Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu

2004 Summer - Marina Moon
Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu - New Legend of Kaguya Island
New Legend of Kaguya Island

Chibimoon Actress
Oosaki Moe

Chibiusa, Super Sailor Chibimoon

Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack (with Tuxedo Kamen, immediately after Pinky Typhoon);
Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss (with Sailor Moon immediately after Pure Narcissim)

Chibiusa wears
Her seifuku from the SuperS season; Later a Pink shirt with a white collar which seems to have the charming engrish phrase “KUCK S<3EET HAPPY” on it. She also wears pink capri pants, high pink striped socks and pink sneakers. For a while on the boat, before the shipwreck, she also wears a pink visor, as children often do while on vacation.

Chibiusa sings
Okaasan te Nan Derou – with Mick, Hook, and Mamoru
Hyouchaku Shita Keredo – with Ami, Rei, Minako, and Makoto
Chibiusa no Umi -- Solo
Pinky Typhoon – with Mick, Hook, and Loof Merrow
Minna Dareka ni Aisarete – with the rest of the cast
(Service Number) La Soldier – with the other senshi

Tiny dancing children dressed as kittens. If this does not appeal to you, why are you at a Chibiusa shrine?


Our story starts out with the girls out in front of Juuban High, which they have just been released from for summer holiday. Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are delighted, and hope to go to the beach and have a lot of fun during their vacation, but their plans are spoiled by Setsuna, Ami, and Michiru, who have devised a sailor senshi training schedule for the holiday, so that everyone can become better soldiers. The girls are all forced to confess their faults (or what they see as their faults – which is one of the funniest scenes in the whole musical).

As they're trying to decide where to hold their special training program, Mamoru and Chibiusa run up with two foreign exchange students from Sumatra, who have offered to take everyone with them to an exotic island – Kaguya Shima – where they can train in peace and quiet (and tropical surroundings!). They do a "native dance" to express their feelings, and you should keep an eye on Chibiusa and sometimes Hotaru from now on whenever they do their native dance, because the little girls mimic them and dance the dance in the background until the other senshi fuss at them. After the students mention that rare and precious jewels have recently been discovered on the island, the girls can't wait to go, especially after they're told that they're going to get there on a romantic old fashioned sailing ship!

Everyone runs off to pack, and before you know it they're on their way to Island of Kaguya courtesy of the Sumatran exchange students, who have already informed us in a song of their own that they're after the ginzuishou due to a terrible disaster that wiped out their home civilization on the island of Kaguya five thousand years ago. They have to do battle with the comet Coatl, which did the destruction in the first place, and is finally coming back to earth after all this time. Also they're pirates. And androids, but you don't find that last fact out until later.

We've also heard from the real villains aboard the comet Coatl – a femmy guy in silver lame – that would be Dark Mirror, the wielder of the dark ruby, who is a lady missing her children, Dark Menorah, and their boss, a guy in gold lame who likes to come out riding on his rolling mountain at the most inopportune moments to sing about his ambitions, operatic style. That would be Dark Plasman. Their goal is to "join with the earth" to become a new star. To me this sounds like "ram the earth with our comet so it will blow up," which in the end is about what it amounts to. Plasman sends Dark Menorah to get the ginzuishou from the senshi.

The girls and Mamoru are meanwhile having a fine time on their sea voyage. Chibiusa has brought some binoculars and is excited to see dolphins playing in the water. The senshi are introduced to the rest of the pirates, who at this point only identify themselves as the descendants of the people of Kaguya, the Artuka, rather than spilling the beans that they're the five thousand year old remnants of those people. Also I should mention that the people of Artuka are carrying a major grudge against the moon princess because she apparently came down to the earth the last time the comet came, and although she diverted the comet, it still came so close to earth that it cause huge tsunamis and earthquakes, and so the civilization of Artuka was lost. Loof Merrow, the leader of the pirates and princess of Artuka thinks that a princess who can't save the people is just as much of an enemy as the real bad guys, which is why they're out to get the ginzuishou from her and handle the job themselves. The people of Artuka give the girls something of a folklore history of their island, which ends up being a warped tale of the Moon Princess Kaguya.

Unsurprisingly Dark Menorah and Dark Mirror attack the ship that everyone is on, and despite the best efforts of the senshi and the people of Artuka, the ship is sunk, even though Sailor Moon (in red and blue standard fuku) uses Moon Healing Escalation, it is apparently not strong enough to defeat Menorah, Mirror, or Dark Plasman, who has come sliding onto stage on his rolling mountain because he recognizes the Moon Princess as being Sailor Moon.

To recap: ship is sunk. The inner senshi wash up on the beach and then meet the outer senshi, Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibiusa, who took refuge in a lifeboat. Any intra-team strife that may have occurred is interrupted by the people of Artuka who arrive (in new native dress) to inform everyone that they've made it safely to the Island of Kaguya. They sing a sad song about their history, then lead the senshi off to a house in the forest, where they're all going to stay during their special training.

Dark Menorah sings a song about how she misses her children who she was forced to leave on the Island of Kaguya five thousand years ago, then we're back with Chibiusa, who runs into two small children dressed as cats. Together they all sing a song about how they miss their mother, and Mamoru arrives to assure Chibiusa that her mother loves her, no matter how far away she is. He can't tell that the children dressed as cats are really little kids, and thinks they're just kittens, much like every other adult in the musical.

Loof Merrow arrives and escorts Chibiusa and Mamoru to the ruins of Artuka, where the rest of the girls are having a "Mystery Tour." The kittens follow. In the cave the girls are all distracted by a beautiful ruby, then breathe in some steam from an underground volcano. Hotaru passes out, and then reappears as "Kon" the spirit of ravaged lands. She sings a song to Dark Plasman, who arrives on his mountain to sing his own song. He unfortunately does not listen to Kon's, which is all about how hatred and war only causes destruction. There's a great earthquake, and everyone runs out of the ruins.

The next day on the beach, Makoto, Minako, Rei, Ami and Chibiusa are all despairing about how they can't transform. Minako and Chibiusa think it's possibly because all they have to eat is canned food. Ami disagrees, and thinks its something strange about the island. Makoto is starting to feel sick, but then suddenly Usagi arrives with a ton of food, which she says has been produced naturally on the island. Mamoru and Setsuna have even prepared sashimi. Usagi sings a wacky song and they all eat. Meanwhile Haruka and Michiru arrive and they and Mamoru have a conversation about how he thinks the people of Artuka are suspicious, and remembers it was they who approached him in the first place. Usagi shows everyone the ruby she found on the cave floor, and then the kittens, to whom the ruby belongs, arrive and demand it back in meows. Chibiusa interprets, and they eventually get their ruby back.

About this time the people of Artuka arrive and reveal that they are in fact after the ginzuishou so that they can defeat Coatl and Dark Plasman. Usagi wants to be allies, but Loof Merrow refuses. The girls (who can't transform on the island) and the people of Artuka do battle, but then suddenly Tuxedo Kamen arrives and sings a song about how everyone should believe in love and hope. The Artukans back off, and Tuxedo Kamen manages to disarm them all, only to fall to his knees as a sickness engulfs him. The people of Artuka retreat, but only as all the girls except for Usagi keel over from similar distress. They all limp away to the house in the forest, because they've all been taken with a fever.

Meanwhile at the pirate cave of Artuka, Loof Merrow is in a foul temper. Her people don't know what to do to console her, and she finally reveals that she has fallen in love with Tuxedo Kamen because of his moving song. This upsets Serpens, one of her guards, because he is apparently in love with her. There are some wacky antics, all of which Chibiusa and the kittens witness from further back in the cave, then she nances up to Loof Merrow, pretty as you please, and tells her that she understands all about unrequited love! She loves Mamo-chan too, after all, but she knows Mamo-chan belongs to Usagi, and her mama in the future even said that their love was eternal. Here it comes out to the pirates that Chibiusa is from the future, and Loof Merrow nearly faints with the idea of carrying a child. She admires Chibiusa's courage for coming to see her alone, and Chibiusa tells her that she won't allow the pirates and the senshi to fight, because they should all be friends. Loof Merrow tells Serpens to escort Chibiusa with dignity back to her comrades.

On the way back to the cabin, Chibiusa, Serpens, and the kittens stop on the beach to look at the sea, and Chibiusa tells him that she really doesn't want everyone to fight, and confesses that she's also scared, and that it's hard to be a soldier. She sings a song about missing her mother and wanting to live in times of peace, and Serpens seems moved. Usagi and Mamoru arrive and Mamoru relates the real story of Princess Kaguya, and together with Usagi they manage to convince Serpens that some people of Artuka survived, and it is their world that everyone lives in today, and that Princess Moon did what she did in an attempt to save everyone. He runs back to his own princess, and the kittens Mick and Hook tell Chibiusa they know where to find an antidote to the sickness the senshi have. Mamoru and Chibiusa run off to get it, and Usagi runs back to tell the girls what has happened.

At the cabin the girls are all very sick, and they've realized they were tricked. They all feel like sorry sailor senshi, and no one can use their powers, but then Minako stands up and rallies them all to fight. Haruka and Michiru arrive, followed by Usagi, and they all sing about their resolve.

In the temple, Super Sailor Chibimoon and Tuxedo Kamen are forced to fight with the people of Artuka against Dark Menorah and Dark Mirror as they search for the antidote, and Chibimoon sings her big attack song, Pinky Typhoon, with the kittens as backup. At the end of the song, Chibimoon and Tuxedo Kamen use "Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack" to buy themselves some time.

As they do, the Sailor Senshi appear, having broken the curse that makes them unable to transform! At this point, Dark Menorah realizes that Mick and Hook, the kitten children, are really her children that she lost so long ago. They have a tearful reunion in song, but then Dark Mirror wants her to sacrifice them, to complete their dark ruby and facilitate Coatl becoming a star.

I bet you can't guess that Dark Menorah refuses to sacrifice her babies. She fights Dark Mirror, but Dark Plasman blasts her and she dies. Not surprisingly, the kittens cry, and then toss Chibimoon the silver pollen healing medicine that the Moon Princess left with them so long ago. Sailor Moon uses it to heal all her senshi back into fighting condition.

Because Dark Mirror is such a nice guy, he mercilessly blasts the kittens dead. Serpens runs in, dressed as Tuxedo Kamen, and stabs Dark Mirror, because, as he tells Loof Merrow, the kittens were their friends too. Dark Mirror blasts him, and he falls to the ground and dies. Selkie, another of the Artukans, takes revenge for Serpens, and stabs Dark Mirror, and then falls to the ground herself, having drawn a magical sword she was warned by the Moon Princess never to draw. They all die.

Super Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack on Dark Plasman, but it doesn't seem to do much, and then Dark Plasman sings some more about his evil intentions, and during this song the senshi and he have a big throw down. At the end of the song, Loof Merrow has decided to sacrifice her own life to save the earth, so she runs up and forces the door to the temple of Artuka open, and Sailor Moon becomes Eternal Sailor Moon.

Kon gives Eternal Sailor Moon all her power, the Sailor Moon powers up, and with Chibimoon they use Starlight Honeymoon Double Therapy Kiss, and fix everything. The island of Kaguya ascends into the sky to meet with the comet of Coatl, so that together they will become a new star. The senshi and Tuxedo Kamen remain back on earth, watching it happen, and eventually they begin to sing a song about how everyone is loved by everyone else. All of the characters who died come out on stage again and hold hands, and the whole cast sings the song together, and Sailor Moon says that she knew the comet was really their friend in the first place. Curtain, because that's the end of Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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