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Now, I've already done something similar to this in the cosplay section, but there I was giving my opinion on how other people look wearing the various uniforms of Sailor Chibimoon. Here I'm giving it to you straight and low, exactly what I think about the fuku themselves as worn by our favorite Sailor Soldier, Mme. Pink herself.

Sailor Chibimoon

This is the standard fuku that Chibimoon comes equipped with upon returning from the future to menace everyone in Sailormoon S (or at the end of the second story arc in the manga). In this fuku her primary color (that of the collar, skirt, boots, and glove poofs) is bubble-gum pink. Her secondary color (on her bows and in her tiara) is ruby red. I'm rather so/so on this fuku. It's good for a kid in training, but it's also good that Chibiusa eventually gets some better clothes. All in all there's too much pink in this get-up. There's almost no contrast to it at all. Chibiusa's hair is pink and her eyes are red. The only thing they stand against is her pale skin and the white of her fuku's body suit. I guess this fuku was necessary in making it clear exactly what color Chibimoon covered. In the end, I give this one a 3/5.

Super Sailor Chibimoon

This one really is my favorite. The pink and red are still here as primary and secondary, but the extra white on the skirt does a lot to help balance everything out. The gold also goes really well with the pink, and the large almost lavender buttbow also makes this one a keeper. This fuku is more ornate than the previous one, but not so ornate that it's overdone. It's in this fuku that Chibimoon actually comes into her own. She even gets her own gold crescent moon earrings, as opposed to the pink studs she was sporting previously.

Sailor Star Chibimoon

If Super Sailor Chibimoon's fuku really differentiated her, then Sailor Star Chibimoon's fuku shoves her sternly back into the team mold. While Eternal Sailor Moon's fuku has all sorts of extra bits and bobs on it (almost too many, except in the manga where Naoko draws it so elegantly) Star Chibimoon's is standard issue, the same as everyone else's. Presumably this was to reassure everyone that Chibiusa's place in the nexus of the plot was nearly over and that the focus had shifted back to Usagi. I do still like this fuku a lot. The clear, angular lines match well with the round poofs of the sleeves, and altogether this fuku makes Chibimoon look very grown up (which is part of the point).

Princess Small Lady Serenity -- White Dress

This dress is most commonly associated with the Chibiusa of the anime, although there are a few pictures of manga Chibiusa in it, mainly dating from the second story arc of the manga. This dress is almost a carbon copy of the dress that Princess Serenity wears in the Silver Millennium only sized down to fit her. You can't really say anything bad about this dress. It's clean, simple, and beautiful and very clearly identifies Chibiusa as a member of the White Moon Family.

Princess Small Lady Serenity -- Pink Dress

This is the dress of the princess form that Chibiusa takes at later points in the Sailormoon manga. Although less stunning than the absolute pristine white of the other princess gown, this dress is also special because it is very clearly Chibiusa's own gown. It is not the gown of the Silver Millennium. It is not the gown that belonged to her mother. It is her very own gown, a gown fit for a Pink Lady. Because of its special significance, this dress will always hold a place near and dear in my heart.

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