Fanfiction - Silver P

A Valentine's Day Story

By Silver P

"Goodnight, Ikuko-mama-san." Chibiusa said to Ikuko.

"Goodnight, Kenji-san."

"Goodnight, Chibiusa-chan," they said. Chibiusa went into the hallway where she met Usagi.

"Where are you going? It's only 7:30!" Usagi asked.

"To sleep like normal kids do," Chibiusa replied maturely.

"Let her go to sleep!" Shingo yelled from his room. Chibiusa walked down the hallway into her own room.

She sat on the windowsill and looked up at the stars. The night was clear and moon shone brightly. Chibiusa felt her eyes tear up yet she still made a wish.

"Valentine's Day is soon. In the name of them, say you'll come back to me."

Chibiusa left to lay down and go to sleep. She'd been a sleep for quite a while when there was a strange wrapping at the window that startled her. Chibiusa opened her eyes wide. She sat up straight and read the clock.

"Three O' clock? Who would be at my door at this time of night?"

The little bird popped out of the clock. Chibiusa slowly traveled to her window, opened the curtain and pushed her window open.

"Chibiusa . . . " a young voice called out.

Chibiusa rubbed her eyes sleepily. She looked around, but saw nobody.

"Chibiusa," the voice called out again, this time a young boy appeared on the roof.

"Peruru!" Chibiusa exclaimed.

"Shh! Don't be so loud, I can't be here long. Come out here," Peruru said, extending his hand.

"But Peruru, why did you come back if you can't stay here long?" Chibiusa's head was filled with questions. She took his hand and he led her to the top of the roof.

"I'm a fairy that protects your dreams. You're dreams say you're lonely," Peruru said.

Chibiusa gasped and scrambled down the roof, back into her room. She came out with Peruru's flute.

"I learned how to play your flute, Peruru," Chibiusa said and started to play a sweet melody.

Peruru closed his eyes.

"That's the tune Pupuran used to play to put me to sleep."

Chibiusa stopped.

"I'm sorry,'" Chibiusa said, putting the flute on her back. She looked down.

"Sit down, Chibiusa," Peruru said sitting on the roof.

Chibiusa blushed and sat down. She looked into Peruru's pretty green eyes.

"Peruru, I have so much to tell you," Chibiusa said very kawaiily.

" Tell me," Peruru said kissing her, "I want to know everything that's on your mind."

"Well, a lot has happened since you were here."

"I know. You think about it in your dreams."

"And Pegasus. He hasn't came back."



"Who is Pegasus?"

"The horseman of my dreams. The one I think of constantly," Chibiusa's eyes started to twinkle very angelically again.

"The horseman . . . " Peruru started, "Of your dreams."

Peruru looked down.

"Don't be jealous Peruru. He hasn't come back yet. I doubt he will."

Chibiusa looked down.

"Chibiusa, do you trust him?"


"Then act like it."


"I'm sorry Chibiusa."

There was a very long silence.

"Chibiusa, will you help me make delicious 100-fold cookies?" Peruru asked.

Chibiusa blushed and said in plain english: "Yes." She jumped through her window, Peruru in tow.

"Shh . . . or Ikuko-Mommy will wake up."

Chibiusa and Peruru quietly hunted through the cupboards for ingredients.

"Milk, sugar, butter, vanilla, and pink sugar. It's all here," Chibiusa brought out the ingredients as Peruru watched.

"First you put the milk in," Chibiusa instructed

"How much milk?" Peruru interrupted.

"These are special cookies! The only limit is the desire you put into them!"

Peruru was awed.

Chibiusa mixed the rest of the ingredients, put them on a cookie sheet and carved them into little hearts and moons. Then she put them in the oven to bake. Peruru watched the cookies turn golden brown to perfection.

"Wow! Chibiusa, they look incredibly beautiful! It shows that these cookies were handmade by you! " Peruru praised.

Chibiusa blushed as she took out the perfectly made cookies.

"Peruru, would you help me with the dishes?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Chibiusa, but I don't know how."

"A three o'clock fairy doesn't know how to do dishes?" Peruru blushed.

Chibiusa thought it was childish to criticize, "It's okay, Peruru. I'll do it."

Chibiusa finished up the dishes, making no noise what so ever. Peruru wrapped the cookies up in a bag and tied a kawaii pink ribbon around the top. Then they went back and sat on the roof.

"Peruru, have you ever seen the sunrise?" Chibiusa asked.

" Yes, Chibiusa, you don't remember? My first sunrise was with you," Peruru sounded so dreamlike.

"I remember now," Chibiusa said, watching the sun come up.

She felt a large rush of sleep coming. She lay down on the roof and shut her eyes. Peruru thought it was cute and watched over her for a while.

"She's so beautiful, when she's asleep, I must protect her dreams," Peruru said and entered her dream world.

Peruru walked into Chibiusa's dreamworld seeing all the marvelous trees and lakes.

"It's like Chibiusa to have such beautiful dreams," Peruru said and kept wandering on. He came upon a shadow by a lake.

"Stop! I am the fairy of this dream. I won't let creatures like you inhibit a girl's dream. Pipit!"

Peruru unleashed the Bon-Bon babies. The bon bon babies were controlled by his heart that wants to protect Chibiusa. The Bonbon babies started to bounce around when a familiar tune played. He saw a shadow play the flute.

"Pupuran? It can't be you. Not in Chibiusa's dream," Peruru's jealousy made him throw more Bonbon babies.

"No, Peruru! Don't hurt Pegasus!" a little girl cried out.

"But I protect these dreams. I won't let such a vile creature rob the girl of her innocence," Peruru was furious.

One of the Bonbon babies knocked Pegasus into the lake.

"I won't let you hurt the one I care about! I can't let you crush the dreams of my heart!"

Chibiusa turned into her princess form and appeared in front of Peruru.


"I care for Pegasus. Please understand! Don't destroy him," Chibiusa begged.

" I won't if it makes you happy. You said you trust in him and you care for him. But do you love him?"

"Peruru . . . "

"Please answer me!"

Chibiusa looked back at Pegasus, who was struggling with bon-bon babies.

"Stop the youma!" she ordered.

Peruru stopped the bon-bon babies and sadly walked to the other side of Chibiusa's dream world.

"Peruru!" Chibiusa dropped to her knees.

Pegasus walked over to Chibiusa and turned into Elios. He hugged Chibiusa from behind.

"He came to protect my dreams," Chibiusa whispered.

"Chibiusa-hime, he could really use your care for his broken heart, ne?" Elios asked.

"Hai," She answered, looking down.

"Well then, I trust you," Elios said kissing Chibiusa.

Chibiusa and Elios found Peruru. Chibiusa wandered around near the spot where Peruru sulked. She started playing his favorite lullaby.

"Chibiusa?" Peruru whispered, not turning around. "Are you thinking of me?"

"Hai," Chibiusa replied.

Soon Peruru fell asleep. Chibiusa stopped playing the flute and got down on her knees.

"Please, Pegasus, Pretect Peruru's dreams! Twinkle Yell!"

Instead of ringing her bell, she played a different melody on the flute.

"The sugar melody!" Pegasus said as he sealed Peruru's dream mirror into the Golden Crystal.

The couple watched Peruru sleep for a second. Then they turned away.

"Ayasuma-chan?" Peruru called out, still asleep.

Chibiusa and Pegasus turned back.

"Ayasume! It is really you!. The fairy of my dreams!"

Chibiusa smiled at Pegasus, who turned back into Elios.

Chibiusa woke up from her dream.

"Where am I? In my bed? I thought I was on the roof! Where's Peruru?" Chibiusa believed in her dream, but panicked, afraid that Peruru didn't believe in his.

"Relax, Chibiusa," Elios said, appearing in her room, "Peruru is in your dreams and I have come back, as requested."

Elios kissed Chibiusa.

"Of course, I trusted you would come back. After all, we're destined to be together . . . "

Beautiful Dreamer is (c) Gabihime 1999-2006. BSSM is (c) 1992-forward Naoko Takeuchi.
Beautiful Dreamer is and always will be a non-profit labor of love.
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