BSSM S: Usagi, Ai no Senshi, e no Michi

1994 Summer - Anza Moon
BSSM S: Usagi, Ai no Senshi, e no Michi
BSSM S: Usagi, The Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love

Chibimoon Actress
Miyakawa Ai (Chibiusa)
Kawasaki Mao (Chibimoon)

Chibiusa, Sailor Chibimoon

Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Chibiusa wears
Sailormoon R Seifuku

Chibiusa sings
Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu – solo
(Curtain Call) La Soldier – with full cast, including both Chibimoon and Chibiusa

The first Myu appearance of Chibiusa. Also Chibiusa dancing around on a boat in a way a scoutmaster would disapprove of.


We open with a performance of La Soldier after which Tuxedo Kamen shows up and tells Usagi something (I'm watching this one raw, so bear with me if my summary is at sometimes vague). I'm sure it's something about her having to get stronger, as the new enemy is a dangerous foe. This gets the girls (Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter) to sing a fight song.

Then we're with the villains: Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite and their Death Nightmares. They have daimon eggs as usual, and they want to collect pure hearts. They sing a song about their evil intentions, and then a posse of the evil crew set out to attack some innocents to get a pure heart crystal.

We are introduced to the comic relief villains in this musical. They are the Death Managers and their “evil powers” seem to mostly be centered on miming and copy catting.

Meanwhile Usagi and Mamoru are having a romantic ride in a boat. They sing about their love and then Usagi wants a kiss, which embarrasses Mamoru because they're in public. Without further ado Luna P appears and then so does Chibiusa, flying down from the sky to land in their boat where she sings about coming back from the future. Then she and Usagi have a fight over Mamoru and Chibiusa facilitates Usagi falling out of the boat where they all realize the lake has suddenly been turned to ice. The Death Nightmares attack and steal Chibiusa's heart crystal and keep Usagi and Mamoru from transforming.

It looks as if they might get away when Uranus and Neptune arrive and sing a song about how great they are and beat up the nightmares and retrieve the pure heart. Once they make sure it is not a talisman they return it to Chibiusa, who revives. Usagi thanks them, but they tell her not to, since they're just looking for the talisman. They leave and the water goes back to normal. Mamoru and Chibiusa have returned to the boat, but Usagi gets soaked because she falls into the water as the ice breaks apart.

Meanwhile at the Hikawa shrine Ami talks about going to Germany to study, and then Minako, Mako, and Rei arrive to sing about their dreams with her. By the end of the song she has resolved to follow her dreams and go to Germany, and she's even ready to leave the very next day. The girls are surprised, but wish her well, because they all want to follow their dreams. However, she hasn't told Usagi yet. At this Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru arrive at the shrine and after a brief altercation where Usagi and Chibiusa argue (I think possibly because Usagi is at the moment soaking wet, and if you recall it was Chibiusa who helped facilitate her falling out of the boat in the first place) Usagi explains that they were attacked in the park and Chibiusa's heart stolen, although they got it back. Usagi wants to know where the rest of the girls were that Uranus and Neptune had to come to the rescue, but Rei reminds her that she was on a romantic date with Mamoru. Of course they weren't going to follow! (although they do most of the time, if you're keeping track).

About now two of the Death Managers show up as Phobos and Deimos (yes, they are wearing unconvincing crow costumes). The other two arrive on the scene as “Haruka” and “Michiru.” The girls demand to know who they are and they introduce themselves (although wow, what an unattractive Michiru!) The real Haruka and Michiru arrive and punch their doubles in the gut and then wander off giggling. The inner girls make fun of the Managers so they end up having a fight where Mamoru is constantly picking Chibiusa up and putting her out of danger and she's constantly running right back in the thick of things. Eventually they chase off the Managers, but then Usagi and the girls have a fight, and she runs off angry.

Mamoru has already left to go home, and the girls talk for a while about Usagi being upset, but they eventually decide to go home too, waving to Chibiusa as they go. As soon as Chibiusa is left alone Kaolinite arrives and they have an argument in song, and Chibiusa ends up following her back to the evil hideout.

Kaolinite and her Death Nightmares sing a song about being evil and Kaolinite flies around for a while, then between all of them and Tomoe and the Managers they decide Ami will be their next target. About this time Kaolinite invites Chibiusa out. She comes out already transformed and introduces herself as a solider to much laughter. Tomoe orders the Managers to catch her but they aren't able to and she's about to use Pink Sugar Heart Attack on them when Kaolinite collars her. Tuxedo Kamen arrives to save her but the evil crew make a quick exit, dragging Chibimoon with them even as she shouts for help from Tuxedo Kamen.

Meanwhile, Usagi has been looking for Chibiusa, who has not come home. She meets Rei, Makoto, and Minako, and they all tell her they're going to leave to pursue their dreams. They tell her that Ami has already gone to the airport to leave for Germany. She can't believe it and runs to the airport to see Ami. She has a tearful duet with her where she thanks her for all that she's done and tells her how wonderful she is and how they'll miss her. Then Kaolinite flies in and takes Ami's pure heart. Usagi runs to help her, but before she can get there, Tuxedo Kamen arrives. He sings a song about himself and as he does four other Tuxedo Kamens dance on. Usagi can't tell which one is which, but eventually they all gang up on the real Tuxedo Kamen and beat him until he's unconscious and then throw him off something very high. Usagi doesn't have time to mourn him. She runs up to Ami and makes it only in time to hear her death speech. Uranus and Neptune arrive too late to do anything but decide to go after Ami's stolen heart crystal, which may be a talisman.

Usagi falls to her knees because she doesn't know what to do. Everyone is gone. Everyone has left her, and she says she isn't strong enough to do it on her own. Then she hears the voices of Pluto and Endymion which say she must be strong, strong like Neo Queen Serenity to save everyone, because it is the strength of the queen that the soldiers draw their own strength from. With new resolve and having been reminded that she is Chibiusa's mother, she ascends to Princess Serenity and makes for the evil hideout.

At the evil hideout it is revealed that the Death Managers threw one of the fake Tuxedo Kamens into the big hole instead of the real one. The abused Death Manager shows up, as do Uranus and Neptune, and pretty much everyone gets beaten up by the goon squad. When Princess Serenity appears, mostly all she does is get beaten up too, begging the villains to stop hurting her friends. The villains prepare to kill Chibimoon and Serenity covers Chibimoon with her own body.

Finally the fight turns to the better as Venus, Jupiter, and Mars arrive. They put the fight to the enemy and Uranus and Neptune recover Ami's heart crystal and return it. But then Kaolinite turns into Super Kaolinite and causes all the Sailor Senshi to fall to the ground. One of the Death Managers sacrifices Chibimoon to Kaolinite and then hands Chibimoon's dying body back to Serenity. Serenity holds Chibimoon as she dies.

Serenity can't forgive Kaolinite, so she flies away and transforms into Sailor Moon and comes back and uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack on Kaolinite, which knocks her reeling. But, well, Chibimoon is still dead, and Sailor Moon can't be consoled, even when Professor Tomoe shows up with his daimon atomic bomb egg. Sailor Mercury buys them a little time by arriving and attacking Tomoe, but it's clear he's still going to blow them up, and Sailor Moon can't be rallied until all of the senshi get together and cheer her on. Tuxedo Kamen picks up the dead Chibimoon and the Sailor Senshi (Uranus and Neptune included) sing about their will to fight. Together they use Sailor Planet Attack on Professor Tomoe and his goons. The attack destroys his atomic egg and makes stars rain from the sky, which revive Chibimoon. She thanks Sailor Moon for helping and protecting her, and then Professor Tomoe's bunch vows they'll be back and slink away off screen. The senshi stand and Tuxedo Kamen carries Chibiusa away so the senshi can sing their two finishing numbers.

After the curtain comes down though, if you wait for the La Soldier curtain call you will see both Chibimoon and Chibiusa beside Sailor Moon, singing and dancing to the song.

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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