Merchandise - Magical Equipment

Sailormoon R

Crystal Key of Time-Space - Bandai - Sailormoon R
Released among the Sailormoon R toys was Chibiusa's time key.

Sailormoon S

Prism Heart Brooch - Bandai - Sailormoon S
Released among the Sailormoon S toys was Chibiusa's Sailormoon S brooch, the Prism Heart Brooch. With it you can transform into Sailor Chibimoon, or at least pretend to. It plays sounds and flashes lights.

Pink Moon Stick - Bandai - Sailormoon S
Released among the Sailormoon S toys was sailor Chibimoon's weapon, the Pink Moon Stick. It promises to make you as effective a warrior as Sailor Chibimoon. Expect Pink Sugar Heart Attack to work for you just about as often as it does for her, if not more frequently. It also plays sounds and flashes lights, as appropriate for Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

Sailormoon SuperS

Chibi Moon Brooch - Bandai - Sailormoon SuperS
Chibiusa's Sailormoon SuperS brooch, which allows her turn into Super Sailor Chibimoon. It lights up and plays music. It's part of a series of toys released in the SuperS line that fuction as either IRS receivers or transmitters. This is a receiver, which means you can use the Moon Kaleidoscope to activate it like a remote control. There are several other toys in this line that interact in a similar way.

Crystal Carillon - Bandai - Sailormoon SuperS
This is a fun toy to play with. With two sound settings, it either rings like an electronic hand bell whenever it's slung from side to side or talks and plays music for Twinkle Yell when a button is pushed. It also lights up, but is not an IRS toy.

Stallion Reve - Bandai - Sailormoon SuperS
Now you can talk to Pegasus too! This is a light and sound toy that also functions as an IRS transmitter. Take the top off the globe to find a crystal scene with Pegasus and the senshi.

Talking Pegasus - Bandai - Sailormoon SuperS
Talking Pegasus is adorable. Supply him with batteries and he will flap his wings and say "Follow your dreams, Chibimoon!" until his batteries run out. Charmingly, his phrase sounds like "You little scumbag, Chibimoon!" without much imagination. Oh Pegasus, you charmer. He is also an IRS receiver.

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