BSSM: Another Story RPG - SNES

BSSM Another Story RPG - SNES

Developer: Bandai, released 1995.

Chibiusa is on prozack.  She makes this face no matter what happens XD.  People get kidnapped and killed, STILL MAKES THIS FACE. I have to say, although it may not seem like it, the Sailormoon: Another Story RPG really lives up to replaying once every few years. I've played it through twice now, and although at times it can seem tedious (level crunching in an area where the enemies don't give much experience, or trying to survive attacks from your monster-hard opponents isn't always the height of fun) the fun parts of the game are so fun that I can entirely forgive it.

The game is a pretty standard rpg with experience to be gathered and stats that increase with every level. Your party members in this game are the ten familiar senshi that we all know and love, Chibimoon obviously being one of them. You can take five of them into battle at any one time, although one of the five (with a few exceptions) is always Sailormoon. You also have a choice of different party arrangements in battles, and this also effects power levels. Uniquely, Chibimoon and Sailor Moon can both use their Holy Grails once per battle to transform into Super Sailor Chibimoon and Super Sailor Moon. This transformation entirely refills their HP gage, but it does not effect their EP rating.

One of the most interesting things about Another Story is the link attack system. Every senshi has link attacks with other senshi. Chibimoon has a link attack with every senshi, two with Sailor Moon, and one with Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus and one with Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn. These attacks let the senshi combine their powers and unleash an attack that has elements of both their attacks, and the attack itself only takes up one of the senshi's turns, although it does take up EP from all of them (EP meaning Energy Points, the standard MP of this game). A list of Chibimoon's link techs and what they do is listed lower, in the link tech section.

Each of the senshi can also equip three pieces of equipment. Chibimoon is lucky in that she has three unique pieces of equipment, unlike the standard two that the other senshi have. A listing of her best equipment and where to find it is detailed lower down, in the equipment section.

Rainbow Choker HP +1 EP +0 AT +10 DF +5 SP + 4 EV +2
Rainbow Feather HP +0 EP +0 AT +5 DF +10 SP +6 EV +4
Rainbow Ribbon HP +0 EP +0 AT +0 DF +4 SP +0 EV 255
Red Pupil HP +0 EP +0 AT +24 DF +0 SP +19 EV +0
Angel Pin HP +12 EP +0 AT +15 DF +17 SP +15 EV +15

The Rainbow Feather and the Rainbow Ribbon can both be found in Queen Serenity's chamber in the fourth chapter, right after she is introduced to Chibimoon for the first time. They are hidden in the curtains on either side of her. The Rainbow Choker is found in the Moon Kingdom Underground, after Usagi has been taken captive by Diamant. One Red Pupil is obtained at Tomoe Laboratories, the other optional Red Pupil is obtained as a battle spoil after defeating Emeraude in chapter four. The ten Angel Pins are obtained after gaining access to the Crystal Palace in chapter five. Talk to the boy in pink to get them, provided you've finished your puzzle!

Chibimoon Pink Sugar Heart Attack -- Chibimoon's Standard Attack; single -- 4 EP
Super Sailor Chibimoon Pink Sugar Heart Ache Multiple 6 EP

All dual and triple links cost 2 EP per participant.

Moon + Chibimoon -- Healing Heart Attack -- A miracle resurrect for one character.
Chibimoon + Mercury Pink Sugar Illusion -- Revive all allies.
Chibimoon + Mars Pink Sugar Soul -- Damages all enemies with Pink Sugar firepower.
Chibimoon + Jupiter Pink Sugar Thunder Single. Pink Sugar and electrical damage.
Chibimoon + Uranus Pink Sugar Blaster Single. Pink Sugar and the space sword.
Chibimoon + Neptune Pink Sugar Reflection Single. Pink Sugar and the aqua mirror.
Chibimoon + Pluto Pink Sugar Typhoon Multiple. Pink Sugar and time energy.
Chibimoon + Saturn Pink Sugar Revolution Restore status of all allies.
Super Sailor Moon + Super Sailor Chibimoon Double Moon Rainbow Heartache multiple.
Chibimoon + Moon + Venus Rainbow Heart Shower All allies; high curative power.
Chibimoon + Moon + Saturn Rainbow Heart Revolution All allies; Clear status ailments.

Cons of playing with Chibiusa
Well, it doesn't matter how much you level her up, her attack power isn't going to be that strong. With only one attack that hits a single enemy, Chibimoon is not made for attacking. Her defense is not great either. She needs to be loaded down with Tiaras and kept in the back row, for some people, especially those that don't like Chibiusa in the first place, this is too much trouble, especially when there are a number of other attacking characters to choose from.

Pros of playing with Chibiusa
However, there are times when you'll be forced to play with Chibiusa, whether you want her or not, so you better know how to use her properly. First of all she needs to stay in the back unless she's really high level compared to the enemies or you've just completely pumped her defense by laying Tiaras on her. Still, you probably want to put good attacking senshi in the front and keep Chibiusa in the back where she is nearly impossible to kill, especially after she gets her Rainbow Ribbon. Chibiusa has high speed, so depending on who's in your party, she'll probably end up taking the first turn every round. For most uses of items, she's your best bet, because the effects of the items will take effect before the villain attacks and before the senshi attack the enemy, meaning heals and power boosters get distributed in a timely fashion. Her dual techs are also really great, especially during mid game (when you will be forced to take her around with you most of the time) when the best healing items for multiple characters cost too much to use frivolously. In dual and triple techs Chibiusa can duplicate just about all the effects of the best items (although on a slightly smaller scale). Being the closest thing the game's got to a dedicated white mage or healer character, Chibimoon can raise the dead, preform cures on all allies at once, clear status ailments, and boost attack power for everyone. I like support characters, and for my money, Chibimoon is one of the best ones there is in the entire game, so she really augments a party of powerhouses.


Unsurprisingly, Chibimoon is very important to the story of Another Story. In fact there are many times when she is a forced party selection (meaning she comes along with you as one of your five team members whether you want her or not) because of plot events, and she also serves as a leader for the secondary team of senshi, whenever you have to have both teams of five senshi in the field at once.

The game has a very long cut scene at the very beginning, viewable in the opening credits. In this scene we see images of a comet, of Crystal Tokyo's ginzuishou squirming around unhappily, some strange nefarious people who appear to be villains, and Chibiusa and Usagi, finally, walking along the street in Jubaan. During this sequence Chibiusa gets a premonition from the future that terrible things are about to happen.

Guess what. They are.

The first chapter revolves around Usagi and the other senshi realizing that monsters and other enemies that they have previously defeated are appearing all over town. The inner senshi are kidnapped, leaving Sailor Moon and the outer senshi to rescue them, and Chibimoon, who has also been kidnapped. They have been kidnapped by the Opposite Senshi in an attempt to change their destinies. They are held in Jubaan High School, one on each floor, with Chibimoon on the roof. On the roof there is a confrontation between the senshi and the Opposite senshi. Sailor Moon and Chibimoon are almost gravely injured, but Tuxedo Kamen jumps in front of them to save them. He is seriously injured instead, and getting him better is going to be the plot of the game for a while.

It is revealed he needs the Barazuishou to recover, his own unique crystal, and the game's analogue to the manga and anime's Golden Crystal (since Another Story was produced immediately after Sailormoon S). To find the Barazuishou, the four Hi stones of the Shittenou (Kunzite, Zoisite, Jadeite, and Nephrite) must be collected from four corners of the world and combined with their Kage stones to produce a reaction that will lead the senshi to the Barazuishou and thus revive the ailing Mamoru, who spends a long time in his bed in this game.

Each of the inner senshi sets off to recover the Hi stone for their particular general, and their separate adventures take up all of chapter two.

Chapter three begins with the player finally in control of Chibiusa, who goes alone with Momoko to search for the Barazuishou at Mugen Gakuen. Sin of the Opposite senshi is in control of the school, and her younger brother Anshar, who has the ability to manipulate time, is also there with her. She wants to kill Chibiusa and Momoko, but Anshar intercedes and won't let her. He goes to help them, and Sin goes ahead and sends some monsters to finish them off before Anshar gets to them.

Chibimoon goes into battle, Momo first gets poisoned, then Sin takes control of her. Anshar grabs Chibiusa and teleports away, while Sin sends Momo to deliver a message to Sailor Moon namely that she's got Chibimoon in custody again which isn't actually true at this point. Oh well, Sailor Moon doesn't know that.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn investigate Tomoe Labs. Sailor Moon is forced to confront Mistress 9 again, and Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn are forced to witness the second death of Professor Tomoe, whom the Opposite senshi brought back to life to oppose our girls.

After this Sailor Moon gets word of Chibiusa being kidnapped, and she and Sailor Saturn eventually head back to Tomoe Labs where they meet Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, who tell her they know where Chibiusa is. They all join power together and teleport away to the Evil Forest. Wow, can Chibiusa pick vacation spots or what?

The senshi find Chibiusa and unconscious Anshar there, and Chibiusa joins your party while someone carries Anshar on their back. The only place to go is a mysterious cave, which feels just like the D point cave from the first season of Sailor Moon. Chibimoon drags you in there because her own ginzuishou is reacting to the Barazuishou. Sure enough you have to fight all five of the DD Girls one after another, and then you're faced with Queen Beryl, who has also been revived. Beryl is defeated relatively easily, but then she powers up into Super Beryl, and wipes the floor with you. Chibimoon and Usagi then join forces to use their two ginzuishou on Beryl, and this weakens her enough for her to be defeated by the rest of the team.

Crap. Still no Barazuishou. This ends chapter three.

Chapter four starts back at Usagi's house, with Usagi and Chibiusa going to visit Mamoru. Of course, all the girls are back from their missions by this point, but no one has been able to find the Barazuishou. Chibiusa is worried about Pluto, and offers to take everyone to the Gate with her key. They agree and go to the gate only to find Pluto strapped to an evil tree.

Well, obviously they have to do something about this.

Pluto is rescued and everyone returns to the present. Pluto confirms that the Opposite senshi have been mucking around with the Time Stream in an attempt to change everyone's destinies. In fact, no one can remember a thing about Princess Serenity! They all decide to go back into the past (via Harumi, of all places) to find out what's going on, so Usagi goes to the local bookstore and buys an omnipedia about the ancient Moon Kingdom (how useful!) and they all head back to the past (after having defeated the Four Weird Sisters in the present). Again, Chibiusa invites herself to be in your party, and you can't get rid of her if you try XD.

The gang ends up in ancient Turkey, in Kunzite's Kingdom, where they hear that Diamant has the barazuishou. He has fled into the past in hopes of getting Princess Serenity for himself. The gang raises Sailor Venus's flying ship, the Ark from where it is hidden in a cave, and they proceed to visit Endymion's capitol at the north pole, and also Beryl's castle, both of these requiring clever disguises. Finally they visit the Moon Kingdom and witness the events leading up to its fall. This is the only time Queen Serenity sees her granddaughter Small Lady Serenity, our girl Chibiusa. She says she thinks Chibiusa is adorable, and is happy to have gotten a chance to meet her. It's a touching and depressing moment, because we all know Serenity's fate, and Luna assures us that she knows it too.

Immediately thereafter we witness the destruction of the Moon Kingdom itself, and Diamant appears to kidnap Princess Serenity before she can be sent into the future. Sailor Moon sacrifices herself and is kidnapped instead so that the timeline won't be altered. Diamant runs away and hides in the Moon Kingdom basement, leaving Sailor Chibimoon to lead the party to rescue Sailor Moon.

In the basement Sailor Chibimoon is forced to confront and defeat her evil self, Black Lady, before finding Diamant and rescuing Sailor Moon. Diamant realizes the error of his ways, but Sin appears and kills him anyway. Still, he drops the Barazuishou. Score!

Mostly very depressed, everyone goes back to the present where Mamoru is revived with the power of the Barazuishou and finally gets out of bed. Huzzah! End of chapter four.

Usagi, tired out from her romp in the past, goes home to find Shingo kidnapped by Sin. To get him back she and all of her senshi will have to time travel again, this time to the future. Along the way Tuxedo Kamen gets sidetracked in the Tower of Time fighting Fiore. When Sailor Moon and her senshi arrive in the future they are presented with an ultimatum. They can either save Shingo, or save Neo Queen Serenity.

Well, obviously they decide to do both.

Sailor Moon and the inner senshi opt to go and save Shingo, fighting the Opposite Senshi for the final time, while Sailor Chibimoon and the outer senshi are forced to fight the Witches 5 on their way to the Crystal Palace to see Neo Queen Serenity. In the Crystal Palace Chibimoon and her team face Anshar for the final time, although he says he does not want to fight her, Apsu appears and brainwashes him. The senshi fight him and he dies and Chibimoon is heartbroken, but the senshi tell her that if she uses the Ginzuishou, she may be able to make a miracle. She calls upon the Ginzuishou with all her heart and brings Anshar back from the dead. He remains out cold. On their own job, Sailor Moon's senshi heal everyone except Sin, who refuses the cleansing.

Sailor Moon's team and Sailor Chibimoon's team meet back together and then split themselves into two groups again. Chibimoon's goes back through time to take Shingo home while Sailor Moon's team goes to fight Apsu at the temple of time. They defeat Apsu and rescue Tuxedo Kamen whom she has imprisoned, and they flee the collapsing Tower of Time and make it back to Crystal Tokyo. Meanwhile Apsu fuses with Sin and the two of them head out to attack and destroy the Crystal Palace once and for all.

Sailor Moon leads her team to attack Apsu while Chibimoon's stays to defend the palace. After Sailor Moon defeats Apsu Sin is healed and meets with the other Opposite Senshi. They decide to try and lead normal lives, and Sin asks their forgiveness. Anshar gives Chibiusa the pendant he's been keeping like a stalker. It seems she lost it in some big parade. Anshar has always wanted to be close to Chibiusa but having been born a commoner he thought it was impossible. She gives him a kiss and promises to meet him again, then heads back to the past with the other senshi.

Hotaru becomes a baby again, Pluto goes back to the gates, and Haruka and Michiru go off to raise Hotaru alone again, leaving the inner senshi and Mamoru to go home as well. Chibiusa and Usagi both go home, tired out from their adventure.

If you choose to lose the first final battle with Apsu, Chibimoon and her team will take over. After they defeat Apsu she still declares she will kill Chibimoon, but then Anshar appears and stops her. He speaks with his sister, and then Sin holds Apsu still herself while Chibimoon uses the power of the ginzuishou. After Apsu disappears, Sin and Anshar disappear too. Chibiusa is worried that they're dying, but someone explains to her that Sin and Anshar are just moving toward their original fates: fates without Apsu. This means that should Chibiusa and Anshar meet in the future, he will not remember her. Chibiusa doesn't want that, but Usagi tells her they could start over, but the other senshi veto it, saying that if Chibiusa and Anshar meet then the fates could change and the Opposite Senshi could return, therefore to protect time and destiny, Chibiusa and Anshar cannot meet. Sailor Saturn thinks that far in the future the effects their meeting would have on the fates would be lessened, but Pluto says that would be many, many years into the future.

Later in Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa does literally run into Anshar and they both fall down and Anshar drops the pendant he first picked up at the parade years ago. Chibiusa returns it to him and recognizes it as her own. He tells her he doesn't know where he got it, but that it always makes him happy to look at it. He does not remember her at all, although she recognizes him, and Sin arrives to take him off for fun family activities. As they go, Chibiusa asks Pluto if this is the way things are supposed to be, and Pluto agrees that it is, although Chibiusa is saddened. Pluto tells her this way Anshar will not have to lead a life of battles, whereas, if they met he would have. Pluto leaves and Chibiusa yells that she loves Anshar, and then runs off back toward the Crystal Palace. The game closes on a shot of the Crystal Palace from the sky.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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