Kessen / Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban

2001 Winter - Miyuki Moon
Kessen/Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban: Saikyou no Kataki Dark Kain no Nazo
Decisive Battle/Forest of Transylvania Revision: The Strongest Enemy Dark Cain's Puzzle

Chibimoon Actress
Takabatake Kasumi

Chibiusa, Small Lady, Super Sailor Chibimoon

Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Moon Prism Power, Make Up (Transformation into Super Sailor Chibimoon)
Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss (With the Quartet, at the climax of Fire)

Chibiusa wears
A pink dress with a pencil skirt and a dark maroon belt. Over this she wears a lighter pink sweater vest. She wears light pink tennis shoes and white socks.

Chibiusa sings
Yume Miru Mori no Yume no Yume – with Samael Quartet
Set Me Free ~ Hitomi wa Sora e – with the other girls
Fire – with the other senshi (including the quartet)
(Curtain Call) Everlasting Moonlight – with the other senshi, including the quartet
(Curtain Call) La Soldier – with the other senshi

Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Ceres, the Sailor Quartet; Small Lady; A complicated plot.


We open in the underworld, where Dracul, the vampire who sacrificed himself to save Sailor Moon at the climax of Last Dracul Jokyoku speaks with the vampire priestess Lilith of Darkness. They talk of the war between the humans and the youkai, the war in heaven, and how the ginzuishou always chooses to protect this planet. Dracul mentions that it chooses not to protect another, and Lilith says it is better that way, and that soon the world will end, and end her miserable life along with it. She calls him Abel, the first murdered, which is apparently his true name.

Then we're back out in front of Juuban High with Minako, Usagi, Makoto, and Haruka, who have just failed a difficult chemistry test given to them by their new nun-habited teacher, Brinvilliers-sensei. She tells them if they don't make perfect scores on their retest then she'll cancel winter vacation for them. Michiru arrives and offers to take everyone with her on her next concert tour to Europe, so the girls feel like they can't miss this vacation. Rei tells the four flunked that they will all come to the Hikawa temple for a special chemistry training camp, led by Ami, and they agree because none of them want to fail or to miss the vacation. Usagi invites the new transfer student, Shiva Shingetsu Astarte, to come to the camp too, and she agrees with reservations. Hotaru feels a strangeness about her, but she and Usagi dismiss it, but then they talk about how the streets have been too quiet at night, and that animals have been disappearing. Usagi wants to think it's because of good pet owners. She sends the other girls on and thinks again about the evil dream she had at the beginning of Last Dracul and about all the terrible things that happened afterwards. She sings a song about the difficult memories from that time and Mamoru comes back to sing with her, and then they both go on to the temple. Brinvilliers remains and comes forward with a beaker filled with blood and says that difficult memories often make people stronger. Then she too exits.

Meanwhile, in Transylvania we are introduced to Bloody Dracul's daughter, Bloody Dracul Vampiru, who, being half human and half vampire has the ability to kill vampires, and is the only one who can. She is also the daughter of Dracul, lord of the vampires, so she is now ruler of the night. She doesn't want to hate humans, and she can't drink blood because her body rejects it, although it still desires it. She is torn between two fates, and does not know who she really is. She misses her father, who is now dead, as well as her mother, who died when she was just a baby. She is also very lonely. Her only companions are four little girls born from the Samael Flasks while they contained Chibiusa's starseed: ParaPara, VesVes, JunJun, and CereCere.

Her quiet moping in a ruined church is interrupted by the arrival of the vampire priestess Lilith of Darkness with her retinue, which includes dream demons which we first met in Last Dracul, along with Gilles de Rais, companion of Jeanne d'Arc, as well as Le Fay, the dream demon that Dracul mesmerized and left with the duty of looking after his daughter, Vampiru. Lilith of Darkness says that the heavens have mandated that Vampiru rise to be the ruler of the vampires, and Le Fay tells her she must take revenge for the death of her father, whom these characters blame on Sailor Moon (although it was Berserk with the Samael sword who actually killed him, if you recall. He was at the time protecting Sailor Moon). Lilith also tells her a big lie about how if the ginzuishou is smashed, the dead will be resurrected, thus Vampiru's mother will live again. Spurred by loyalty to her family, Vampiru decides try to act as a full vampire and take revenge for her father. She does not yet realize she is being used.

Lilith of Darkness talks about their service to the great Death Vulcan, whom they sometimes call Samael, and explains that they want to rid the world of all human life, so that vampires and other youkai alone will rule. They plan to use the Samael Quartet for this. They will be the new life that the youkai will feed upon. Vampiru doesn't want this, as she feels kinship to the quartet, who are contradictions to nature, just as she is.

The quartet aren't really clear on what's going on, other than they're supposed to dislike humans and serve Lilith and Death Vulcan. They sing a song about what terrible villains they are (they aren't, really) and then talk about a girl they hear sometimes, although they've never seen her. CereCere does flower fortune-telling and declares that they'll definitely see her soon. Before they can, they go searching for a magic plant and instead find a Mandragora who plucks himself rather than be picked by Lilith. He informs them that he's only a Mandrake, as yet, and will not be a mandragora for a hundred years. Gilles de Rais takes him into his service and promises to return him to the quartet after a hundred years have passed. He remembers Jeanne's pain and his hatred for the humans who burned her, and then Lilith declares that they will all be going to Japan soon to meet with Brinvilliers and to destroy the sailor senshi.

At the Hikawa shrine the special chemistry training camp is going on, although Shiva Shingetsu did not come. The girls are all waiting for a snack, which has apparently been prepared by Minako, Hotaru, and Setsuna. While they're eating their snack, they're interrupted by Gilles de Rais flanked by two dream demons. Sailor Mars arrives on the scene and sings her showcase song about punishing them and does a fair job of it until the Samael Quartet arrive and block her attacks and then put the fight to the senshi themselves. Brinvilliers announces that she had poisoned the food that they just ate. The senshi start to feel at death's door when Sailor Moon shows up and tells everyone that the poison was in the pot of food that Minako cooked: the one that burned, so no one ate any. Minako takes full credit for this.

Lilith of Darkness arrives to deliver an invitation to the senshi. It is signed Dracul, so they all resolve to go to his castle in the park, because they think Dracul has been revived. Lilith and her companions depart.

At the castle, Gilles de Rais, the quartet, Mandragora, and Brinvilliers sing a song about being monsters and loving darkness. After the song, the Quartet appears alone on one side of the stage and Small Lady appears on the other. She talks about a dream she's been having where she sees four girls who call to her, and they talk about hearing a mysterious voice that calls to all of them. They want to see each other, but they don't know why, as they've never met. Small Lady resolves to go to the twentieth century again, to find the girls because they need her.

Back at Dracul's castle Vampiru sings a song about getting her revenge, and how she's going to kill the sailor senshi. Death Vulcan appears in magic voice over mode and tells the evil crew when the best time to attack Sailor Moon will be, with the ginzuishou's power at a minimum. Vampiru tells the rest of the evil crew that she will kill the senshi alone, otherwise her revenge will mean nothing. They protest but before there can be much argument the outer senshi arrive and sing a song about how they won't let anything happen to the planet they protect. They fight, but their attacks are repelled by the quartet. But lo and behold, down comes Sailor Jupiter to sing her solo showcase song and help them out. The other inner senshi and Sailor Moon arrive in short order, but Lilith uses her dark tarot on them and spits them into subspace. The quartet she sends off to fight their “destined enemy.” I bet you can't guess who that is.

Our next scene takes us to subspace, where Lilith's dark tarot drops the quartet. Small Lady comes out of a mirror and they all sing a song about their dreams and growing up, and the quartet realize that Chibiusa is the mysterious voice that they've been hearing, and that they're the four girls she wanted to meet. Unfrotunately, Lilith and Gilles de Rais appear to inform the quartet that Chibiusa is their destined enemy. Chibiusa tries to tell them they're being deceived, but they won't listen, so it's up to Tuxedo Kamen to arrive and bail her little pink butt out. He sings a song about himself, but the villains prepare to do Chibiusa in anyway until Shiva Shingetsu appears and tells them to stop because her starseed is not ripe to be harvested yet, and if it is harvested the quartet will disappear. Lilith calls Shiva Dark Cain, and Shiva tells Gilles that the Samael sword has been resurrected.

Meanwhile Vampiru is busy being an angsty teenager. She sings a song about her father and then sets out to take down the Sailor Senshi. Le Fay suggests the strongest senshi first, so Vampiru bites Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. The other senshi run on to defend them, but it's too late. The quartet and Gilles de Rais arrive along with Shiva Shingetsu who introduces herself as Sailor Astarte, from the far side of the sun, complete with fuku. It looks like there's going to be a big throw down, but Dracul rises quietly from the underworld to sing about his sadness and everyone listens, shocked. That finishes act one.

Act two begins at the same ruined Transylvanian church where a meeting is taking place between Lilith and Astarte, who is no longer costumed in a fuku. Lilith sings a song to Astarte about how she's the true goddess and a new creation will be wrought to replace the old. As this is happening the rest of the evil crew show up and after the song Astarte informs the quartet that they are artificially created life: homunculi, and also that they are intended to be the food for the youkai once the new world is created. The quartet is frightened, so when Astarte orders them off to fight their enemy, they go in a hurry. Dark Cain speaks through Astarte and warns that the other face of Vulcan is acting to help Sailor Moon, and that Lilith and her crew should be wary of her, because they are not sure how things will turn out yet.

Meanwhile all the girls (Chibiusa included, Minako excluded) and Mamoru arrive in Bucharest, where they have to stay for a few days because one of Michiru's concerts has been postponed. They sing about their grand European tour, but then don't know what to do as they have no guide and no hotel. Brinvilliers-sensei shows up and tells everyone that her mother is Romanian, and offers to put the girls up at her place. Since the girls don't know she's really an evil vampire, they agree, and are taken to Dracul's mansion. Little do they know that Mandrake and the quartet are following them. Well, Chibiusa knows, but that's because their “disguises” are really not that good. They are wearing shiny trench coats and sunglasses, but, well, the quartet still have their very noticeable hair.

Chibiusa tries to get them to be friends with her again, but they end up getting in a Red Light Green Light fight. It is discovered that the quartet is really gullible and will freeze whenever someone shouts “red light.” Before the girls get to Dracul's mansion, Vampiru and Le Fay have a discussion in front of Dracul's coffin, where he is sleeping. Le Fay drops the bombshell that Vampiru's mother's own father killed her before she could wear her wedding dress (we'll assume Vampiru was born out of wedlock then, unless Dracul and the original Le Fay were married secretly). Vampiru decides she hates humans because all they do is kill and murder each other, even though they have no reason to. The rest of the evil crew shows up and agrees, and finally Vampiru says that when her mother is revived, she'll have nothing else to do with Le Fay, who is hurt.

The girls finally arrive at the castle and flop down on the ground only to be ambushed by the evil crew (sans Vampiru). They try to transform, but the power is sucked up by the Samael flasks and the Samael sword, which have cleverly been placed in the room with them. It looks like bad news for the girls until Sailor Venus shows up to sing her showcase song and rescue everyone. Vampiru appears and she and Sailor Venus have some snappy dialogue before Vampiru prepares to kill her. Before she can actually do the deed the senshi all charge back transformed to defend Venus. They circle the enemy and have them down when Gilles appears with the Samael sword, only he can't wield it yet. Tuxedo Kamen tells him that it will be a holy sword if it is held by someone with a good heart, and Sailor Moon takes it and it shines silver. A demon takes it away from her and the quartet arrive, determined to take Sailor Moon's ginzuishou because they feel this is the only way they can survive without being made into youkai chow. Chibimoon arrives on the scene and tells them that she realizes that they're all made from a part of her, since they came from her starseed while it was in the Samael flasks. She wants to be together with them again, and uses her attack to try and convince them. Mostly it just appears to make them itchy, so Chibimoon shouts a red light at them as they run at her and they all freeze. She really doesn't want to think that that's more powerful than her best attack, but survey says it is.

Now a big fight begins between all the senshi and the villains. Astarte arrives and Lilith identifies her as Dark Cain. She uses her power to wake Dracul, who rises from his coffin and after fluttering about a bit takes the Samael sword as his own, and hits the senshi and the villains with it. This delights Lilith who says that the final battle will be fought in the promised land, which is apparently deep below Dracul's castle. She, the villains, Vampiru, and Dracul all leave, and Chibimoon also disappears.

Two magic voices talk to Sailor Moon, and Mercury is afraid they might be god, but Sailor Moon doesn't believe it, since a god wouldn't cause pointless warms between people. She attacks the voice, but the attack is thrown back onto her. Then the senshi sing about their will to fight! Then one of the magic voices tells Sailor Moon that they should fight together, and they senshi are revealed to be standing in a place Lilith names as Eden. She and Astarte have new ceremonial costumes. It seems they've got plans.

The senshi have plans of their own. They sing a song at the villains and the villains sing a song back at them and everyone resolves to fight as hard as they can for their beliefs and desires. And fight they do! During a momentary lull Sailor Moon tries to talk some sense into Vampiru and find out who's controlling Astarte, but what ends up happening is that Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter collapse from the bites they received earlier from Vampiru. They rise as vampires, and Neptune and Uranus have a similar confrontation to the one they do near the end of Last Dracul, only in reverse. Before Uranus can attack Neptune, Sailor Moon gets in between them, and begs Vampiru to understand, as a human. Vampiru has been moved to tears by the scene, but she does not want to admit it. Mandrake steps forward and explains that although humans do terrible things, he still loves them, because some of them are so full of love that they cry with their sorrows, and humanity is easy to love in its sorrows. He says that he grew from the tears that fell from Jeanne d'Arc, and tells Gilles de Rais that Sailor Moon is a person much like her. Cain stikes Mandrake down for this and Vampiru rises to fight her, but Cain tells everyone that she is the creator of all the undead and that they are all homunculi too. She created them only to fight with the humans, in hopes that the world would end. She then prepares to strike down Vampiru but Le Fay shields her and takes the death blow herself. Vampiru weeps over the corpse of the dead Le Fay and calls her her mother, and this along with Le Fay's death wakes Dracul back into himself.

Lilith wants Dracul to attack the senshi, but he wheels to attack Lilith instead and calls Cain out. There is a brief skirmish and then the quartet come out again, apparently mesmerized. Mercury is so fed up with everyone being used that she decides to sing her showcase song. After the song and the fight Dark Cain reveals all her evil motives and admits that she is the Cain who killed her brother Abel. She also says that she cannot die until the world ends, and Dracul admits that he will not either. Cain says that she created the demons to do battle with humanity and that gods and angels and humans and demons fighting is ultimately all her doing, and that all religion is based upon this: her desire to end the world and end her life.

Vampiru is not pleased to hear this, but Dark Cain is too powerful. The Sailor Senshi stand before her prepared to fight, but she draws her sword and uses an attack that brings everyone but Sailor Moon to her knees. Dracul wants to know why Sailor Moon fights so hard for humans who are often terrible, and she tells him it's because they're all weak, they're weak and alone and want to be together, and that's why she fights for them. Gilles de Rais sees Jeanne in her and runs in front of Cain's next attack to save her. He dies and Brinvilliers shrieks, because apparently she wasn't prepared for all of this. As he dies Dracul gives the Samael sword to him, and from it he draws the holy sword, which he gives to Sailor Moon as his dying wish. Lilith blasts at him again and Brinvilliers takes the blast for him, because she's obviously no longer down with all of this. They die and Dracul takes the sword from Sailor Moon and points it at Dark Cain, who has her own sword drawn. Dracul tells everyone that Cain draws his power from Death Vulcan. Death Vulcan appears in magic voice form to be all mysterious and Vampiru thinks this is all a trick of Dark Cain's.

Suddenly Super Sailor Chibimoon appears with Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Vesta, and Sailor Ceres. The quartet use “Sailor Crystal Go!” and Sailor Moon's ginzuishou begins to glow brightly despite the fact that it's supposed to be at its weakest. Sailor Moon resolves to make the light of the ginzuishou reach Vulcan. She sings about her will and Vampiru releases Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter from her control. Caine is still trying to destroy the world, apparently by pulling the planet Vulcan very close to overcome the earth. Sailor Moon vows to save Astarte and then all the senshi launch into their big finale fight song (all the senshi, including Chibimoon and the quartet are singing and dancing in this one).

Sailor Moon first uses Moon Healing Escalation on Lilith, then transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. The Quartet uses Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss together and then Sailor Moon uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss which purifies Astarte, but also makes her disappear. Dracul tells Sailor Moon that Cain cannot be destroyed in such a way. He will simply return. Mandrake reminds her that the world belongs to everyone, not just humans, and Vampiru says that if the orbit of Vulcan changes, then a terrible calamity will surely befall the earth.

Sailor Moon remembers her evil dream at the beginning of Last Dracul, and she sings about it and about wanting to wake up from it. At the end of the song Death Vulcan talks directly to her, magic voice format, and tells her that of all the things mankind does not understand about his universe, the darkness in his own heart is probably the greatest of them.

Then the curtain comes down on Transylvania no Mori Kaiteiban.

Chibiusa preforms in both the curtain call numbers: Everlasting Moonlight and La Soldier, and as a special treat the quartet also sing Everlasting Moonlight.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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