crew should harvest to create the perfect homunculi. It is just ready to be harvested, the magic voice says, and it belongs to a little girl from the thirtieth century who carries the ginzuishou.

Finally Death Vulcan comes right out and tells Tomoe that it's Chibiusa, and he resolves to get her starseed and put it in his Samael Flasks so that he can create successful artificial life. His four failure homunculi – who refer to themselves collectively as the Managers – decide that they'll prove to the professor that they're good too by kidnapping Chibiusa for him. Well, just wait until you see their plans.

At the park Usagi and Mamoru take a romantic gondola ride and sing about their love. Chibiusa and Hotaru ride up in their own boat to look at the ducks and geese, thus preventing Usagi and Mamoru's romantic kiss. About this time a very tiny boat appears in the water, and the ducks and geese get up and attack Chibiusa, along with the boat, and attempt to carry her away. Tuxedo Kamen arrives and defends her – although the enemies themselves are not that great a threat. After the fight, Hotaru and Chibiusa ask Usagi why she didn't transform, and she says it's because she's afraid terrible things will happen if she transforms because of the message in her dream. The other girls arrive and Usagi wonders where they were when she was in trouble, but they all remind her that they were warned away so that Usagi and Mamoru could have a romantic moment. At this point it starts to rain torrentially, so everyone runs off to seek shelter.

Meanwhile at a mysterious castle that has recently appeared in the area, Professor Tomoe visits his old friend, the Bloody Vampire Dracul, to try and enlist his help in capturing the Sailor Senshi to use as the raw stuffs to make homunculi, with the promise of eternal night and a blood feast to lure Dracul in. Dracul is not very impressed with Tomoe's offer and sends him off, but Tomoe leaves two of the dream demons for Dracul, to be his servants, as a gift. They are probably just there to spy on Dracul.

Seeking shelter from the rain, the girls and Mamoru enter a strange castle in the park and are welcomed to a magic show preformed by the magician Dracul. He offers them hospitality while it rains. Unfortunately, at the end of his show Lamia appears to sing her vampire song, and the girls transform, because, well, vampires. Lamia bites Tuxedo Kamen, and although she does not drain him completely, he does collapse from the loss of blood.

The next day opens with Ami in front of Juuban High School, where she begins to sing about dreams and her desires to study abroad. Makoto and Rei arrive to sing about their dreams, and then Minako comes running on to sing about hers. All the singing leads Ami to decide she will leave for Germany on a scholarship the very next day. Then she confesses that she hasn't told Usagi yet. Usagi and Chibiusa dash onto the stage to find out what all the fuss is about. The girls ask how Mamoru is and Usagi tells them that he's only suffering from light anemia and will recover after some rest in bed.

Then Rei can't stand it any more and just blurts out Ami's plans. Usagi wails because she doesn't know what else to do, but all further conflict is preempted as the “outer senshi” girls arrive two at a time on the scene. The inner girls sense something is unfortunately very wrong with them (namely Michiru has a face like a horse and Haruka has facial stubble) and the real Haruka and Michiru arrive behind them to watch skeptically. The two impostors are found out, and two more impostors arrive, this time of Hotaru and Setsuna. After a couple more gags, these impostors are also found out, and the Managers run off, another of their brilliant plans having failed.

The Usagi realizes that everyone knew Ami was leaving but her, and she is hurt and runs off crying after telling Ami that she hates her. Haruka and Michiru go after her to talk to her, and Ami runs off crying in the other direction. Chibiusa follows her to comfort her.

Finally only Rei, Makoto, and Minako are left on the stage. They are ambushed by Lamia's dream demons and turned into black cloaked vampires, and Lamia takes them away.

Meanwhile back at the base of the villains, Lamia and Professor Tomoe discuss Dracul. Lamia thinks he will work for them because of his half human daughter whom he had with a mortal woman Le Fay. This girl is called Vampiru, and she refuses to take blood from humans, but might be convinced to take it from artificial life: the homunculus. Dracul has left his daughter in Transylvania, because apparently they don't get along all that well. This is important later.

Having deduced where the dream demons are coming from, Super Sailor Chibimoon bursts in on them in session and unsuccessfully uses Pink Sugar Heart Attack. After trying twice she decides she needs to power up more, so asks to be excused. Of course, Tomoe can't believe his luck at having Chibimoon delivered into his hands and resolves to cram her into the Samael flasks as soon as they're ready. Hotaru tries to intervene (this is one of those musicals where the crux is that if Saturn transforms, she will surely end the world), but Chibimoon is taken away and locked up in a room to await experimentation anyway. No good!

At the airport, Ami is preparing to leave. She and Usagi sing a tearful farewell duet together, despite being in different places, but before Ami can get on the plane she is grabbed by Lamia and her crew. She cries for help and Usagi runs to help followed by Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru, but they are too late.

At the beginning of the second act, Professor Tomoe sings a song about how great it is that he will be creating artificial life, and how he detests humans. Well, that's nice. After the song Death Vulcan tells Tomoe to step it up with the homunculus production and then Dracul shows up to see Tomoe's operation for himself and is not all that impressed. Dracul wants to help his daughter, but his position in this big mess is still unclear.

Elsewhere Chibiusa is being kept in a dark room. She prays to her mother for help, and for Usagi to find her, and then Hotaru arrives with a meal for her. She apologizes for not being able to help Chibiusa, and says she doesn't really understand the mission of Saturn. Chibiusa tells her it's all right. She understands it's good to protect people, like the princess, and that's enough. Then a helpful Dracul bat drops a key to the room to Chibiusa, allowing her to escape and run to warn Usagi of what's going on.

Usagi is in the park having a revelation about what it means to be a sailor soldier: to protect others that you care about. Mamoru arrives and they have a long and comforting discussion about their love. Just then the four inner vampire girls show up in their long black robes, and Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus also arrive, but Usagi obviously doesn't want them to fight. Before they can fight, Tuxedo Kamen arrives to chase Lamia and the inner vampire girls away while singing a song. During this song four other Tuxedo Kamens dance on. At the end of the song Usagi finally figures out which one is hers only to have one of the other Tuxedo Kamens stab him in the neck, where he already had vampire wounds. He promises to always be with Usagi, then he falls to the ground and dies.

Mamo-chan just doesn't seem to have great shelf-life in these musicals, does he?

Usagi wants to do away with herself with the same knife like Juliette, but the Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus stop her and remind her that she has greater responsibilities. Pluto tells her she needs to be strong, like Neo Queen Serenity, because that's where the other Sailor Soldiers draw their strength from.

Well, Tuxedo was bitten by a vampire, and Dracul is lord of all vampires, so Dracul arrives and raises Tuxedo Kamen from the dead. Tuxedo Kamen follows Dracul off, a vampire who can apparently remember little of his past.

Usagi stands back up with Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus, and then the dream demons appear again with Lamia. Chibimoon dashes on to tell Usagi where their base is, and she runs off to transform. Dracul appears and talks with Chibiusa about the power of the ginzuishou, and thinking he's a bad guy, she threatens him. Tomoe in his true form Berzerk arrives, the Managers are already on stage. Super Sailor Moon arrives, having overcome her fear of the future, or bad dream omens, but the inner vampire girls get between the senshi and the other villains, so Chibimoon, Sailor Moon, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus all get together and combine powers and heal the vampire senshi, turning them back into regular girls and real senshi. The bad guys obviously don't like this very much. Bad luck though, because Dracul bites Neptune.

Later, Dracul sings a sad song about being in love with a human woman, the plight of humans and vampires, and light and darkness. Then he gives his Alucard Tuxedo Kamen vampire a name, and also names the dream demon vampire he's made after his dead wife: Le Fay. He talks some more about how he loves Vampiru, but doesn't think there's any solution.

Then we're back at Tomoe's lab with all the senshi ready to have a great big fight. During this fight, Berserk stabs Chibimoon with his Samael sword, stealing her starseed and putting it into the Homunculus flasks. Chibimoon falls to the ground and tells Usagi that she loves her and has always wanted to be like her, to be loved by everyone and with the power to protect everyone. Then she dies. Sailor Moon thinks that if Dracul bit her that at least Chibiusa would still be alive, and she'd be able to be with Mamoru too. The senshi tell her she has to think about what she's saying, because being a vampire is never a good solution. After the fight, Neptune leaves with Dracul, because she's also become a vampire. Dracul also takes the Samael flasks, which are now filled with Chibiusa's starseed, and apparently artificial life that's growing there.

But there's someone other than Usagi who's even more inconsolable, and that's Hotaru, whose grief drives her to awaken as Sailor Saturn to drop the glaive and destroy the world. In her anger and sorrow she arrives to see Dracul. Tuxedo Kamen warns him that she has the ability to wipe out both light and darkness so that there's nothing. She sings her big solo and after a brief fight with Neptune collapses from the exhaustion of awakening.

The inner senshi arrive with helpful folklore protections from vampires that Dracul lectures them are not really that helpful at all, and all myth. Saturn wakes up during this section and listens to the lecture too.

Unfortunately Berserk, Lamia, and the dream demons are not really excited that Dracul betrayed them and took the Samael flasks for himself. They arrive in force to fight with Dracul, and with the senshi, whose starseeds they still desire to create more artificial life. ((To me, this equation seems a little skewed. If you need a sailor senshi starseed to create a homunculus in the first place, it's probably not worth it create them, because there just aren't that many starseeds around. It's like Gargamel wanting to turn smurfs into gold. Here's a newsflash, Gargamel. There is probably a lot more actual gold in the world than there are smurfs. Of course, nobody said villains were clever or sane)).

Dracul sacrifices himself to protect Sailor Moon, and as he dies he entreats Le Fay to travel to Transylvania to look after Vampiru.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus have a moving scene where Uranus thanks Neptune and reminds her of all that's happened between them, as she prepares to kill her. Sailor Moon stops them, and begs everyone to remember that the world needs light as well as darkness, and that if god didn't think both were needed, he wouldn't have created them. Everyone has hopes and dreams, because they're all alive, even the undead.

Then the curse on Tuxedo Kamen and on Neptune is broken, and they are revived, alive and no longer vampires, obviously. Tuxedo Kamen sings about his mission to protect Sailor Moon and the universe and tells Berserk that the Samael sword is not an evil sword. It is only made so by the person who weilds it. Sailor Moon ascends to Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibimoon cries for help from inside the flasks. Sailor Moon frees her with Moon Gorgeous Meditation, and she comes running out in full fuku, ready to fight. She joins in with the song, which is already in progress, and at the climax she and Eternal Sailor Moon use Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss on Berserk and destroy him. Lamia and the dream demons have already left, having been unclear on what their place was in the battle.

The senshi then sing some songs about fighting until the end, and just as the curtain is about to fall, Sailor Moon has a vision of a great, dark beating heart, and that finishes us for Last Dracul Jokyoku.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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