BSSM SuperS: Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni . . .

1995 Summer - Anza Moon
BSSM SuperS: Yume Senshi – Ai – Eien ni . . . .
BSSM SuperS: Dream Senshi -- Love -- Eternally . . . .

Chibimoon Actress
Shiari Tamaki Dia
Takenaka Natsume (unicycle)

Chibiusa, Super Sailor Chibimoon

Twinkle Yell (after Omoidashite Anata wo)
Moon Gorgeous Meditation (with Super Sailor Moon during the finale of La Moon)

Chibiusa wears
A pink smock dress that finishes at mid-thigh. It's got red plaid apron accents and white lace trim along the bottom. She also wears pink sneakers. Later she wears her standard teal pajamas with the white lace trim around the collar. Finally she shows up in her SuperS seifuku.

Chibiusa sings
Double Moonlight Romance – With Usagi, Mamoru, and Pegasus
Mori di Tanoshiku – With inner girls and Mamoru
Amazon kara Circus dan ga Yatte Kitta – with inner girls, Mamoru, Amazon Trio, and Saru-usagi
Triple Dreams – with the full cast, except Zirconia (I think she sings in this. I'm not positive)
Usagi Circus Show Time – with full cast except Zirconia, Uranus, and Neptune
Over the Moon – with the rest of the senshi

Chibiusa on a unicycle. Also the amazing laser light show Pegasus, plus a lot of people flying around on wires. And Chibiusa hiding in a garbage can.


Our story starts out in a forest inside Chibiusa's dream where Pegasus comes flying out of the sky and lands near her, and together they sing a song about their eternal love with Mamoru and Usagi, who appear on balconies in the background. This is my favorite performance of Double Moonlight Romance.

After their song is over, Pegasus flies away again and Chibiusa awakes to find herself alone in a real forest. Usagi appears soon after and chides Chibiusa for getting lost on a picnic that everyone went to a lot of trouble to prepare for her. She apologizes, but then it comes out that Usagi has no idea where they are either, so now they're both lost. Fortunately Mamoru and the inner girls find them quickly enough by following a trail of candy that has leaked out of Usagi's pocket. They sing a song about how much they like spending a peaceful day in the forest as they set up camp. As they dance around and sing, some strange animals also come dancing into their clearing, and it is only after their song that the girls realize that the animals have eaten their lunch.

Of course, the girls think it was Usagi, but the Amazon Trio immediately show up to apologize and declare their lunches were eaten by their escaped monkey-bunnies. They say they are from the world famous Dead Moon Circus, which has just come to town. Everyone gets very excited, and they all sing a song about how great the circus is, and the Trio invite the senshi to come to tryouts for the circus. Everyone sings cheerily during this song, but in the middle of it Chibiusa senses something evil searching for her, so she decides to distrust the circus, and does not go to tryouts.

Meanwhile at the circus the Trio sit at their bar and reveal that they are looking for the dreamer who hides Pegasus, because their boss Zirconia wants his power. Zirconia arrives and they all sing a song about their evil ambitions. Then it is revealed that there is a girl in white robes working for the circus against we will because she has amnesia. This is pretty obviously Hotaru, our own Sailor Saturn, who is referred to only as “Mysterious Girl” and who refers to herself as “Miss Dream.” She has the power to go inside beautiful dreams. Zirconia is using her to chase Pegasus into beautiful dreams and suck his energy. Zirconia sends her off, to chase Pegasus wherever he goes.

Then we're back with Chibiusa who seems to be having a nice dream about Pegasus until the mysterious girl and some REMless invade it. Pegasus can't do anything to stop them, and it looks like sleepy Chibiusa will be overcome when Sailor Pluto comes flying in to help her. She fights the monsters, and then soon Uranus and Neptune also show up, and they all sing about their mission. They have realized Sailor Saturn has been revived, and resolve to kill her before she can cause destruction. Tuxedo Kamen now flies into the dream and thanks them for protecting the princess, but then tells them that they shouldn't make a move concerning Hotaru until they have his go ahead. Chibiusa having been saved, they all depart.

The next day it's tryouts at the circus! All of the inner senshi and Mamoru display their amazing circus talents, except for Usagi who fails at all of them. They're all passed into the circus except her, but they beg for her to be included, so she is made into the circus janitor. She's not very excited about this, but resolves to do her best at the job she's been given. She sings a song about mopping, then runs into the mysterious girl, whom some circus thugs are tormenting. She chases them off and then finds out that the mysterious girl doesn't have any memory at all of her past. Usgai resolves to be her friend and to help her.

Meanwhile, Tigers Eye has taken Ami out on a romantic walk. The walk eventually ends up with all of the senshi having their dreams prodded into and then being brainwashed into being big nasty jerks who can't remember their duties and who work only for the Dead Moon Circus.

Back in another part of the tent, Usagi and Mamoru sit on the trapeze and begin singing a love ballad together about how their love is eternal. While this is going on, the Dead Moon crew sing an angry song about how they're going to find Pegasus and the ginzuishou for sure. Then Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus appear on a high part of the stage and also begin singing about their duty to protect. During all of this Chibiusa runs in from the wings and begs the mysterious girl to stop hurting Pegasus. The mysterious girl shouts that she has no friends and the Trio chase Chibiusa off into the crowd of REMless. The mysterious girl uses her evil dream powers to make Pegasus disappear, and the last scene of this act is Chibiusa shouting for Pegasus as the lights go dim.

This scene opens up on a crazy circus show that we all eventually realize is a dream sequence. It has all the senshi doing various strange circus tricks, and a lot of them ride unicycles, including Chibiusa. It is actually possible to see both of the Chibiusa actresses on stage at one time in this musical number, although Dia is wearing a scarf on her head and a clown nose. Usagi finally wakes up from her dream when she falls off of the trapeze. Previous to this Tigers Eye has walked among the crowds gathered to see the show and implanted his REMless into their minds, to turn their beautiful dreams into nightmares.

Usagi wakes up from her bad dream, and the overturned trashcan near her moves a bit, but she decides its her imagination. The inner girls, who are brainwashed, remember, show up and are cruel to her. They leave, and as they do Fish Eye appears with Mamoru, and Usagi hides behind her can. Fish Eye wants Mamoru to be his boyfriend, but Mamoru tells Fish Eye that Usagi is not only his girlfriend, but also his wife, in the future. He says he loves her because she's so full of dreams. Fish Eye asks to be Mamoru's boyfriend just for pretend, but Mamoru says anyone who says that must not have any dreams. Fish Eye is offended by this remark and prepares to look inside Mamoru's beautiful dream, only the trashcan makes terrifying meowing noises, and Fish Eye runs off, because Fish Eye hates cats, and so Mamoru is safe. Usagi comes out from behind the can and Chibiusa comes out from under it, because it has apparently been where she has been hiding from the Dead Moon Circus. Great choice there, Chibi-chan.

As this happens, the mysterious girl is chased back onto the stage by the circus thugs again. Mamoru and Usagi chase them off, but Chibiusa warns Usagi that the girl is the cause of all the evil. Usagi says she believes the girl is nice and normal and being used, and resolves to protect her. Meanwhile Ami shows up and is cruel to Usagi and most especially to the mysterious girl. Usagi can't figure out what's wrong, so Ami sings her a song about how she loves being evil and lazy and generally up to no good.

Well, that won't do.

Usagi and Neo Queen Serenity (who has appeared in the background, indistinct in the mist) sing a song together about how the girls should all remember who they are, princesses and guardians. The senshi all remember again, and Usagi has her soldiers back. They realize it was the mysterious girl who did this to them in the first place, but Usagi tells them that she's good and being used, and that she's going to protect her.

Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune show up and say that it doesn't matter how hard you wish something, that doesn't make it true. Still, Usagi won't let them attack the girl, but the girl has no qualms about hitting them with evil energy. With everyone on the ground, Chibiusa manages to stand up, and although not transformed, she uses Twinkle Yell and calls Pegasus who puts the girl into a deep sleep. Then Chibiusa and Mamoru resolve to go into the girl's dream to cleans it because Pegasus says if they can get her beautiful dream back she will remember who she truly is. Usagi asks everyone to believe in the power of Pegasus, and Pegasus takes Mamoru and Chibiusa inside the mysterious girl's dream.

The Trio arrive to menace the girl, so the inner girls transform. While they are offstage, the outer senshi fly in and fight the Trio and their REMless. The Dead Moon put up a good fight, so the inner senshi run on stage, and after being laid out once they all get together and preform Sailor Planet Attack, clearing the stage.

However, Zirconia and the Amazon Trio follow Mamoru and Chibiusa into the mysterious girl's dreams, and Tuxedo Kamen is forced to fight them and some more REMless while Chibiusa, still in seifuku, just sort of watches. The senshi have resolved to help fight, so they all teleport in, with Sailor Moon arriving last. They fight a little bit, then Zirconia gives them all an evil laugh and shadow Neherenia appears on a mirror behind her and talks some crap about how she's the real queen of the moon and has always wanted a chance to fight the queen of the white moon, whom Chibiusa declares is Sailor Moon.

The mysterious girl appears and Neherenia invites her to destroy the senshi, which she starts to do, but then Tuxedo Kamen tells everyone that he'll protect his own dream, which is protecting Usagi, then get goes up and embraces the mysterious girl while she's at the height of her evil power. Doing this cleanses her of evil and makes her remember that she is really Sailor Saturn. Unfortunately, it also causes Tuxedo Kamen to give Sailor Moon a moving speech.


Really. No joke. Usagi is obviously upset, and Zirconia calls in her Super REMless to fight them after Tigers Eye, Hawks Eye, and Fish Eye defect to the other side. They are also killed, but Pegasus tells Sailor Moon and Chibiusa that they can now transform with their new powers, so they both become Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibimoon respectively.

They sing a song and fight a fight, and eventually Zirconia and the Super REMless are both destroyed by Moon Gorgeous Meditation, preformed by Chibimoon and Super Sailor Moon in tandem.

After the fight the senshi find themselves in a place Pegasus informs them is Elysian. Sailor Moon is still heart broken, and Pegasus tells her that the Trio are now living here, given new dreams as real humans. Then Endymion appears in the sky, and it is Mamoru, and he tells Sailor Moon that he has just gone to be by Serenity's side, because their love is eternal. He tells her he'll see her again in the future, because the past and the future will soon meet. Then he and Neo Queen Serenity disappear, and all of the senshi and the mysterious girl come together and sing a sad song about dreams coming true over the moon.

Then Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto all preform La Soldier on stage together as a dance number, and that finishes the SuperS Yume Senshi, Ai, Eien ni musical.

Yes. Mamoru is still dead.

Although if you are a Mamoru fan, you will get a marvelous treat in the curtain call, where if you watch you will see him in a white tuxedo doing tricks on roller skates. Too bad this does not make up for the fact that he is still dead.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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